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I hope this isn't too long for a post but the author has given me permission to post this for discussion purposes only.

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By Lynn Osburn © 1997-2008

Individuals respond to the intensity of light as it enters the eye and affects the visual purple and makes its way to the cerebral cortex via the optic nerves and to the pituitary gland via a network of nerve fibers that originate in the nucleus of the retina.
It is well known that light emission is related to lipid peroxidation in biological material, and that this process occurs spontaneously in the brain. There is an inner sea, Cerebro-Spinal Fluid, where GOD sprinkles light in the sweet nourishment that feeds the brain. Lipids in the inner sea emit photons with wavelengths 420-450, 475-485, 510-540, 560-580, 625-640 nanometers during the processes of oxygenation creating chemiluminescence. Those wavelengths of blue, green, yellow and red light are effervescent scintillations into the inner sea where no eye can see even though the Mind does.
Every nerve fiber connecting the billions of neurons is a coil containing chains of highly unsaturated fatty acids that carry clouds of de-localized electrons called pi electrons. The clouds of pi electrons carry electrostatic forces and emit photons as fields of energy wave over them in the chaos of sensory input/response. The Mind sorts out the Chaos into a Cosmos flow illuminated by light the Mind’s I can see. When two photons are in resonance they can unite forming a short lived particle known as π0 particle which can break up into two photons again, without mass, as a pure wave motion. Herein lies the foundation for the Theory of Relativity. This is the portal to the Microcosm.
And when the Peacock’s Tail unfolds from within, colors flood the mind with ecstatic emotion and transcendent meaning.

Excerpted from chapter: Mystic Elements

In the center of the brain there exists a system of interconnected symmetrical cavities called ventricles. Within the ventricles flows an inner sea of light emitting nutriments that feed and protect the brain. This inner sea of Cerebro-Spinal Fluid, CSF, circulates through the brain and the spinal column. The Lateral ventricles are shaped somewhat like tuning forks. When the power of the three treasures are in resonance at threshold amplitude in the lateral ventricles energy vortex fields expand along the axis of the Sylvius Fissures. Then the Supreme Ultimate and Immaterial Spirit activate.
“In his work on Rosicrucian anatomy, The Microcosmi Historia, Robert Fludd assigns the three departments of the Empyrean (or mundane heaven) to the cranium of the microcosm (man). Fludd calls the highest plane or division of the brain the Radius of Diety, or the Uncreated Light. The middle he designates the Luminous Sphere, or the Created Light; and the lowest he terms the Spiritual Sphere or the Empyrean. Fludd further visualizes these spiritual aspects as abiding in certan recesses of the brain. He establishes the locaton of these compartments by recourse to the divisions of the cranium laid down by earlier anatomists. In his astronomical teachings, Pythagoras taught that the gods did not reside in the planetary bodies but, more correctly, in the interplanetary ‘intervals.’ In accordance with this astromical concept, medieval desciples of Galen and Avicenna assigned no organs to the ‘spirits’ (vital centers) in the brain, but gave them cavites (ventricles) in which to mingle there essences. From this viewpoint, the soul was likened to a vapor, gas, or even a humidity, bottled up during life in remote caverns of the body (i.e. the ventricles, arteries, etc.).
“For the most part, the ancients concerned themselves with only three of the brain ventricles, i.e., the laterals (considered as one), the third, and the fourth. In the earlier works of Albertus Magnus, these cavities are represented by three circles of equal size filling the entire cranium. No effort was made towards anatomical accuracy... It is the temperament of the twentieth centurary to take too extreme an attitude towards matters of earlier learining. We have outgrown a little, so we can reject all. The recently discovered ciphers of Roger Bacon are a warning against hasty conclusions, and there is evidence that Albertus Magnus knew the true purpose of the ventricles, while we are acquainted only with their shape.
“Hippolytus, the Ante-Nicean Father, writing in the early centuries of the Christian Era, published several fragments from the arcanum of the Gnostics and other heretical sects. One of these fragments, Against Heresies, is related to our subject. He speaks first of the brain as being the dominant portion of the entire body and follows the concept of Aristotle that it remains calm and unmoved, being isolated by a narrow isthmus from the contentions of the animal nature and ‘containing within itself the spirit.’ He then observes that, when dissected, the brain reveals within itself a vaulted chamber, on either side of which are little wings which are moved gently by the motion of the spirit.
“According to Culpepper, imagination is seated in the anterior ventricle, memory in the posterior, and judgment in the median cavity between them. This old physician, whose name will endure to the end of science, further makes the front ventricle to be hot and dry, the central warm and moist, and the rear cold and dry. Do these ventricles, then, contain the philosophical sulphur, mercury, and salt, the ingredients of the Wise Man’s Stone, which Paracelsus, in his Nine Books of the Nature of Things, declares to signify soul, spirit, and body? Among the figures of Nicholas flamel from, The Book of Abraham the Jew, is one depicting the sun and moon pouring their rays into a small central bottle. Is the third ventricle that vessel in which the ‘marriage’ of the sun and moon takes place? ...Robert Fludd makes each of the cavities twofold, a right and a left, in harmony with modern science. The two lateral ventricles he terms sense and imagination; the halves of the third ventricle, cogitation and estimation; and the halves of the fourth ventricle, memory and motion.
“The intellectual sphere and the imaginative sphere are oddly linked by a slender sinuous ‘worm.’ The two lateral ventricles are divided by a thin, transparent ‘skinlike,’ wall, called the septum lucidum or speculum. The words septum lucidum are generally translated ‘translucent wall,’ but in their older form they can also be interpreted as ‘the wall of light,’ and the word speculum means, ‘a mirror,’ or ‘that which catches reflections.’
“According to Sir Kenelm Digby, the ‘species and similitudes of things’ have their abode in the lateral ventricles, ‘where they are moved and tumbled about when we think.’ The speculum is, then the magic mirror, upon the surface of which ‘spirits’ conjure up the shadows of ideas.
“In their search for the elixir of life, the alchemists discovered the occult properties of a certain mysterious ‘dew’ and were moved to write thereof, but always in a most guarded manner. ... This ‘dew’ lost all its virtue unless it was gathered by certain means in especially purified vessels. One ancient alchemist recommended four glass plates, another linen cloths that had been made absolutely clean. The purified vessels, the clean glass plates, and the linen cloths refer, of course, to the regenerated body of the alchemist, who has gained the right to discover the Universal Solvent by cleansing, as it were, the inside of his own cup. The philosophers also revealed that this mysterious ‘dew’ drips down into the heart of the redeemed (baptism), by which such a man is empowered to understand all mysteries.
“It has already been hinted that the ‘dew’ was to be found only in the most mountainous parts. This of course intimates the brain, which is the high place so often referred to in the sacred writings. Lest this analogy be regarded as far-fetched, let us turn to the SIPHERA DTZENIOUTHA—The Book of the Concelaed Mystery—wherein it is said of the head of the great Universal Man that has been formed in the likeness of the cranium, or skull (the monad) and ‘is filled with the crystalline dew.’ ...The Rosicrucians were declared to have concealed their sanctum—the House of the Holy Spirit—from the profane by surrounding it with what one of their writers called ‘clouds’ or ‘mists.’
“A few quotations from the HA INDRA RABBA QADISHA—The Greater Holy Assembly—will give further hints. ‘And from that skull distilleth a dew upon him which is external, and filleth his head daily.’ It may be well to mention here that the word cranium, or skull, is used in the ZOHAR to signify what the Pythagoreans would call the monad (or wholeness). It is, so to speak, the seed of the world and is referred to as a skull to symbolize its spherical shape. It is also written that the ‘dew of the lights is thy dew.’ Are not these lights identical with the stars of Paracelsus, which must never be considered as heavenly bodies but powers or centers of intellection? ‘All that intellect can conceive of,’ writes the Swiss Hermes, ‘comes from the stars.’ and he adds: ‘The activity of the organism of man is the result of the actions of the interior constellations of stars exisiting in his inferior world.’
“We have already learned that the Seven Builders seated upon their akasic thrones in the vast cranium of the Universal Man have their microcosmic correspondences in the human brain. These are the Seven Stars—the supernal ones—whose essences are carried by the ‘dew,’ even as the sidereal ‘humidity’ carries the seven aspects of the astral light. Thus, Mars correspondes with the cerebellum, Saturn with the corpora quadrigemina, Venus with the pineal gland, Mercury with the same gland after it has been tinctured with Kundalini, Jupiter with the whole cavity of the skull filled with akasa, the moon with the fornix, and the sun with the prana in the third ventricle.
“The crystalline ‘dew’ described by St. John and the oceans above the heavens indicated in the opening verses of Genesis are not without their physiological correspondences in the human body. The Ocean of Eternity and the Milky Way—are these not again hints as to the crystalline ‘dew’ of the adepts? The amrita, or the ‘water of immortality,’ was obtained, according to the Vedas, from the churning of the great ocean. The word means literally, ‘deathless.’ Here is the elixir of life of the alchemists.
“Denuded of its symbolism and applied to the microcosm, all these allegories point to a secret in occult anatomy. The activity of the human brain, which we have already seen to be filled and surrounded by a subtle humidity, causes an akasic precipitation, a brain ‘dew’ which is more of a luminous ether than a liquid. This ‘dew,’ however, is more tangible than a gas, and as the manna is said to have fallen from heaven, so this ‘dew’ of thought trickles down between the two hemispheres of the cerebrum and finally fills the third ventricle, which is the reservior, so to speak, of this heavenly water. This ‘dew’ carries in suspension, or as the alchemists might say, is ‘tinctured’ by the mental activity of the seven brain stars which form the northern constellation of man. ... Paracelsus thus sums up the mystery: ‘The whole of the Microcosm is potentially contained in the Liquor Vitae, a nerve fluid—in which is contained the nature, quality, character and essence of beings.’

Energy configures a vortex field running parallel to the Sylvius fissures on both sides of the skull. The fields extend about one foot from the head. At the same time two more energy vortices open. One is at the base of the skull extending out a few inches away from the head. The other is a point of energy located between the eyes just below the middle of the forehead. The energy point vortex also extends out about one foot from the head.
When these four fields activate a void point opens at the crown of the head. The void potential intensifies as the fields activate then extend from the head. If power is increased to the next threshold output the vortex fields configured by the Lateral ventricles unfold downward along the sides of the body. Then the void potential at the crown point on the head becomes extremely intense accompanied by a powerful sensation of emptiness. As the extended Lateral ventricle fields unfold sweeping downward the void point expands. Then the sensation of a vacuum powerfully pulling against the unfolding ventricle “wings” becomes so great that a shaft opens in the void point. It rises about one foot from the crown of the head. A brilliant ray of finely focused light sweeps out and It looks upon Itself. It sees Itself in your life, an eye for an I. And you are It, but It is more than you.
If the Circulation can be maintained at that level one may see the shaft is a portal and the energy cycling through you is shaped like a tall thin donut. The vortex shaft is opened in the center of the donut which is in the long channel of the Inner Sea that courses through the spinal column. The wings of the Lateral ventricles, Supreme Ultimate and Immaterial Spirit hold the portal open. The field at the base of the skull stabilizes the portal shaft. And the floating Point between the eyes navigates the portal. This portal is the bridge between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm: between space/time and eternity. Through the floating Point one may navigate the bridge and thus the Universe as well.
The Spirit or Mercury is the eye carrying the I of the soul along the portal navigating through the Universe. Should the operator be able to increase the energy to the next threshold the Spirit, through the portal, can carry the body as well as the soul across the points in the Universe. This is a very dangerous undertaking as most of the points in the Universe cannot support life of the human body. At even higher energy input levels the body is burned to pure information which is indestructible. This Philosophical information is transcendent to all points in the Universe therefore the operator can navigate any point or point system in the universe.
How can this be? One might ask. The photons generated and exchanged in the mercury waves pulsating CSF sea become entangled in the intense vacuum sensation when the vortex portal begins to open as the Supreme Ultimate and Immaterial Spirit expand and unfold. In the donut analogy the photon light entangled in the torroidal vacuum bends back upon itself and space/time is warped within the vortex field generated.

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Here are the end notes for the excerpted pages from "Better Living Through Alchemy" including information for the quoted material by Manly P. Hall.

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“Glucose present in the CSF is oxidized by the enzyme glucose oxidase (GOD) to gluconic acid with the liberation of hydrogen peroxide, which is converted into water and oxygen by the enzyme peroxidase (POD). 4 aminophenazone, an oxygen acceptor, takes up the oxygen and together with phenol forms a pink coloured chromogen which can be measured at 515nm.” Guidelines on Standard Operating Procedures for Clinical Chemistry [Online, 2006], Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)

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MAN GRAND SYMBOL OF THE MYSTERIES, THOUGHTS IN OCCULT ANATOMY, Manly P. Hall; Chapter X, The Ventricles and the Brain Dew; 1972; PRS Inc.

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The Ventricles and the Brain Dew

I've just uploaded this PDF for anyone interested in downloading and reading it: The Ventricles and the Brain Dew (http://www.scribd.com/doc/102105617?secret_password=m66z6yv1hq7yx5poxqq).

And for those with more patience:

Man, Grand Symbol of the Mysteries - by Manly P Hall


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The humanoid body does appear to be a perfect, organic incubator that's able to transmute itself like the Legendary Lapis.

It's absolutely phenomenal!


I listened to parts of the lecture by Manly P. Hall. Thanks for posting. That man sure has contributed a great deal to the subject of Esotericism.

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Well, there's a lot to comment on here, but I'll just keep it short.

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/32/Plafond_hasht_behesht_esfahan.jpg/450px-Plafond_hasht_behesht_esfahan.jpg (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/32/Plafond_hasht_behesht_esfahan.jpg)

This hole in a dome (cranium) is called an "oculus" which means "eye".
I'll just comment on this part as it is a recent fascination of mine, the eye of grace.
Notice the fractal geometry that emanates from the eye - emanations, sephiroth, spheres within spheres.

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Well, there's a lot to comment on here, but I'll just keep it short.

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/32/Plafond_hasht_behesht_esfahan.jpg/450px-Plafond_hasht_behesht_esfahan.jpg (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/32/Plafond_hasht_behesht_esfahan.jpg)

This hole in a dome (cranium) is called an "oculus" which means "eye".
I'll just comment on this part as it is a recent fascination of mine, the eye of grace.
Notice the fractal geometry that emanates from the eye - emanations, sephiroth, spheres within spheres.

This photo is one a person should experience-in-person. The energy (with all that it applies) must be out of this world!

It's also an incredible architectural feat!