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solomon levi
01-06-2009, 03:05 AM
This is a Phoenix-thread (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?t=7) from the old site (http://alchemy-forums.forumotion.com/forum.htm).

*The level of detail I can give is somewhat limited. Certain limitations are merely because I may not know, or have missed certain aspects. Other limitations are put in place for reasons that I'd rather not go into.

The Alchemical Cross of Hendaye made famous in the last chapter of Mystery of the Cathedrals is bar none, one of the most enigmatic alchemical monuments to chialism that Fulcanelli says he has ever encountered. When I first read those words by Fulcanelli I didn't understand what chialism was, nor Millenialism (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millennialism)...they are both beliefs concerning the 1000 year reign of Christ that happens only after Judgment takes place. And by Fulcanelli's reckoning- this cross holds pertinent information of that time and age...of which I believe we have entered.

I cannot go into how I found this information on the cross. But if I am right, Nov 5th 2008 may in fact be the beginning of a war between the U.S. and Russia that I believe will be started in the land of Colchis, or more specifically Podi, Georgia...I could be horribly wrong on all points and will readily admit it if I am. On the last date I found something did happen, that was 08/08/08 which for all intent and purposes was when I believe the "clock" or "year" began. You see from 08/08/08 to 12/21/12 there are 52 months (52 weeks makes a year) and exactly 14 days 4 months and 4 years...if the the last number has no relevance for you, you should remember that 144 cubits was the surface area of New Jerusalem found in Revelation.

I don't see or claim to see the future, I am just going by what I have extracted and read on the face of the cross and pedestal...If something does happen on that date I will go into more detail (assuming I am able). There is a very good likelihood that I could be wrong as fortune telling is not my thing...but the cabala and interpretive symbology is.

***I must give thanks to B.E. for the title, and for sticking by me on this research venture.
Do you see Iran in the mix somewhere... I have a feeling they will play some part in future wars!

Bonfire Night is the beginning of the end of the world? I can get behind that.

I'm hosting a Guy Fawkes party this year, and several of those invited are into alchemy. I'll be sure to share this with them, and then we'll build the bonfire higher until it envelopes the heavens.

Maybe nuclear holocaust would be a reason why gunpowder treason could ever be forgot...

I'll be sure to share this with them, and then we'll build the bonfire higher until it envelopes the heavens.Don't forget to share the URL for these forums too...

I haven't extracted Iran, but it could be and I am just missing something. The only reason I believe it begins in Poti, Georgia is somewhat threefold. When extracting I attempt to correlate it either to something Fulcanelli mentions or to alchemical doctrine, sometimes Nostradamus quotes...so it's not an exact science for sure. Here is how I saw Poti, Georgia:

1 Repeated mention of Colchis (land of the Golden Fleece "Jason and the Argonauts") - Colchis is found in the western area of Georgia.
2 The river Phasis (phonetically "phases") is also referred to as the "Golden River" in its Semitic origin and is found near Poti, Georgia.
3 PESUNICA Fulcanelli draws specific attention to this portion of the cross stating that pes is Latin for "foot".
The Greek word for foot is "podi" which is phonetically similar to "Poti".

Do I believe Iran is involved? Probably- but I only think so based on current events and not necessarily from seeing it on the cross. Again, my skills as a cabalist are novice, so it is more or less a hazy outline that I can give...intent is one of the largest factors that guide certain notions and I will readily admit it is hard to be 100% certain. Obviously current events guide some notions and help steer it in a more likely direction.

I don't know the exact amount of what I can say concerning the whole, there are four different events (counting the next one) and their respective messages are grim (except for one). The war (if it happens) will likely involve some build up starting on Nov5th and ending (I believe) two months later. Due to the nature and exponential growth of each message I will venture that what begins on Nov5th will involve eventual thermonuclear weapons, missiles, fighting on the ground, sea, and air...and will likely not be a very well thought out plan to begin with.
I do believe it will affect the U.S. in a way that no war ever has before...generally we always bring the war to them, I don't think we will avoid that fate this time around.

There is a very real and likely chance that I am completely wrong and nothing will happen. I'm not expecting anything huge on Nov5th to happen other then the beginning of escalation...hopefully enough warning that people could leave whatever city if they thought the threat was there.
So how did you come up with Nov 5th?
Unfortunately I can't go into that specific area...without really going into detail I will just say that I've been warned not to say too much too soon. Suffice to say that date and the others are found by details that have been overlooked by most on the cross. The only reason I feel somewhat "right" regarding the events is that they line up to certain celestial events that correlate to certain prophetic doctrine. Trust me, I really hate this clock and dagger nonsense and had already posted certain things elsewhere- and was promptly warned afterwards, and took certain things down immediately. If anything does happen I will be more forthcoming- but as it is I am not 100% certain regarding anything I have researched. I am completely fine with being wrong if I am, because the alternative really really sucks.
Warned by who/what? Or can you not answer that either?

Definitely reasonable to have some discretion about what you share. A friend of mine showed a few of us non-initiates how to do the Iron Pentacle, and apparently had a dream that night in which one of her gods was very displeased, shall we say. Stopped giving away secrets after that.
I think this is what happened to Hudson's plant when all that HCl was spilled.
It may have been sabotaged, but I think it was the angels/light beings that guard/oversee the white powder.
I don't think they wanted it to be available to anyone with a couple hundred bucks,
so they sabotaged it, not the govt, but the "angels".

If you're not familiar with the angels I'm speaking of, both Hudson's "guinea pig" (Hudson didn't try the
powder on himself, supposedly) and the Essene report that after a time on the white powder
one is visited by light beings or angels that guide, instruct, test, etc.
The Essene could only make the white powder for another if the angel approved.
If the angel disapproved, no matter what efforts he went through to make it,it always failed.

I think it is similar with the P-stone. The reason it requires assistance from "god".
No matter how wise you are or whatever secrets you uncover, the stone will fail if these light
entities don't want you to have it or think you're not spiritually ready.
Yes, it is a bit tough to really answer that...I don't mean to be dramatic- if anything begins on or near that date in relation to the locations and nations involved then I will be more forthcoming...but since it feels so tenuous it is hard to give details since I'm not even sure I fully believe them.

Do you see Iran in the mix somewhere... I have a feeling they will play some part in future wars!
Now- this is more guess work then cabalistic interpretation. But I believe this (http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2008/oct/22/gas-russia-gazprom-iran-qatar) article may contribute to the escalation (assuming I'm correct).

Guardian U.K. Headline- Russia, Iran and Qatar announce cartel that will control 60% of world's gas supplies
Energy makes politics, commerce and everything else in the world go around...I'm banking there will be another reason to go to war with Iran that materializes...I don't know what though (Israel maybe?). Needless to say Georgia's close proximity and alliance would play into the scheme of things since they provide a "permanent aircraft carrier" for the U.S. Georgia is one of the few strategic points the U.S. would have as an advantage (Israel being the other). Poti and Batumi are the two largest port cities that could handle the incoming U.S. military -and both ports allow easier access by rail and highway to the interior of the country. The down side for the U.S. is that Russia is adamant that the U.S. not enter the Black Sea...doing so would be (in their mind) cause for war....

Where's the alchemy in this someone might ask? Every thing I have found on this cross correlates in some way to alchemy...

Again assuming I'm right- Poti, Georgia is located on the Black Sea...which when looking at the whole of the cross is evident of the beginning phase of the true work.

Ripley Scroll: You must make Water of the Earth, and Earth of the Air, and Air of the Fire, and Fire of the Earth. The Black Sea. The Black Luna. The Black Sol.

If you're wondering...the remaining dates all have very alchemical significance attached to them. But I'll hold off bringing those up for now.

Ripley Scroll: You must make Water of the Earth, and Earth of the Air, and Air of the Fire, and Fire of the Earth. The Black Sea. The Black Luna. The Black Sol.

Are you sure this isn't the Practical Work which makes the Salt of the Sea of the Dead?
Yes, this would be the first blackness (represented metaphorically within the macrocosm)...what I'm getting at is- if I'm right, each event/phase that I found on the cross at Hendaye will take on an alchemical form in a very externalized metaphorical way (on the face of our world).

I wasn't saying that the Ripley Scroll was predicting the event in the Black Sea...honestly I could have found other quotes that correlate to the blackening that is traditionally found after 40 days (Philalethes, Trevisan, Flamel etc...) I'm just trying to convey my perspective on it and how I believe the events will unfold with a very subtle alchemical meme.

Wow that's magnificent!

What's the name of the painting? Who's the artist?
The symbolist painter Gustave Moreau: "Saint George slays the Dragon"

Saint George is usually depicted on a white horse, clad in armor, with a lance, and shown piercing the dragon in the throat.
Well, looks like I was completely wrong regarding the date...not to drag it on further - but below are the remaining possible dates that I omitted. I don't have magic powers or anything- so I am only speculating based on certain numeric correlations and celestial events. In all likelihood nothing will happen on these dates either...but here they are anyways:

Nov 15 (Hecatomb - "ekato -hundred" 100 days from 8/8/8 )
-Nov 19
Dec 6
Jan 9

Hi Phlio!
I may have a piece of info that will help you.
Are you aware that in ancient (maybe still modern?) greece the month of July was called Hekatombaion?
Maybe something will happen/did happen in the month of July?

Hendeka is greek for 11.
Thanks Solomon, yeah I knew to look forward to something in the month of Hekatombaoin... it's late July early August...and on August 8 2008 the skirmish between Russia and Georgia happened. This number appears on the cross in the form of the rays on the sun and stars (specifically the number of each). There are 8 different combinations of "rays" all divisible by 8...so you effectively get 888. I don't think the skirmish is over, in fact there are still signs of issues- but the fact that Hecatomb is also cabalistically related to ekatos (far shooting) it started me thinking that perhaps Nostradamus was warning of something far more grim then that skirmish. So among one of the "dates" I came up with I thought perhaps it was something as easy as ekaton (one hundred) and thought that it might happen 100 days from the "games" of slaughter (Nov 15). Obviously I was wrong but it doesn't keep me from trying. It's really difficult for me to be sure of any of it, I thought the Nov 5th date was the most likely since it looked like it locked in with other corroborating dates (which are probably wrong). The content was easy to find, the dates are proving very very hard. The first one was obvious since I had a Nostradamus quote to somewhat guide it and the numbers and "games"(Olympics) sort of confirmed that something could happen. I guess if there are dates, I believe it somehow ties in with the double "cube of space" and can be found by some form of understanding certain rep-digits (44444 1111) since rep-digits are all over this cross. The math is getting a little to complex for me- whence the "gospel of science" post I made.

Hmm...Hendeka - Hendaye...looks like I completely missed that one, thanks...there's tons of information that other researchers miss or overlook and it appears I am now guilty of doing that too. I know that the cross is in the town "square" for a reason, and that the Georgia Guidestones are also where they are for a reason...I'm looking at Israel and Iran as the cause for the incident (but haven't seen it on the cross), but I think something happens in Georgia that sets it all off and involves us in a rather dire way- if I were a betting man I would think it is the war of Gog and Magog (GeOrGia) found in the Bible...but like most all of this research- it is sheer speculation. I'm getting to the point where I think I'll release everything I can about the cross and see if anyone else can do anything with it...it's just starting to get to be too much for me honestly. Weidner thinks something might happen on the 26th of Jan but I don't know how he figured that one out. The next date (Dec 5th-6th) is four first quarter moons and 120 days from August 8 (it also ties in to a re-interpretation of this weird waking dream I had)...drawing the cube of space (as a hexagon) it would be the outside 120 degree obtuse angle.
Something I've been thinking about lately is the correlation of sigma, xi, and khi. What's weird is that the upper and lower case sigma (Σ, σ) have a value of 200 in Greek numerals. But the other Greek lower case sigma ( ς ) has a value of 6...the only time it is used is at the end of the word ( Ἑσπερίδες - Hesperides)
ς = 6
Ξ ξ = 60
Χ χ = 600

The reason why it's weird is its placement on the cross...assuming my cabalistic approach is correct- take a look and see what I mean.

έξι (exi) = six

Each of the highlighted sections (in my mind) has an agreeable phonetic correspondence to "exi" (six). But even further it is like they (the consonants) are all represented.
UXA - υξα (uxa) exi
ESU- εσυ (esu) esi
ICA- ιχα (ika) eki

To where adding them all up you arrive to 666...which beyond religious superstition corresponds to the double cube of space. Looking at it in a more alchemical way and connecting all of the consonants like dots (to me) it appears to be a triangle pointing up (fire/sulphur glyph).




Though in all honesty it is still high speculation... since I suppose this is only partly true because the "S" isn't at the end in "ESU"...technically I guess it's 860 if we were to correctly add the letters.


Angles of equilateral:
Triangle: 60
Square: 90
Hexagon: 120

All two dimensional triangles add up to 180 which can also be represented as a half circle (since a full circle is 360 -which is also the number of all angles added up within a four sided polygon)