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solomon levi
07-25-2012, 12:52 PM
Well, not so new now. These articles are old:


08-02-2012, 10:41 AM
Sol, In one link they say they have found a “new type of matter” and in the other they call it “a
new state of matter”.

When you get to this level of technology you have to take much for granted unless you happen to
have a PhD in the field or the like, but when it said, “They then trapped the gas in the focus of an
infrared laser beam” I was surprised as I have always seen infrared as a heat source.

Then I saw it mentioned about laser cooling...ahhh now it started to make sense :) ...not

So I looked up laser cooling and from what I can make out it’s a sort of knocking about of the atom
using photons to make it lose its momentum or energy and thus cool it, cold being the absence of
heat and heat being energy. I wondered how they achieved such extremely low temperatures.

See Doppler Laser Cooling (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_cooling#Doppler_cooling)

The article goes on to say...

At such low temperatures, the atomic matter waves overlap and the atoms lose their
individual identities. They essentially march in lockstep as a single giant matter wave displaying
uniform behavior. In contrast, atoms in an ordinary gas flit around independently.

This is another interesting point, that at these extremely low temperatures everything begins to act
as one. I guess that sort of explains the singularity before the Big Bang but raises another question...

Where did all that energy come from to set all this in motion?


z0 K
08-02-2012, 03:33 PM
I remember reading something similar to this several years ago but I didn’t save the article. Physicists had achieved the production of atoms in a truly monoatomic state by super cooling with a laser. The new form or state of matter obtained was super magnetic, super conductor qualities. The stuff didn’t so much behave as is described in the ormus mythology, but was quite interesting just the same.
I started a new thread to discuss what happens at absolute zero from an alchemical standpoint. Perhaps I erred in starting it in the practical alchemy section.
Anyway, the wiki article link “Doppler Laser Cooling” describes the method I read about. I just love the way the new high priests of science/religion, the quantum mechanics, use their language of esoteric mathematics to develop new dogmas. They dance around the uncertainty principle and invent new matter and energy to patch the holes in their paradigm.
There’s a real fascination with the concept of dark matter and dark energy. It’s like they have been looking at alchemy philosophy to gain some insight into the weirdness of the Universe.
Gotta love ‘em for their tremendous successes at smashing atoms into bits. They are starting to realize that the bits are laughing at them. The bits are sprites and the Universe is alive and intelligent. I believe the old alchemical philosophers were aware of this.
The quantum mechanics have recently discovered that at the smallest level of observation matter is nothing but whirls of motion following the flow of information. The old alchemists called this phenomenon, Pores. They have stressed that an operator must open the pores of the matter to make it philosophical.
z0 K