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solomon levi
07-15-2012, 11:10 PM
Peter Russell

This is the best video I've even seen on youtube.
I think anyone interested in "spiritual" will get a lot out of it.


07-16-2012, 04:43 PM

I can relate some of what I saw in the video to some of the thoughts I have jotted down along the way here.

In meditation many try to blank out the mind (ego) to feel the truth that lies behind it.

A chair is a chair and has no delusion of being anything else. Try being a chair and you will not last
very long as it is not in your character to be a chair.
A chair plays its part as a chair much better than we do. One day we may have the privilege to be a
chair, or part thereof.
A question this brings to mind is, “we know what purpose a chair serves – what might
our purpose be”?

There is no separate being called God; God is the One that everything is an integral part of. Hence
God is omnipotent and omnipresent.

Death is a word we created to explain the end of being human or the end of what we describe as life
(?)...as all is One then there is no death or life, these are just descriptive words for a state of being.

Again may I reiterate that all above is IMHO

This opinion may change in the next nanosecond or so :)

I like to feel rather than learn. Does that make sense? Learning from others
may incorporate a third party agenda, where feeling comes from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

Since a young boy I sometimes get a feeling I can only explain as realising that I am me. After
trying to explain this to the best of my abilities I have asked many people if they have had this same
feeling. I really thought that everyone would know what I meant and say yes, but they didn't.

I must say Sol that after watching the video it seems to explain a lot of what I didn’t understand in
your recent posts.

At the time of writing the first quoted post I believed that even a chair had consciousness, I think the
reason that is so hard for a human to comprehend is that a chair makes no noise and isn’t animated,
but we are human, talking and walking is what WE do.

Perhaps our purpose is to sit on the chair :)

I still believe everything is conscious, that’s my paradigm right now...will it be shifted?

I still have a long way to go to quiet my monkey mind, but I will :)

Thanks for the link.


solomon levi
07-17-2012, 12:29 AM
Hi Ghislain.
Yeah, he really says clearly a lot of things I try to write about.
Too bad I didn't find him earlier. It always amazes me what's out there and for how long.

Yeah, when we get down to the fundamentals, the things we call "conscious" are made of the
same "atoms" (which aren't really there - consciousness) as things we call unconscious.

It's pretty wild that the mind creates matter, but it'd be even more weird if it didn't. :)
Cuz then we'd all be billiard balls getting knocked around by the environment.
But it's important to see these things, not just to learn them or be told them or reason them.
There's a difference between thinking that we're God and seeing/knowing it.

What really helps me to see this is the timeless and spontaneous and total, all-at-once-ness
of the Nothing/Void/Unmanifest "becoming" manifest. We're so used to linear progressions,
but I'm convinced that all dimensions appeared spontaneously and we are unfolding them now
through time. This is the Alpha and Omega thing (or Aleph Tav for hebrew/Qabala).

That, and then the Oneness - that the Unmanifest Void became manifest as All, all existence.
Not man being created especially and uniquely. We evolved uniquely; one can say that about everything.
If we were created, we can't go back to the Source/Void. We can only go back to our creator, to dust, to
clay, to a rib, whatever. This is a misleading story, which the Primacy of Consciousness exposes if we see it.
If we believe in the Creation story, we cannot get back to Oneness/the Primacy of Consciousness, and this results
in our current world view and the separate ego and Man having dominion over nature, etc... a bunch of problems/conflict.

I really like this one:
"Since a young boy I sometimes get a feeling I can only explain as realising that I am me. After
trying to explain this to the best of my abilities I have asked many people if they have had this same
feeling. I really thought that everyone would know what I meant and say yes, but they didn't."

Is this the same as Gurdjieff describes as self-remembering? One of his books was titled
"Life is real only then when "I am".

It seems really similar, only with an added emphasis to being uniquely you in your experience.

07-20-2012, 05:55 PM
Yes very good. Good quotes also.

"...form is just sculpted light... which we see on the screen, and that light has the potential to become any image you can think of... that light could become anything..."

Very good description of reality.

If human evolution goes from becoming aware of consciousness to an acceptance of the above quote then we would all become magicians forming the world before our eyes at will... each a god of a world, each world flowing in and out at will. If, according to Russell, animals are not aware when they are dreaming (for example dogs seem to be running when they are asleep), but we are aware. Humans have evolved into dream awareness. Eventually this awareness will fully spill out into our 'awake' state, and then it will be just like Edgar Allan Poe wrote:

"A dream within a dream!"

Perhaps this a correct description of the future, distant or not... but inevitable.


07-20-2012, 06:04 PM
We are not supposed to explain consciousness, we should only be as aware awake as when we are aware we are dreaming... see reality as what it really is... reality is there because we are not yet fully aware we can change it, we are lost in our own creation... it was such a great creation we forgot we made it... not through history or actions, but with our will/consciousness...

Like a scary dream we are not aware we are having, as real as anything, THIS reality has suffered the same fate, nothing is material... everything is forms of light of which we are aware... we are unaware that we are creating the light from our mind/inner conscious self... achieving an awareness of such a complete state of mind is what lies ahead for us our or offspring... then perhaps we can really begin to 'look around' at what is going on out there.

Just trying to formulate it all to myself. If above true then it would be the Complete Theory of Everything. Yet if I believe or write this I still can't change the reality around me with my mind because I might be aware of my awareness I am not yet convinced I am asleep... just like being in a scary or very happy dream (even sexual dream), we are fully into it certain it is all real... in our dreams we are all aware of the concept of dreaming... I know that I am the same conscious self as I am now writing this, whatever I know awake I know when I am in a dream, so in the dream I know dreams exist and are an illusion, yet I am convinced I am awake.

Just like I am right now!

“That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing.”



solomon levi
07-21-2012, 03:30 AM
One of the things I appreciate from this speaker is that it made a strong connection between
the scientific and spiritual discussions on light. There was a time, about a year ago, when I was
really seeing the level of DNA and yet I knew that beyond that was light. And now I'm really seeing
the light and beyond or within this is scalar waves. If light is experienced by us as the relationship
between space-time, scalar waves are only time without space. The scalar wave describes one way
our consciousness experiences "now", and the experience of no space-time-mass AS light is another,
yet representing a complete union. In scalars, without direction, there is no desire, no e-motion,
no craving. In scalar we can still do magic. In the oneness of light, there is only Being - nothing to
manipulate at all... you, as light, remove yourself from the multi-dimensions folds of yourself into

I have to show this graphic, even though maybe off-topic/scalar. The graphic really drives it home:

see the phase conjugation - same space but reverse time/
The folding of light.
See how the standing scalar wave acts like a piston.