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01-06-2009, 02:21 AM
This is a Phoenix-thread (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?t=7) from the old site (http://alchemy-forums.forumotion.com/forum.htm).

I'm quite an inept mathematician...it all turns into a vog of numbers that boils over and frustrates more then anything. However I am fortunate in that the selected numbers are few- and rummaging the web for correlations is somewhat easy...if not incorrect at times. Anyhow, the numbers in question are found on the cross of Hendaye and in the bible as well. Even though I've made connections on some of the material, not all of it feels like it has been completely revealing. If anyone else is interested I'll go into other info/numbers and how they correlate (in my opinion) to certain alchemical notions. Honestly I was/am looking for some sort of structure in the numbers in the hopes that they might reveal the dates for future events that I think may still happen....however- I believe this might be a futile endeavor.

There are 17 "flutes" on the column and 17 letters in OCRUXAVES PESUNICA - if that's not coincidental then maybe this is- from 2012 to 1842 (the year the cross was moved to its present location) is 170 years.

From the bible there are 17 "sevens" (seals, hills, plagues etc...).
Flamel transmuted a half pound of Mercury into Silver on January 17th

Flamel: Then, the first time that I made projection was upon Mercury, whereof I turned half-a-pound, or thereabouts, into pure Silver, better than that of the Mine, as I myself assayed, and made others assay many times. This was upon a Monday, the 17th of January, about noon, in my house, Perrenella only being present, in the year of the restoring of mankind, 1382. And afterwards, following always my Book, from word to word, I made projection of the Red Stone upon the like quantity of Mercury, in the presence likewise of Perrenella only, in the same house, the five and twentieth day of April following, the same year, about five o'clock in the evening; which I transmuted truly into almost as much pure Gold, better assuredly than common Gold, more soft and more plyable.

170 is a repdigit in base 4 (2222)
17 is the seventh prime number

153 (http://www.alchemywebsite.com/153aphor.html) is found in the Gospel of John...it is the Miraculous Draught (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catch_of_153_fish) of 153 fish (when the disciples were told by Jesus to "cast their nets on the right side of the boat"). As a triangular number it is the sum of the first 17 integers. The ratio 265:153 represents this vesica piscis or "almond"...and the geometric ratio of these dimensions is actually the square root of 3, or 1.73205
So what does all this mean? Well, Jesus (and Mary) have been shown within the vesica piscis (mystic almond, mandorla, icthys fish etc...) surrounded by four evangelical beasts (revelation). It is these four beasts that I believe may represent the four events that unfold before the σταυρωσαι (staurosai - crucify...which, to borrow from isopsephia =2012).

vesica piscis
Constructing a Heptadecagon (17 sides) which is what the column of the Hendaye cross is.
The four beasts
A date with a fish bladder?

Well if anyone's interested I'll go over things in more detail regarding this research...not that it hasn't been done before. And if any of you out there are math whizzes then feel free to chime in.
Interesting shape!

Go more indepth if you can... so far I can say, though, that 17 is 8 to me (1+7). I like to see numbers in their single form!

8 = eternity