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08-23-2012, 04:57 PM
When driving to work I used to come up to a set of traffic lights...after leaving these lights there was
a second set about 750m further down the road...The road was straight and the second set of lights
were clearly visible. Each time I reached the second lights they would be on red; this was either red
already or turning red on approach; whatever the scenario I always had to stop at these lights. I had
started to accept the fact that these lights would always cause me to stop.

To see if I could go straight through these lights I started driving toward them slower but to no avail.
I tried driving at them full throttle, but still I had to stop.

I started to reason why I never found these lights in my favour. The reasoning went like this...

a) The lights were linked to the previous set of lights and I wasn’t expected to find this second
set at green.

The problem here was that the distance was quite long and would anyone bother to link lights at
such a distance.

Secondly, I approached the first set of lights at various states such as, just turned green, just turned
red, already red on approach, already green on approach. So the timing of the second set would
have to be various. This made no sense.

b) The second set of lights had some sensors of their own.

The problem here was that I could see the second set of lights and had seen other vehicles go
straight through them. Again this made no sense as one would assume, through laws of averages,
that I too would approach these lights in the same situation. This is where my reasoning took on a
strange twist...

c) This was a test...would I get irate at never getting the lights in my favour?

A weird thing happened after this...the lights started to be in my favour...This was odd as catching
these lights at red had been happening for a considerable amount of time, which made me reason it
at all, and now it had changed...I concluded that I was always being tested and now whenever
something doesn’t go exactly as I plan I stay cool and see it as a test :)

It doesn’t seem logical, but try it yourself... It works.

Is all of life a test?


solomon levi
08-23-2012, 08:41 PM
I see it as observation changing the things we observe.
You've studied the lights for a time and now have a different relationship
than before. Like you've become friends with the doorman at a club
and now he let's you in free.

Life always seems to reflect what's in me.
Inquiry is a good way to change the parameters of a relationship, a thought, etc.

This can certainly seem like a test at times. But I think that's personal/subjective interpretation.