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05-20-2012, 11:41 AM
this message / information IS FOR entertainment purposes ONLY :)
I am in no way encouraging anyone to do anything, and if you do something with this information is under your sole responsibility. (like buying a guns arsenal amb a lot of ammo) :)

tibetan garlic cure

some 'fake' web sites have info about this cure.
basically all say the same:
'... In 1971 UNESCO team discovered in a Tibetan monastery clay tiles with a unique recipe...'

well, ummm, interesting :)

the next pass is search a bit in Unesco site... and, oh!, nothing about a 'tibetan garlic cure'

only this magazine: medecine's 'green revolution'


and some others docs more specific

well, I say, perhaps it may not be digitized

I contacted with the archive's people and this is the reply:

message begin============

Thank you for your message.

We unfortunately have not found references to a UNESCO mission to Tibet in the early 70th.

Extensive researches in the Experts reports indexes have been also unsuccessful.

message end===============

I have not contacted the 'fake' web sites asking where they got the information because I think this is a lost of time.& because is through web forms

so, another conspiracy ???

reading the poor commentaries in the 'fake sites' is to doubt but I find this article in pravda:


I have made the process, but is still in fridge, some pics here (http://verdaguer.com/391/pneumatician/experiments/cura_all/)

Garlic it is hot and dry in the fourth degree, breeds corrupt blood, yet is an enemy to all poisons, and such as are bitten by cold venomous beasts, viz. Adders, Toads, Spiders, &c. it provokes urine, and expels wind.
garlic have many others goods actions... agains it dulls the sight, but this have the advantage that you can SEE the processes acting in your eyes.

just peel them, this quantity of garlic I feel my left hand palpitating/pulsating, phisical and astrally, smaller and extensively by the arm and torso woW!!

is interesting to make a test with BEFORE and AFTER, weigth, blood presure, colesterol, cardiogram...

comments ?

05-20-2012, 01:00 PM
Well, fake or not, this has surely some effects. (Like girls repellant for example ! also killing bugs, flies, mosquitos ...) :)

This is a good idea you test this, but why putting in the fridge ? Why not making a tincture of it ? Digesting it at 40C ? Then distill, filter and serve.

05-21-2012, 01:04 PM
because garlic like alcohol are hot and dry. in a few moments after garlic is put in alcohol a 'fermentation' start... I have the feeling of handling something like nitroglycerin :)

I think if you put this mix at 40C some boom boom can occur :)