View Full Version : Botulism & Disease: Safety Concerns!

05-31-2012, 02:41 AM
Hello guys,

I'm new to the forms (just posted my introduction a few hours ago), but am interested in gaining some help and collaboration with some of my practical alchemical work. For now, I have a few burning questions regarding safety concerns.

1. BOTULISM! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Botulism

Apparently, one of the main downfalls of canning vegetables, et cetera, is that this very serious disease may be grown! Especially when canning things like carrots or potatoes. In plant alchemy, it seems as if this would be one of the potential dangers that we should be guarding against. Not quite as exciting as explosions, but I don't want my brain to require amputation or something because of a disease like this (exaggeration much!). Could it be that this isn't a problem generally because most vegetable/herb matter is put in broth of alcohol?

2. Disease

Botulism was the concern that came to mind, but are there any other common disease problems that have been encountered with plant alchemy?

3. Ingesting results

A search through the forums did not locate any complaints people have had about eating their results. Still, it seems important to ask whether or not anyone has ever had problems with eating some part of their results. Are there any plants in particular that you have had problems with or would suggest be avoided?