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06-02-2012, 05:05 PM
Little about myself. I'm a spiritual/theoretical alchemist. I made this thread "Theoretical Alchemy: The Golden Ratio Of Jabir" (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?1761-Theoretical-Alchemy-The-Golden-Ratio-Of-Jabir) and it attempts to explain the relationship of sulfur, mercury and gold using modern tools. Now, I'm presenting you my Magnum Opus, "Operations of Silver" which I completed last week.

We know that the usual Alchemical Magnum Opus consists of nigredo, albedo, citrinitas and rubedo, in that order. Well, after meditation and deep thinking, i found out that there are 2 other stages which is hidden to us that completes the Secret Magnum Opus. and I realize that the stages presented in the wikipedia is not in order.

There has to be a pattern in all of this and I found out that there is stage between albedo and nigredo and the final stage from citrinitas and rubedo.

So the cycle goes from citrinitas, rubedo, [maroon], nigredo, [gray], and albedo. following the colors of the stages, it will go like this - yellow, red, maroon, black, gray and white. I've come to think that yellow is pink and it is the beginning of the process. pink, red, maroon (darkening) to black, gray and white (lightening).

So lets examine the stages.

1.) citrinitas (represented by yellow or pink) - conversion of silver to gold
2.) rubedo - gold is the unification of God and self
3.) [maroonification] - destroy God and let the self remain
4.) nigredo - destroy self
5.) [grayification] - state where destruction and purification exist
6.) albedo - purification / silver

Thus the stages goes in one direction and in cycle.

Yes, it starts in silver and it ends in silver. and it's from light to dark then to light ....

"as above, so below." and yin and yang.

So this is my Magnum Opus - "Operations of Silver"

1.) Start with silver and transorm it to gold in 32 steps.
2.) Once you have gold, you achieved the unification of yourself to God.
3.) Either God and you will remain in a battle for dominance, choose yourself over God.
4.) Then eliminate yourself.
5.) You cross the bridge between destruction and purification.
6.) You are now purified, which is the state of silver.

In Spirit,