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07-09-2012, 12:37 AM
A few years ago I visited Zanzibar (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zanzibar) and a local there told me about what different spices could be good for. So here are my notes:

Black pepper: preserves energy, too much can cause hemorrhoids. You can also cure this condition by placing some black peppers in the rectum (ouch) for a few minutes.

Cardamom: chew seeds if you have nausea or bad breath.

Cinnamon: the roots of this tree should be boiled and inhaled if you have a stuffed nose.

Cloves: chew the seeds if you want to stop smoking or if you have a toothache.

Curry: powder of curry mixed with milk is good for muscle aches. Powder of curry mixed with honey is good if you have a cough, or if you are a singer and you want to soften your voice.

Ginger: increases sexual stamina. Chew ginger to avoid vomiting. Also good against cold sores.

Lemongrass: boil and inhale if you have fever. Burn dried lemongrass to scare away mosquitos. Boil lemongrass and you get green tea.

Nutmeg: aphrodisiac for women. With the red part of the nutmeg seed you can make an oil to treat the fever of babies.

Papaya: seeds good for malaria (grind ripe seeds and place in water, drink for three days at morning, noon and evening). Not to be used by pregnant women, can cause abortion. The white juice of unripe papayas can treat stings by sea urchins. papayas also have conservative properties. If there is too much wax in the ear boil the roots of papaya tree and place three drops in the ear at morning, noon and evening for five days.

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