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James Strom
08-03-2012, 07:42 PM
Here is a Tarot deck with their correspondences to the planets, moons, asteroids, and numbers. It is based partly on the order in which the moons and asteroids were discovered in their suit. For the chemical element relations see my earlier post. N=Knight. For numerological purposes K=0, Q=12, Knight=11, and Jack=10.

Minor Arcana

Swords Air

1 Callisto Zirconium
2 Mimas Osmium
3 Triton Cadmium
4 Umbriel Vanadium
5 Mercury Mercury
6 Ariel Ruthenium
7 Deimos Thallium
8 Amalthea Gallium
9 Uranus Antinomy
10 Sinope (Hades) Hafnium
J Hygiea Neodymium
N Parthenope Gadolinium
Q Pallas Cobalt
K Vulcan Sulfur

Wands Fire

1 Sun Gold
2 Titan Titanium
3 Jupiter Tin
4 Mars Iron
5 Dione Niobium
6 Titania Rhodium
7 Himalia (Hera) Polonium
8 Pasiphae (Poseiden) Lutetium
9 Lysithea (Demeter) Rhenium
10 Chiron Silicon
J Vesta Zinc
N Hebe Holmium
Q Metis Praseodymium
K Egeria Europium

Coins Earth

1 Io Manganese
2 Europa Molybdenum
3 Ganymede Tungsten
4 Oberon Palladium
5 Himalia (Hestia) Germanium
6 Venus Copper
7 Phoebe Scandium
8 Saturn Lead
9 Miranda Tellurium
10 Ananke (Adrastea) Boron
J Astrea Ytterbium
N Iris Samarium
Q Victoria Dysprosium
K Ceres Platinum

Cups Water

1 Iapetus Yttrium
2 Moon Silver
3 Rhea Chromium
4 Tethys Tantalum
5 Enceladus Iridium
6 Hyperion Aluminum
7 Neptune Bismuth
8 Phobos Indium
9 Carme (Pan) Technetium
10 Nereid Selenium
J Flora Thulium
N Juno Nickel
Q Irene Promethium
K Pluto Arsenic

Major Arcana

It is not known which plutoids and such align with the cards. What is known is that the 22 cards correspond with the element numbers 97 to 118. This completes the periodic table.

Even though these look somewhat randomly organized they are not. If the cards are arranged on a periodic table some interesting patterns will appear. I think it was Fate that made for the order in which the planets, moons, asteroids, and chemical elements were discovered.

08-04-2012, 02:20 AM
This is awesome! Thank you! I'll have a go at placing the cards too ~ I scanned my deck some time ago so this will be the easier one to do. :)