View Full Version : The Last Temptation of Christ

06-25-2012, 12:50 AM
I hadn't seen this film for many many years... so I watched it again the other day. What a great film, imo.

Probably the best Jesus film out there. I like the fact that it portrays Jesus as a normal (at times almost insane) person.

I also like the part (spoiler warning) where he is about to die on the cross and an angel saves him, and he lives on as a normal man, getting wife and kids and growing old... then Judas comes back and Jesus is informed that the angel was Satan, and that he had been tricked (the last temptation).

Anyway a good flick if you are interested in the subject matter.




04-06-2013, 02:59 PM

I thought it was a great film too, for the very same reasons. It gets to the (exhausting) dilema of who Jesus really was, vs. the religion(s) that later followed; to wit: was he God become man, man become God, (or some combination of those?) If the first, we can only worship Him and defer, while the second suggests some personal responsibility and control over our fate. Quotes like: "Ye are gods in embryo." and "These things & greater will you do." ...only have meaning if they describe our true nature/possibilities. It does seem that he was encouraging us to at least try and realize our own little piece of the Godhead! I read the book years before the movie came out.