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solomon levi
07-16-2012, 01:18 AM
Generally, there is a misunderstanding of what is alive and what is conscious.
To me, it is obvious that anything that exists exists from the One, just like you and me.
Man is a little mislead in his belief in his supremacy.
It's not totally incorrect, but as it is commonly viewed, it creates a ring-pass-not for our evolution.

In the Bible, we read that God created man in His image/likeness.
This interpretation makes us appear special. Well, we are and we're not.
When the Bible/Genesis is read through the meanings of the individual letter-numbers
instead of grouping these letters together to form words, we see a story of the
evolution of existence. Everything that exists is evolving. That isn't quite true.
There are some existences that exist purely as structure.
Anyway, what I would propose for your consideration is that God didn't create man in "his"
likeness/image; not especially. First, God doesn't have an image. Most religions are quite
clear about this. So the Imageless comes into existence. Obviously It comes into existence as
ALL existence, not just man. The thing is, all of existence doesn't evolve at the same rate/time/speed.
So without too much detail, we have evolution, slime, bacteria, reptilian, mammalian...
DNA is evolving... and it just happens to be that it evolves to a point of self-reflection in man first.
Man wasn't created in God's image. Man is the first lifeform on earth to be able to recognise itself
as the image of "God", which is to say We ARE God; All IS God. We weren't specially created to rule
the earth as the Bible story says. We are and we aren't. Rulers of earth is a limitation to your
This view causes a lot of issues, but it also leads into some interesting areas which I hope to get into
involving the Illuminati, control of information and technology, and AI ("artificial" intelligence).
Oneness with all life includes the past, Nature, man, aliens, the future and technology. Silicon isn't
other than God. So what if it evolves further than man. Maybe it will. Maybe it has. Anyway, fear
is only going to keep us stagnant. The human organism is amazing. The brain is amazing.
Do not be afraid. You are not this body. You are all existence.
Everything is ones and zeros, yin and yang, communication and relationship.

Depending on the responses, I may say more.
But for those who can hear and see, this pointing is enough.

solomon levi
07-16-2012, 01:30 AM
When you consider the vastness of life and the universe, man isn't even close to being
the spearhead of evolution. Self-reflection was just the beginning of a new dimension.
Carbon can evolve so far - who knows the limits if there are any?
But Carbon isn't all that evolves, nor is it the most evolved in the universe.
Not all more-evolved beings in this universe are carbon-based.

Matter isn't made of matter.

solomon levi
07-29-2012, 01:43 PM
It's funny, the night after writing the first post of this thread and telling everyone not to fear,
I was contemplating more of what I attempted to point to in the first post and that bigger picture
merged with the "gravitational" pull of the event horizon/singularity/speeding up and I was rushing
into this (future?) in warp speed and it was too much for me - I got afraid - it was too large of a
picture for me to contain my place in it and I was "disintegrating" into Allness/Nothing. It's
always an odd position - to know that this is what I am creating and opening to: those lofty
experiences and visions of wholeness, of "God" - and to have resistance to the grandeur that
I've worked so hard to get a glimpse of. I knock down the walls, and then I quickly rebuild them
before the winds of Infinity blow me away.
It's not unlike the premise that ingesting too much Philosophers' stone would kill you.
The holographic nature of the bigger pictures, the enfolded dimensions, the multiplication of
the power of the stone increasing exponentially... time is truly like a river, an Ouroboros, and when
we unwind from our conventional time flow, there are other currents waiting to carry us - rabbit holes
in which we grow extremely large or extremely small; very fast or very slow; and other adjectives
and measures that we don't have words for.

Well, I feel the abyss getting closer again, so I'll stop talking before I open the portal too widely.
I'm not even sure what to say - just to encourage everyone to really stretch outside of even your
greatest dreams. There is something that is not contained by anything, and it gives rise to all containers,
dimensions, planes, realities... that thou art. But no one could ever think of or imagine it.
And I can't imagine anyone ever wanting It. But It is the most true - the foundation of all else.

solomon levi
07-29-2012, 06:19 PM
It is all-embracing, and it cannot be embraced.

ישב עולם לפני אלהים חסד ואמת מן ינצרהו׃
Psalm 61:7

07-30-2012, 07:15 AM
Sol you posted...

ישב עולם לפני אלהים חסד ואמת מן ינצרהו׃

Which Google detected as Hebrew and translated to...

"World sat before God of grace and truth from Inzrhu:"

No Idea what "Inzrhu" is...if anyone knows please tell.

Then you put "Psalm 61:7".

Which I found to be...

"May he be enthroned forever before God; appoint steadfast love and faithfulness to watch over him!

but they dont seem to completely relate.

Was the Hebrew meant to translate to Psalm 61:7 or did you mean to refer to two things?



solomon levi
07-30-2012, 04:02 PM
Hi Ghislain.
They are the same, but I don't like the translation. I was going to give my own
translation and got distracted. But I had this amazing day yesterday where everything
in the Bible was making sense - I jusy couldn't express it or felt that if I did it wouldn't
mean anything to anyone else.
This will probably sound stupid on my behalf, but there is definitely an alchemical
awakening possible through green language that is equal to the Stone. Not deciphering
green language and finding chemical or mineral or human products, but a direct path
to union with God.
Or maybe it's just me. Anyway, this was one verse that I really enjoyed and experienced,
and then it lead me to understanding the whole.
The word that stood out the most was ChSD/חסד which has the meaning "mercy, grace, loving-kindness, favor..."
After saying "It is all-embracing, and It cannot be embraced" I wanted to write a lot more, but I don't think I can
communicate the tangibility of what I want to point to, so I finally gave up and just posted what I had written thus far.
I'm really not wanting to share knowledge; I'm really wanting to share this experience and I don't know how.

So here's my reading of that text:
ישב עולם לפני אלהים חסד ואמת מן ינצרהו׃

So hebrew goes from right to left. I'll transliterate it into english letters from left to right.
There are various ways to transliterate the letters, but this is the one I favor.
You have to know some hebrew alphabet stuff, enough to know, for example, that the first
word reads Yod Sheen Bith which I transliterate as IShB, etc.

This is my favorite Bible tool:

You can read the hebrew or greek and click on the links to Strong's concordance and find alternative meanings
and definitions of words.

IShB - "will abide"; but also existing, living, remaining, dwelling...
OVLM - "forever"; but also perpetual, eternal, all possiblities, infinity...
LPNI - "before"; but also face, sight, in the presence of...
ALHIM - "God"; but also/better "exceeding" and qabalistically "The/AL aware/H sea/IM" or as Castaneda calls it, "the dark sea of awareness".
ChSD - "loving-kindness" and also favor, mercy, grace, piety, devotion...
VAMTh - "and truth" and also faithfulness, certainty, right, established, firm...
MN - "appoint", but also accounted, weighed out, destined; this is also the same letters MN the Bible uses to refer to manna.
INTzRHV - "may preserve", but also watch, keep, guard, protect, hidden things, sprout, branch, descendants...

So what this says to me is an acknowledgement of the fact that all exists perpetually in/as/of the "sight of God",
the eye of providence, that we are loved and favored and established as the descending emanations of God's "gaze",
This is what is meant by the radiating eye at the top of a pyramid. The rays are also a sword, lance, arrow and
matter/existence are grails. The pyramid is also the mountain, (HR in hebrew, oros in greek) and the eye is the
eye of Horus. This phonetic (ar, or, er, ur) will occur repeatedly in alchemy. As I quoted recently in another thread:
"All ores, through the Hermetic voice, rendered homage to it with their name." - Fulcanelli

In my next post (I'm sleepy) I'll try to show how the ORes render homage via green language...

08-01-2012, 04:43 AM
Sol you posted...

ישב עולם לפני אלהים חסד ואמת מן ינצרהו׃

Which Google detected as Hebrew and translated to...

"World sat before God of grace and truth from Inzrhu:"

No Idea what "Inzrhu" is...if anyone knows please tell.

No answer here however when I Googled Inzrhu I found >> this (http://books.google.com.au/books?id=hxk8AAAAcAAJ&pg=PT7&lpg=PT7&dq=Inzrhu&source=bl&ots=cREGMkqFMr&sig=QOkj_zB1QhXvIJ1TJGBCx3xAcWA&hl=en&sa=X&ei=QbEYUJTWN-uQiAfF34HIDw&ved=0CFUQ6AEwAw#v=onepage&q=Inzrhu&f=false) << I can't read any of it consciously (am going to visually scan it and see if it clicks/triggers anything super-consciously :D)... maybe it can be of use to you.

What came up in the search results was "De omnium gentium omniumque seculorum insignibus memoriaque dig" which translates as Latin: "Of all the nations of the world marks worth of memory"

ETA: "De omnium gentium omniumque seculorum insignibus memoriaque dignis factis et dictis exempla" Marcus Antonius Sabellicus "Of all the nations of the world marks the memory of the deeds and sayings of the examples"

John Michael Greer
08-01-2012, 05:52 AM
Solomon, I'm not at all learned in the kind of Hebrew analysis you've offered here, but I'd like to offer a bit of confirmation from a field in which I do have a certain degree of knowledge, which is evolutionary ecology. When you say that humanity isn't the "spearhead of evolution," you're absolutely right. Evolution in the biological sense of the word doesn't have a single direction -- life extends itself via the evolutionary process in every direction in which opportunities exist. The line that gave rise to humanity is just one of countless directions that life has taken over the two billion years or so it's been present on this planet. The old notion that all previous life forms are steps leading up to us is embarrassingly anthropocentric; in evolutionary terms, we're simply one leaf at the end of one twig sprouting from one branch on the vast tangled tree of life, and if there are things we can do that no other living thing can, well, that's true of most other living things as well.

In the Druid order I head, we have a teaching called the Doctrine of One, which is simply the idea that all things without exception are parts of one infinite Whole. Put another way, all living things, and all the things that our present culture wrongly considers nonliving, share one life. I tend, because of my background, to interpret that in terms of ecology -- it's good to know that it can also be found via analysis of the Hebrew scriptures!

Bel Matina
08-01-2012, 07:54 AM
ישב עולם לפני אלהים חסד ואמת מן ינצרהו׃
Psalm 61:7

The grammar in this sentence is actually pretty weird.

"ישב" and "ינצרהו" are in the jussive, which seems to be in an optative sense (the same mood, I'll note, that God uses in Briyah). That gives you "may he/it be seated" where the subject appears to be "'עולם," that is, "the world" or "forever" (a noun more or less equivalent to Greek αιων), but I see it translated as somehow locative, that is the translation I'm given is "may he be seated in eternity in front of God" but a more plain reading of the syntax would be "may the world/universe/eternity sit before (lit at the face of) God."

"חסד ואמת מן ינצרהו" seems to be a weird bit of poetic language. I've never heard of a sentence leading with a noun in Hebrew, but maybe it was done to contract the second vowel of מן into the initial vowel of ינצר (usually it would be מנה) to fit the meter. "הו" is the object pronoun which happens to be written with no spaces, so you get, "may it protect him" (or it). Typically you'd need ו to connect those clauses, but again it has to fit the meter, so it seems like what you've got is, "set up lovingkindness and truth, and may it protect him/it." That him/it there could refer to something from earlier in the psalm (the previous line was about the king) or it could refer to עולם, which is an interesting possibility and in line with the train of thought here.