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01-06-2009, 03:20 AM
This is a Phoenix-thread (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?t=7) from the old site (http://alchemy-forums.forumotion.com/forum.htm).

I wanted to give a heads up to the members of this board regarding lashtal.com.

Here's the story:

I wanted to post my cabalistic interpretation of Aleister Crowley's name on this forum. I thought it was particularly interesting and merited attention. I made an introduction of myself in the "introduction" section. I never received a formal introduction from any single member, and better yet it almost seems like I was ignored. My introduction thread was one of a few that never received any replies. Way to make somebody feel welcome huh?

So that's all well and fine, and maybe it was a general oversight. I post my thread, and wait for replies. A few weeks pass and nothing happens, and so I decide to give the thread a little "bump." It should be fine, and I know a few forums allow this - so that's what I did.

Apparently this was frowned upon, and caused a slew of wrath to come upon me for no apparent reason. Of course, one guy mentions I'm an egoist, and my ego gets in the way - I'd never make any real progress. This made me laugh, and basically set my blood pressure rising through the roof. I probably should not have reacted the way I did, but I couldn't help myself.

I'll let the thread speak for itself:

Here's the question. Do you think this attack was warranted? Did I honestly sound like an egoist bastard in the thread? That was NEVER my intention. I try to keep my ego in check all times, but sometimes it does get the better of me - except this situation should've been an exception.

Sigh, I'm still trying to understand what happened. Maybe some sage advice from members of this board would help the situation.
Well... I think the way they responded to you was rude and unnecessary. However, in all fairness, I could point out two things you did which are generally considered to be in bad form:

1) Cross-posting the same thread on numerous message boards, and registering simply for that purpose. A quick Google shows that here and there are not the only two places you posted it... and that reeks of spam. Sorry, but it's true.
2) It seems you didn't get involved in any other threads on the forum; just posted an introduction, then your recycled topic, and replied a couple times to your own topic. The indication that gives is that you're uninterested in the community or its content -- just in your own work. Again, reeks of spam.

Oh, and, a lot of internet users are assholes. Get used to it. Doesn't really help to get all offended and make angry replies when somebody insults you... that's just troll-bait.

I hope you don't take this post the wrong way; I've enjoyed your contributions to this forum. I just thought you might benefit from an honest assessment, the bottom line of which is they're dicks and overreacted, but your posts were in poor form.
Sigh, then I guess I was wrong.

I'm going to take a break from message boards for a while. I've been way too active these past few months. Normally I am very reclusive, and perhaps I should take up my old stance once more. There's an old saying: "Silence is Golden." There's also another old saying: "Never throw pearls to swine." I guess that's exactly what I did.

The reason I posted this around was because I wanted to get opinions on my research. I thought it was honestly good, and deserved more attention. I guess everybody else thought differently though. The laughing stalk of the ignorant and unlearned.

Also, in my defense, I mentioned I've been a lurker on lashtal for years.

This is what I get for saying too much. Philosehea was absolutely right. I should take it as a warning. I should not speak openly on these matters anymore.

Perhaps I am not as learned and spiritually evolved as I thought. What a depressing thought. All that work for what? All those sleepless nights! What wasted energy. Of course, it should only matter to myself, and this is what I've learned from the whole ordeal. I should not need seek after praise or glory. Neither should I seek after recognition of any sort. The work is something I must do myself, and input from others should be kept to a minimum. Perhaps I should take the path of Christ, to be scorned and stoned by those "learned" charlatans.

Why can't people get along with each other? Why can't we respect each others opinions? Where is the brotherhood! Where is the love? Where are the virtues and ethics.
Hey BE,

I've also enjoyed your posts here, and also
during your too-brief stay at abrahadabra.com...

The historic maxim to keep silent was good
advice back when sharing such info led
to getting the ultimate hotfoot treatment...

These enlightened times welcome the
dissemination of this occult knowledge...

IMO, right group of readers will benefit
from your research, so don't hide it...

Oysters don't appreciate pearls either...


PS - I dig your new avatar...
Thanks for the encouraging words MythMan. I've been going through some rough times lately, and it's starting to take its toll on me. I'm taking these attacks very personally.

The historic maxim to keep silent was good advice back when sharing such info led to getting the ultimate hotfoot treatment...
Man, I'm sure that's what many people would like to do to me if only it weren't illegal! I have no clue why I have enemies. It's unknown to me. Oh God, NOW I'M STARTING TO SOUND LIKE ***.

I've also enjoyed your posts here, and also during your too-brief stay at abrahadabra.com...
It's so difficult trying to juggle all these forums. I really would like to start posting at abrahadabra again. It's a great forum filled with true seekers of the path, and not just a bunch of wannabe's or charlatans.

These enlightened times welcome the dissemination of this occult knowledge...
Yeah, hahaha, they welcome it with pitchforks and fire!

PS - I dig your new avatar..
Hehe, thank you. I made it about a week ago. It actually turned out too blurry. That's something I want to fix. I have the base image if you want it. Here's the link: http://i49.servimg.com/u/f49/11/79/25/08/star-710.jpg

Reminds me a bit of this one that I
based on the LoShu Diamond:

http://i133.photobucket.com/albums/q48/MythMath/LSDsigilwithMirrorscopy-1.jpg (http://i133.photobucket.com/albums/q48/MythMath/LSDsigilwithMirrorscopy-1.jpg)

Oh, and my avatar is from the same source...


I personally like the 'blur' on your avatar,
makes it look like a received transmission...
Haha, your elemental compass rose is very similar to mine. I guess we sort of had the same idea in our head.


Back to the original issue at hand. I posted this same thread on Occult Forums, and I'm quite amazed to see how it turned out. Some of you will get a kick out of it. It's really wild. People are so ignorant and lost.

I honestly honestly HONESTLY suggest taking the time to read this thread. It's an eye opener. Why is everybody is so damn clueless? Did the population get turned into zombies while I was asleep?

Hey BE

Don't forget the thunderstruck tower. That's what this is.
You could have anticipated something like this after the praise you received,
and thus not reacted so much. That is, it isn't personal, it's just the law balancing out.
But then again, by law, if you take it personally, it is - so look at it/at yourself.

It's also a blessing. You got a larger dose of the fire I was speaking about that needs
to have a place here. Calcine that golden calf/image/ego. The fact that you invite us to critique your
thread and witness your reaction shows you are serious about not holding on to the ego.
It's a more milder form that you initiated yourself so it's more comfortable, but no different really.

I understand rules, and yet I don't always agree that they need be rules. I agree with WCH's observations,
and yet I personally wouldn't condemn you between you and me. What you're interested in is your passion.
I wouldn't want you to be polite or speak of something else when that's what's on your mind/heart.

On whether their reaction to you was called for or proper, I can see projection going on from their part.
But if there were no ego in the first place, it wouldn't be there in the second place; so it's up to you to
sift it out.
Solomom Levi, what wise words you offer me in my time of need. I thank you for this. You were absolutely right about the Tower, and the law balancing itself out. After reading your post it all does seem to be much more clearer to me.

I was suffering from a good bought of insomnia throughout this whole debacle - something like 30+ sleepless hours. It made me act very differently, and I don't think I would've normally reacted this way if I had been in my proper state of mind.

To all of you that think sleep deprivation doesn't affect you: don't ever let anybody tell you otherwise because insomnia does affect your ability to properly react!

EDIT: I left out a few important words. I wrote this post directly after I woke up.
Oh yeah. Sleep deprivation can really unstablise one.
Some have used this magically/intentionally.
Also Castaneda wrote about women using their monthly period (which produces a similar magical instability)
intentionally - even that it gave them an advantage over men... a sort of monthly portal into the unknown, which a man
must work to create.
Wine can be used to produce this state as well. People become joyful when the veils drop or they get nasty.

All of these allow an opportunity to view our shadow, which is usually as the dark side of the moon to us,
unless we've trained ourselves.

Oh yeah. Sleep deprivation can really unstablise one.
Haha yeah. I was one of those hard headed guys that thought sleep deprivation didn't really affect me much. I was way wrong!

Also Castaneda wrote about women using their monthly period (which produces a similar magical instability)
intentionally - even that it gave them an advantage over men... a sort of monthly portal into the unknown, which a man
must work to create.
Is it because of the physical pain, or is it the emotional pain? A mixture of both? I would like to hear a bit more about this please.

All of these allow an opportunity to view our shadow, which is usually as the dark side of the moon to us,
unless we've trained ourselves.
Jung was right about this. It is a nasty thing!

I believe after all this mess passes over I will be able to endure a greater degree of fire. It did show me very many things about myself I had forgotten, or hidden. Things I do not like.

Is it because of the physical pain, or is it the emotional pain? A mixture of both? I would like to hear a bit more about this please.

Well, the womb, according to Castaneda, has a second creative function which ties in with "ovarian logic" and
"woman's intuition". A womb, besides housing a baby, is a dwelling and perhaps magnifier of intent for women. I think it's
like the dan tien for men, if you're familiar with that. It's the place of the will. This same area is where death, which is an actual
energetic force for CC, enters a man, or the womb for a woman. There is a gap there in the energy body. This same gap that is
the place where death attacks one and the life force leaks out is the same gap that a sorcerer learns to willfully allow to open
in order to interact in the unknown. For a shaman or sorcerer, death is an adviser; anything touched by death is magical;
death is the gateway into the unknown and thus into magic/intent - be that a little death as in dreams and the above examples I
gave in the earlier post, or the so-called "final" death. So magic is the ability to consciously, willfully die (St. Paul - "I die daily.");
that is, the ability to open your gap of the will and allow death to touch you in controlled amounts. So this includes ego-death,
meditation, self-awareness, fasting... small scale to large scale death. Everything is as much death as it is life (anyone familiar
with Kabala - aleph = intermittent life/death).

More to come. I just need to do it in edits so I don't lose what I wrote already.

So one way to look at it is that what we call life is actually a very modified version of what is - CC called it "skimming".
You see, our brains are bombarded by the totality of frequencies out there, but only a few are given attention to and made
conscious or called "reality". If we were to allow all of life, all of the potential frequencies to be perceived and felt at once,
that would mean death to the physical body. So we acknowledge only as much as we, our egos, are prepared to.
Some can handle more (more death/life) and some very little.

This "revealing" of frequencies equaling death may play a part in the consumption of the stone and why there
are warnings about it - the shock to the system that it provides; why some who have consumed it died on the spot,
according to alchemical lore.

So with that briefing, back to the womb and menses.
I'm not sure if I've really had it explained in the books, but through conjecture I'd say that the magnifying and creating
abilities of the womb "determined" by the blood/dying of the egg, may align a woman with death and thus magic, and depending
on how magical and aware she is, she will either give you a piece of her mind - tell you how it is without any sugar-coating - because
she's closer to it and she sees and is affected by it and feels a strong need to change or align with it and be "more real"...
or if magically inclined, will utilise this "Jungian deconstructing force" to work on herself and to enter the unknown.

So, to answer your question, I don't think it is so much the physical or emotional pain, but an energetic alignment or
"command" - a witnessing of something more true, and corresponding actions/reactions.
The sorcerers simply describe it as her gap being open during this period. This is a physically real gap but on an
energetic level. For sorcerers and seers, when they cease their internal dialogue they "stop the world" and the "skimmer",
thus everything is seen as "energy as it flows in the universe", and human beings are "seen" as energetic,
luminous eggs or balls like unto cobwebs. And upon viewing a luminous egg, an energetic gap is "seen" at the area
where the womb would be, or the dan tien for men.
An adept "seer" can switch between looking and "seeing" at will.
"Seeing", while it seems to imply something with the eyes, is actually received from the entire energy body,
and is then described or translated as something visual, but isn't necessarily so. It may be felt or intuited, and is
originally wordless.
Seers have seen that in a dying person their gap is wide open and the person is no longer able to close it or to
shield it from the force of infinity. They've also "seen" that the will emanates from this same gap, appearing as
"luminous tentacles". A sorcerer can use the will, these tentacles, to achieve miraculous effects. For example,
they would appear to an observer to fly through the air physically, but to a seer they appear to have extended their
tentacles to grasp a distant object (its energy body) and then are pulled, or walk or glide, along these luminous fibers, something
like spider-man in the movies.

I think I've started a new thread.
I can understand what WCH had said regarding spam, though knowing of you from this forum I had understood what you were doing. It was one of the posts at another forum which had helped me understand the ideas of the phonetic cabala, along with Phliosehea's explanations and examples. I remember seeing it posted here too, I believe, but at the time it hadn't yet caught my attention. Your efforts though did pay off in some form. And Id also suggest that for every so many of the negative responses, there is a positive result, even if they are silent. I think its interesting work, and your explanation (post #10) in the thread on occult forums is a good and clear one.
That's very interesting solomon levi. No kidding, it's almost a whole new thread! You should go ahead and fork it off into a thread of its own - it deserves one.


Jepetto, you're absolutely right. I think my efforts did pay off in the end, but it was worth a whole lot of trouble! I don't think I would do it again.

Here's some examples I finally decided to post on occultforums. None of them were doing their homework! They tried to call my bluff, but I know I'm right.

Phonetic mutations:

* Note: We do not find all of these in actual practice, the ul-vowel variants are rare, and also the yl-vowel variants too. Same for 'ul' and 'yl.' *

eli, ela, elo, elu, ely,
ali, ala, alo, alu, aly,
ili, ila, ilo, ilu, ily,
oli, ola, olo, olu, oly
uli, ula, ulo, ulu, uly
yli, yla, ylo, ylu, yly


el, al, il, ol, ul, yl


elas = them
ille, illa, illud = that
ilu = ago (time past)
ఇల్లు (illu) = house
illumine/illuminate = light
helios = sun god
Alla = god
ilu(Akkadian/Sumerian) = god
alin (Jurchen) = mountain
ylin (Finnish) = (physically) highest, uppermost, top; (socially) supreme, highest. maximum, ceiling, top:
šly (Finnish) = intelligence
ylempi (Finnish) = (physically) upper, higher-up; (socially) superior.
Olympus = The highest mountain in Greece. Home of the Gods.
olema (Estonian) = To be.
Šlima (Arabic) = 1. to know, to have knowledge, to be cognizant, to be aware; 2. to be informed, to be familiar, to be acquainted; 3. to perceive, to discern, to find out, to learn
ʕalām (Arabic) = authority, luminary, star, personage, distinguished man
'elm (Persian) = science, knowledge
'ilm (Urdu) = knowledge, learning, literature
hallow = (archaic) A holy person; a saint.
halo = 1. (astronomy) A circular band of colored light, visible around the sun or moon etc; 3. (religion) nimbus, a luminous disc, often of gold, around or over the heads of saints, etc., in religious paintings; 4. The metaphorical aura of glory, veneration or sentiment which surrounds an idealized entity.
holy = Old English halig, compare German heilige
hāliġ (Old English) = 1. holy, sacred; pious; sound, healthy