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06-06-2012, 11:07 AM
I've been writing a lot about the idea of the V.I.T.R.I.O.L. and relating it to other symbols... and the permutation of symbols.
(Though in Spanish... I mean that I write in Spanish when it's for myself... writing in English is a bit like a headache for me).

With permutation of symbols I mean something very much like the game in which you usea a word and each "player" changes a letter... i.e,


Thus creating a chain of similar symbols... which is an interesting thing to do. It's very much like creating a visual dictionary.

i.e, you can begin with Jesus in a Cross... then a Serpent in a Cross... then a Serpent in a Sword... Then Excalibur in the Stone. It is really possible to go on for a long time. You can also do it with symbols that have 3 things instead of 2. There's no need to use or invent "new" symbols (though it can be done), all the previous ones I've mentioned are quite well known. And then you can think in which sense they are similar and in which sense they are different.

(of course, the point is to pick symbols which are similar and mean something similar... otherwise it's stupid.
i.e, Jesus in a Cross--> Jesus in a Car---> Bart Simpson in a car... etc. is simply stupid).

A lot of the ideas were related to the Iota-Chi Monogram and the Chi-Rho monogram. It's still a "work in progress" that I am mostly doing for myself.

After "playing this game" it's possible to relate a lot of other ideas.

Here's a nice one (this isn't part of the "game of permutations, but an idea that arrived after the "game" -or probably during the "game"):


The use of the Iota-Chi can be seen as arbitrary.

But I felt that visita interiora terrae rectificando invenies occultum lapidem can be divided in 3 groups.
(maybe I should translate the words to English, for Spanish -or French, or Italian- speakers Latin is easier because the words are very similar to other words that come from them).

visita = visit
interiora = interior
terrae = earth
rectificando = rectifying
invenies = you will find
occultum = hidden (or "occult"... I'm not sure if "occult" is a great English translation)
lapidem = stone

visita interiora terrae
invenies occultum lapidem

The idea I had is that each word of the first part can "become" a word of the third part by rectifying it.

If you rectify "visita" you get "invenies" (or if you rectify "visit" you get "you will find")
if you rectify "interiora" you get "occultum" (if you rectify the "inside" you get that which is "hidden" or "occult").
if you rectify "terrae" you get "lapidem" (if you rectify the "earth" you get the "stone").

Yes, I assume that I am not the first one that noticed it and there's no need to be Einstein to see it... but I liked it, so I thought it can be useful for someone else too.