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Firstly a friend sent me this essay a while back, and I don't know who wrote it (but I've left a reference as to where my friend got it further down)... anyway enjoy!

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One thing we did was we took our white powder and we said, “Now, if this is a superconductor, we should be able to put this white powder down on the table and should be able to hook up a voltmeter to it.” Your voltmeter has got two electrodes, and you put it on a wire, turn on the battery pack and it tells you the resistance in the wire.
Well, if you touch the powder with one electrode on one end and the other electrode on the other end and turn on the electricity, you just figure the needle is going to go ‘boing’, just like this, right? Perfect conductivity, right? Nothing. Zilch. Nothing. No conductivity at all. So we think, “What’s going on here?”
We found out that the definition of a superconductor is that it does not allow any voltage potential or any magnetic field to exist inside the sample. So, by definition, a superconductor will not allow any voltage potential to exist inside the sample. To get electricity off a wire requires a voltage, and to get electricity back on the wire requires a voltage.
So now I know your question is, “So what the heck good is this stuff? If you can’t get energy into it and you can’t get energy back out of it, what the heck good is it?” Well, what you come to find out is that in the superconductor there is a single frequency of light, just like a laser, that is flowing perpetually inside the superconductor. And when it flows inside the superconductor it produces around it what is called a Meissner field, which is unique to superconductors.
A Meissner field excludes all external magnetic fields from the sample. What colour must it be? It has to be white. Anything that excludes all light from the sample has to be white. Anything that absorbs all light has to be black. If it reflects all light it has to be white. Now, I’m talking about a pure single element superconductor. It has to be white when it is superconducting.
What you have to do is take a radio frequency transmitter and resonant-frequency-tune the superconductor to match the frequency of the wire. So now, the wire is in oscillation with its electron waves, exactly the same as the superconductor. At that point the electron pair can go on the superconductor with no push at all, because electrons are continually moving on the wire, seeking the path of least resistance. When you have them in perfect synchronisation with the superconductor, they go on with no push at all as pairs.
This takes a little explaining because one spin-one half electron plus one spin-one half electron are two particles. Yet when these two particles become perfectly paired as mirror images of each other, they lose all particle aspects and they become nothing but pure light. This doesn’t make sense either, does it? But that’s the way it is. Spin-one half plus spin-one half gives you spin one which is now pure light. Trust me, it is so. So they can’t go on as individual electrons; they go on as light.
The crazy thing about electrons is that one electron can exist in one space-time, and if it moves to another space-time it gives off light or absorbs light. It’s moving from one space-time to another. Now we have light, which is two electrons. Light doesn’t exist in any space-time. You can put 50 billion lights all in the same space-time and it is okay.
Now we don’t have a conductor. If you put electricity on the wire, you’ve got to take the electricity off or it won’t flow. You’ve got to ground it, right? With a superconductor, that’s not so. It can go on, and go on, and go on, and go on; it doesn’t have to come off. If you want to take it off, you have to put a wire next to it and you have to resonant-frequency-tune the wire to match the superconductor. And when it’s in perfect harmony you apply a voltage and, ‘pool’, off goes the energy.
So if you could literally make a superconductor that stretches from Portland to New York City and you put energy on over here for two or three or four days, you don’t have to take it off over there. It’s okay; you can keep putting it in. When they want the energy in New York they can resonant-frequency-tune the wire, apply voltage and suck it out. It gets a free ride from Portland all the way to New York on this quantal wave of the superconductor—as light, not electricity.
How do you measure this light if it has no voltage in it? How is it possible to get a machine that can measure this light? Guess what? It can’t be done, ‘cause every piece of instrumentation man has ever figured out always uses a differential that it must reflect, and yet a superconductor has no voltage.
You literally start the superconductor flowing by applying a magnetic field. It responds to the magnetic field by flowing light inside of it and building a bigger Meissner field around itself. You can put your magnet down and walk away. You can come back a hundred years later and the superconductor is still flowing exactly the same as when you left. It doesn’t ever slow down. It excludes not 99.99999, but 100.00000 per cent of all external magnetic fields. There is absolutely no resistance in the sample; it is perpetual motion. It runs for ever and ever and ever and ever.
The Russian physicist Sakharov said in the 1960s that we are looking for gravity but we are never going to find it as a magnetic field. Gravity is what is produced when protons, neutrons and electrons interact with the vacuum energy—that energy that is everywhere in the Universe, timeless; that energy - that is there like the ether. When you pump out all the heat and all matter, there is no gravity. Interesting theory. Everyone kind of ignored it for a while. There`s this fellow by the name of Hal Putnoff, who worked over in the Bay Area in California doing distant-wieving experimentation and is now working down in Austin, Texas (at the Institute for Advanced Studies). He actually developed the mathematics for Sakharov`s theory of gravity and published it in one of the top science journals.
In the mathematics he shows that when matter begins to interact in two dimensions, as opposed to interacting in three dimensions (by definition, a superconductor is a resonance-coupled quantum oscillator resonating in two dimensions, not three dimensions), it should theoretically lose four-ninths of its gravitational weight. Did you know that five-ninths is 56 per cent, exactly?
I decided, “I’ve got to go down and see Hal Puthoff. I’ve got to take all my data and go down and see Hal Puthoff.”
So I did, and I said to him, “Hal, we have the experimental confirmation that, in fact, your mathematics are absolutely correct. In addition, Sakharov’s theory of gravity is absolutely correct, because this material only weighs 56 per cent when it goes to the superconducting state.
Hal Puthoff said, “Dave, you do realise that gravity is what determines space-time? When this material only weighs 56 per cent of its true mass, you do realise that this material is actually bending space-time?”
Now if you think about this, it seems correct.
He said, “Dave, what we really need is a material that totally bends space-time; a material that has no gravitational attraction at all. Less than zero.”
It’s what he called “exotic matter” in his papers.
I said, “Hal, do you realise that if you heat this material it has no gravitational attraction at all?”
I’d been reading papers on the vacuum energy. Do you know that there is an overlap between the thermal spectrum and the zero-point spectrum? The two of them overlap. So if you heat something, it should interact with the zero-point energy. Well, because this material is resonating in two dimensions, when you heat it, it literally loses all gravitational attraction. You know what Hal Puthoff said to me?
He said, “Dave, at that point you shouldn’t be able to see the material.”
I said, “Correct. You can look in the pan through the quartz tube and there is nothing in the pan. But the pan isn’t weighing what it would weigh if the stuff wasn’t in it.”
Now I had mistakenly assumed that the material was just resonating at a frequency we didn’t perceive.
He said, “Dave, theoretically it should be withdrawing from these three dimensions. It should not even be in these three dimensions.”
I said, “Wow!”
He said, “Dave, you have to devise an experiment where you can do this: while it is not there, pass an arm through the sample pan. If it is there and resonating at a frequency that you don’t perceive, you knock it out of the pan— because when you cool it down and it begins to reappear, it always appears in the same shape and place it was in before it left. That’s proof that it left these three dimensions.” And he said, “Dave, if you do that, you will never ever want for money.”
In 1988 I not only filed a patent on ORMEs quantum oscillating system of many atoms of these ORMEs. I have 11 patents on ORMEs and another 11 patents on S-ORMEs. I have 22 patents.
So, what are some of the other aspects of a superconductor? How do you prove a superconductor is a superconductor? You literally take a constant magnetic field and you pass the material into the constant magnetic field.
If it’s not a superconductor, if you apply a magnetic field you get positive inductance. If you graph it—applied magnetic field vs inductance; magnetic field vs inductance—and if it’s a perfect insulator, you’ll run totally parallel. No matter how much magnetic field you apply, no inductance. If it’s a perfect conductor, just the littlest amount of magnetic field on it will make the graph go straight up.
If it’s a superconductor, as you apply a magnetic field it goes negative. It literally eats the magnetic field. It feeds on the magnetic field and takes it inside itself. Negative inductance in a positive-applied magnetic field is the proof of a superconductor.
In other words, if you had a machine that was a superconductor, when it passed by ordinary power lines it would cancel the voltage potential of the power lines; or, if it passed by a home that had electrical appliances, it would literally turn them off or cause them to flicker and go off.
Do you realise that if you had a machine that could do that, it could literally move in space-time? As Hal was saying, it could disappear and reappear in space-time. It could withdraw from these three dimensions into a fifth dimension where there is no distance and there is no time between here and other star systems, and then reappear out of that in that star system. Have you ever heard of anything that does that?
Anyway, the material is very, very important. The way it works is very, very important, because we are talking about controlling gravity and controlling space-time.
Now, let me give you an analogy. If it is possible for me to shrink your molecular body small enough— miniaturisation that would make you so tiny that you could climb inside an atom—you’d be down in the world of the quanta where there is no time forward and there is no time in reverse. Everything is interchangeable. There is no time as we know it.
You would become an immortal. You literally could live forever in the world of the quanta.
A superconductor is billions and billions and billions of atoms all acting like one big macro atom. And so, literally, you make yourself a vessel that you can climb inside of which superconducts, and you energise it and exclude all external magnetic fields including gravity. And you are now in this world but you are not of this world. Hear me. In this world, but not of this world. So, just by heating it you can disappear from this space-time; just like that, gone. Now you will still be able to see everybody there, but they can’t see you any more. It’s like being above the water and looking down in the water at the fish. You’re not in their world, but you can see them.
Someone from the audience interrupts with a comment.] “But you wouldn’t have any thoughts either because they produce electromagnetic fields.”
[Big silence from Dave Hudson. Then person in the audience makes another comment.] “You would just have pure awareness.”
“That is correct” [Dave remarks, then continues his talk.]
As you can see, this becomes very philosophical very quickly.
We decided, "Well, gee, if we have this analytical capability and we can quantitatively and qualitatively analyse this stuff, where else is it ?"
So we went down to A. J. Bayless and got ourselves some cow`s brains and pig`s brains. We carbonised these brains in fuming sulphuric acid. That was a really raunchy thing to do but it was the only way we knew to do it. We weren’t organic chemists; we were inorganic chemists, so we destroyed the carbon, carbonised it, added nitric-nitric-nitric acid, kept taking it down to fumes of sulphuric, then more nitric, fumes of sulphuric, more nitric ‘til we got rid of all the carbon. Then water, water, water til we got rid of all the nitrous compounds. Then we did a metal sulphate analysis.
Do you know that over five per cent by dry matter weight of the brain tissue is rhodium and iridium in the high spin state ? Do you know that the way cells communicate with each other is by superconductivity? The US Naval Research Facility knows that the way cells communicate with each other is by superconductivity and they have actually measured it using SQUIDs — Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices— with a superconducting ring around the body. By this procedure they have seen that light literally flows between cell to cell to cell to cell.
Do you know that your nerve impulses are not electricity, but that they travel closer to the speed of sound than they do to the speed of light? Electricity travels closer to the speed of light. Do you know at what speed the superconducting wave travels? At the speed of sound,
This is, in fact, what is in your body that we call consciousness. It’s what separates you from a computer. It literally is the light of life. This is that part of your body that has been there all of this time, that scientists can’t find because their instruments can’t see it. They call it carbon because it has no absorption or emission spectra and they assume therefore that it is carbon when, in fact, it isn’t carbon. There are 11 elements that it could be, but primarily rhodium and iridium are the elements that are in your body right now. They resonance-connect and literally flow the light of life perpetually in your body.

12-24-2008, 12:37 AM
Around your body you have a non-polar magnetic field which is called the Meissner field—also referred to as the aura. These are literally the spirit atoms in your body. These are the atoms that are in resonant harmony and resonating with the vacuum energy, and the vacuum energy is another dimension where there is no time. Everything that ever existed and everything that ever will exist is registered in the vacuum. And I will tell you now, my friends, that when you meet your God, you will meet him in the vacuum. That is where all matter came from, that is where all matter originated and that is where everything is recorded; And your connection is through these resonant oscillators that are in quantum resonance with the vacuum energy. That is what brings the light of life from the world of the quanta up into the macro body you call your own physical being.
These atoms, in a macro state and dried, look like a white powder. But actually, if you look at them under a microscope, they look like glass. You can heat the white powder to 1,160 degrees under a vacuum and it forms a glass, just like window glass. It is another form in which the element can exist.
You come to understand that each of these atoms is resonating with the vacuum energy. You can’t harness a single atom. You can’t put reins on it and say, “Work for me!” This is a perpetual-motion machine. When one atom is resonating back and forth in two dimensions, it creates a quantile wave that comes off it. The next atom nestles into that wave and perpetuates the wave. The atoms are actually too far apart to have any chemistry, and yet they are sitting at a distance, resonating in perfect unison, in harmony. The energy literally rolls around one atom for ever and ever and ever. Have you ever asked yourself why an atom never runs down? It is because it is dipping into the zero-point energy all of the time.
So now you have each atom in resonant harmony with each other; each atom dipping into the zero-point energy. You’ve got billions and billions and billions of them doing it for you. What you now have is a perpetual-motion machine. You have something that is running perpetually on zero-point energy.
You can actually build a ring of this material and it will flow and respond to the Earth’s magnetic field. For example, do you know that a single-element superconductor, a type-one superconductor, will literally respond to a magnetic field of 2 x 10-15 ergs? Do you know that there are 1018 ergs in a gauss? Do you know that the Earth’s magnetic field, with which the compass aligns, is about 0.5 gauss? So an erg is the measure of the magnetic field around one electron. And a superconductor responds to a magnetic field of 2 x 10-15 ergs. Gosh! When you think, it registers. So when you are working with this material, your thoughts are registering in the material.
In fact, some of you women will get upset with me when I say this, but we actually came to know these as female elements. What we did is we said, “You know, we’re going to flip these things. We’re just going to overcome these things, ‘cause if you just put enough energy to them you can make them do what you want, right?” Sure.
We purchased what is called an arc furnace. We took about 30 grams of this white powder and put it in the furnace. This furnace has an insulated crucible, which has a copper crucible inside it with water all around it to keep it cool. You bring a lid down on top of it and there’s a tungsten rod that hangs down into it. It actually runs a little arc welder which you strike from the tungsten electrode to the copper. And in this arc you sit there and you stir with the electrode back and forth, back and forth ‘til you literally melt everything that is there.
Now what we did was we pumped out all of the air, we back-filled it with helium gas for a plasma gas, and we struck the arc. It went ‘bzzp’, like that, and shut off. We opened up the arc furnace: no tungsten electrode. Now this tungsten electrode is about the size of my thumb. Tungsten is the filament material that they use in making light bulbs. The people who built this furnace said we could use it for 35 to 40 times with no deterioration of the electrode. We could burn it for minutes and minutes and minutes and minutes. We didn’t even get a second out of this thing! So we got another electrode from the manufacturer, put it back in, closed the furnace back up, vacuumed the air out, put in the inert gas, struck another arc, then bzzp’, it shut off. We opened it up to find that the tungsten electrode was all molten into this powder.
When we analysed the powder after we did this, we found that it wasn’t the same element it was before we did this. We also found that there was an amplification of heat by about 2,000 times. It was not chemical heat; it was nuclear heat.
What we found was that all the wiring in the laboratory was beginning to crumble and fall apart. We could go up to the copper wires and they would just go to powder. The glass beakers sitting in the laboratory near the furnace were getting full of little air pockets in the glass, and when we picked them up they would fall apart. That’s radiation damage. There is no other explanation for it. Berkeley-Brookhaven has confirmed a level of 25,000 electron volt photons.
Gamma-level radiation comes out of these high-spin atoms when you throw too much energy at them. So, like all females, if you tell them you will force them you will get absolutely nothing, but if you give them what they want, they will give you what you want! So you cater to these elements; you don’t fight these elements. These elements are alive. And what you have to do is give them the chemistries that they want, cooperate with them, coerce them and they will literally go back to the low-spin state. You can make them into metals or you can use them in the high spin state.
Now everything was pretty interesting until, in 1991, my uncle came up with this book called Secrets of the Alchemists.2 I said, “I’m not interested in reading about alchemy. This was when the Church was involved in it and everything. This was all perverted. I’m not interested in that. I want to know about chemistry and physics.”
He said, “Dave, it talks about a white powder of gold.”
I said, “Really?”
And so I began to look into alchemy. And the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’, the container of the light of life, was the white powder of gold.
I said, “Is there a chance that this white powder of gold that I have, could be the white powder of gold they’re talking about? Is it possible that there are two white powders of gold?”
Now, the description says it is the container of the essence of life; it flows the light of life. Well, that we had proven. It’s a superconductor. It flows the light that is in your body. They claimed that it perfects the cells of the body.
Well, I can show you Bristol-Myers-Squibb research on how this material interacts with DNA, correcting the DNA. All the carcinogenic damage, all the radiation damage, all is corrected from these elements in the presence of the cell. The elements don’t chemically interact with it; they just correct the DNA.
I really became intrigued with this stuff. What would happen if we gave this material to people? It’s not metal-metal bonding, so it doesn’t have heavy-metal properties.
First of all, we got a golden retriever and gave the material to him. This golden retriever had tick fever, valley fever and a large abscess on his side. None of the veterinarians could find any medicine that would get rid of the abscess due to the combination of all three diseases, so they just gave up; they weren’t going to cure him. We began giving him one-cc injections of one milligram of the white powder—one shot in the tumour and one shot in the bloodstream. After a week and a half the tick fever was gone, the valley fever was gone, the tumour shrank and disappeared. So we stopped the injections. About a week later it started coming back again, so we started giving the injections again and the tumour shrank back down. This time we continued about a week longer and then, when we stopped, it never came back. The dog felt great!
Then the doctor we were working with said, You know, this is really incredible stuff!” He said, “I have a patient who is a day or two away from death with AIDS. He is being fed intravenously right now. He can’t speak, he can’t dress himself; he is dying. So I’m going to start giving him just a little bit of this material and see what happens.”
A week and a half later he pulled all the feed-lines out of his arms; he was feeding himself normally, getting dressed on his own, just doing great. A month and a half later he was on an airplane going back to a family wedding in Indiana, and nobody even knew he had AIDS.
This doctor said, “Dave, this is like a magic material!”
So, he got a patient who had KS Kaposi’s sarcoma] which is the cancer you get all over your skin. This man had over 30 lesions all over his body and we began to give him one-ml injections into his bloodstream. After a month and a half there was no more active KS on his body. One milligram per day!
Now, if you are familiar with KS there is only one treatment, and that is radiation treatment. And after a while you get the maximum amount of radiation and they have to discontinue the treatment; then you get worse and die. . And this material totally got rid of KS lesions!
Then we started working with another patient who was actually not gay. This woman had received the AIDS virus in an in vitro fertilisation that was done down at the University of Arizona. There were 10 women who received the semen from this patient who had HIV, and she was the only one who got AIDS. She’s had it for 11 years. She was really starting to go downhill. Her white blood cell count and her T-cell Count were really classic.
We gave the material to her orally for the first time, and basically there was no change in her white blood cells or in her T-¬cells.
Now, when we give it by injection, the white blood-cell count goes from 2,200 to 6,500 in an hour and a half! Unbelievable! When it’s taken orally, nothing happens to the white blood-cell count, which was our only analytical battle.
After a month she said, “I want the injection; I want to see this increase my white blood cell count.” -So we prepared her a shot and she took the material by injection. At the same time we gave her the shot, we pulled blood samples and sent them to KNOWING Laboratories in southern California for an analysis of infected virons per millilitre of blood.
She took the first injections. She got high fevers, just like everyone does, so we said to cut the dose in half. So her doctor cut the dose in half, but the next day when she took it she went into seizures and died. By that time we got our analysis back from KNOWING Laboratories, which said that the infected viron count was so low that this woman shouldn’t even know she had AIDS. Now, we didn’t do an analysis upfront, so we decided, “Well, we’ll start giving this to people after we do a lab analysis.”
We worked with a man who had an infected viron count of 57,000. He was so weak that he could hardly walk; he used a cane. His doctor gave him two to three weeks to live. He took this material orally, and it took about 60 days for the infected viron count to begin to drop. After 60 days, it went down 30 per cent every 30 days. By the end of seven months it was so low they couldn’t even detect any more virons in his blood. And that’s taking 50 milligrams per day orally.
Now, do understand, I’m not a doctor. I have no interest in becoming a doctor. What I wanted to know was, “Is it possible that this stuff works?” That’s all my interest was.
There was one doctor in North Phoenix to whom I gave two bottles of the dried material and he gave it to two cancer patients. One was 42 years old and the other was 57 years old, and both had breast cancer.
The 42-year-old woman had had a breast removed two years earlier and had undergone extensive radiation treatments. After two years she was having pain in her neck and in her ribs. She went to a chiropractor, but that couldn’t help her. She finally ended up seeing an oncologist who said she had cancer in her neck, her shoulder, her back, her spine and her ribs.
He said, “It is stage four. Get your affairs in order. We can give you chemotherapy but you are going to die.”
So the woman went to this doctor in North Phoenix. He gave her these capsules, a month-and-a-half worth of pills. She took this material, at a hundred milligrams, for a month and a half. At the end of the month and a half she went back to the oncologist. She had no cancer anywhere in her body! I didn’t even know who the woman was. I had nothing to do with giving her the material.
I got this phone call and this woman said, “Mr Hudson, I don’t know who you are or what this material is, but it is really fantastic material.”
So she told me the story. Apparently the material didn’t work on the 57-year-old woman.
We were then back at the University of Chicago having cancer studies done with mice. What we found was it killed the cancers of about half the mice, but in the other half the cancers grew faster.
But at the end of the study the cancer researchers injected the mice with oestrogen, which should have caused the cancers to even grow faster. Instead, as soon as the oestrone hit their bodies, within 24 hours all the cancers were gone.
What I suggest to women right now is that anyone who is over 40 years of age should consider taking DHEA ¬dehydroepiandrosterone} or some female hormone, because the female hormone plays an important role in the treatment of the breast cancer. Now I’m not presenting this to you as technical information. I’m presenting this to you as my experience and what! can tell you about it.
We also had a doctor in Florida who was giving the material to a pancreatic cancer patient last November. The patient was dramatically losing weight and was not expected to survive, so they were desperate for anything. He took this material for 60 days and has now regained all his weight and is doing just great today. The doctor doesn’t understand it. He is just totally blown away about how it could happen, because nobody survives pancreatic cancer.
This material is not an anti-anything. It is not anti-AIDS. It is not anti-cancer. It is pro-life. It literally is the spirit. The material is not here to cure AIDS. It is not here to cure cancer. The material is here to perfect our bodies. It makes our bodies be in the state they are supposed to be in.

12-24-2008, 12:38 AM
It is our own immune system that fights and cures the disease. If you can correct your DNA at every cell in your body, if you can correct the damage that’s beer done that brought about the cancer, if you can correct the damage that has beer brought about by the virus, the AIDS, you literally will become a perfected being. You will return to the original healthy state you were meant to be in.
This is not a medicine. This material is, in fact, a philosophical material. It is here to enlighten us and to raise the consciousness of mankind. If, in doing that, it happens to cure diseases, so be it. It’s real hard for most of us to understand that this is what it is all about...

‘Puthoff, H. E., “Gravity as a Zero-Point Fluctuation Force”, Physical Review A, vol. 39, no. 5, 1 March 1989.
Secrets of the Alchemists, Time-Life.

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(This text scanned from NEXUS Magazine number 6 October - November 1996)