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solomon levi
06-27-2012, 10:14 AM
Hi Krisztian.
I thought I'd reply here so as not to go off topic.

I must say, I used Ramtha's C & E to focus on the old alchemical images; ones that stirred my soul, so to speak. It has brought out some rather interesting connections, and led me to find my 'life-thread' more in terms of what alchemical experiments to pursue and how. I have done C & E on images illustrating the Philosopher's Stone, etc. (I'm not sure whether you do, but I use C & E daily for various pursuits, etc. It has done wonders to my life since starting it in '98!)

P.s. May be in the future, you can lead some discussions on why pursue something like the physical making of the Philosopher's Stone. No pressure; just a suggestion. You usually get the conversations up and running, as the Americans say.

Ok. Yeah, I used to focus on these symbols during fieldwork at events - esp the red lion.
I had a vision during fieldwork where an old bearded robed alchemist showed me how to make the stone!
I didn't retain any of the process for practical purposes, but accepted the experience subconsciously.
I don't do the breath much anymore, but I find it easy to go analogical just by contemplating things.
What used to take hours of effort seems so natural now.
I attended from '88-2006. Maybe we've met! :)
Did you meet the Essene/Larry? Get into m-state/ormus?
I also met David Hudson and Art Kunkin there... my intro to alchemy.

I'm grateful for the school, but I'm not a fan of creating reality anymore.
But then the saying goes - consciousness and energy create the nature of reality.
I'm very interested in the nature of reality... whether it is binary or analogical.
I wouldn't say this is something we create so much as align with.
The world is already created perfect. It is the image/altered ego that says/sees otherwise.
Do we align with division or unity, a part or the whole?

On your p.s. - do you mean laboratory alchemy?

06-27-2012, 08:05 PM
I don't attend schools (the physical location of) when it comes to spirituality. Not the Monroe, nor Ramtha, nor any other types. Personality, sooner or later always comes into play, which results in the demise of the school, but the teaching is still relevant. So, no I didn't attend. (My father was involved, as well as some friends of mine who're in their 70s now, who attended Ramtha's during what they call "1st phase" or, the original time. They say that anything in the later part, wasn't Ramtha to them. For me, it's insignificant.) In any case, I just 'need' certain specific 'triggers' of words, names, symbols, etc. and that get's me to remember. So, I don't need to be there physically. It's all well.

I made the ormus for approx.1-year, the method described by Hudson. There's a Hungarian doctor and his chemical-biologist wife, I prefer not to give names, who also developed a "method", somewhat different than Hudson's.

In any case, very cool. It's my pleasure knowing you. Thanks for interacting.

solomon levi
06-29-2012, 02:58 AM
The school is not a school in the sense of studying and learning alone.
It is the initiations that make the school what it is - doing fieldwork with a thousand other people,
the labyrinth, many more initiations I see no reason to mention here; they would just be stories.
I'm just saying there is a big difference in reading books by the school, and even
doing disciplines of the school, than attending the school.
Not that I recommend that anymore.
Ramtha is not the same, but I don't think he meant to be an identity.
He used to say, "I never said I was Jesus Christ. I will do whatever it takes to wake you up."
Anyway - I'm not condoning or condemning - just reporting.
He did say long ago that he has taught us all that we need.
It's good that people not cling to the school or a teacher IMO.
But there's nothing like initiation. It's pretty difficult to test ourselves adequately.
Ram really did push us.
While I don't relate as much with the school anymore, I wouldn't be where i am without it.
The "white book" is still as valid as ever.
I was amazed when I read it over 20 years ago, knowing nothing.
And I am amazed differently when I browse it today, knowing nothing and knowing something and knowing nothing... :)

I've never been to a Castaneda event but I feel very connected to that work.
I haven't heard good things about Gurdjieff schools.