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Makes a lot of sense.

My great-grandmother, in Eastern Europe, was what would be called today a medicine woman practicing herbalism. She often prescribed charcoal tablets for my upset stomach.

In some of the adjacent treatment centers (to our own), primarily Aboriginals', they use sweat lodges to approach detoxification. White men often laughs at this approach, and when I mentioned it in one of our staff meetings you get 'rolled eyes', if you know what I mean?

Thanks for the posting.

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You are welcome. And yes, I see what you mean... It is unfortunate how ignorance can make so much damages !

A side note that I feel important to say :

Lymph is a very important thing in our sytem and sport plus sweat can make it circulate faster, simply because of the depletion of water in blood. Blood will then equilibriate it's rate by pumping water in lymphatic system, dragging in the process a lot of toxins, cristals, and glues.

A lot of breast cancers are caused by too tight bras. The Lymph is bloked. Toxins accumulate and threaten the cells ... untils DNA is damaged and degenate... Studies were conduced and it is clearly show that there is a great incidence between cancer and the time that bra is wear.

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Sweat lodges are a very good method for detoxification. In some native American tribes certain important rituals are preceded by complex cleansing, which involves the sweat lodge, and also different methods to induce vomiting.

It is surprising that anyone wouldn't take sweating lodges seriously. In Nothern-Europe, the Nordics have saunas, which is pretty similar in workings and purpose. Moreover, they use twigs and branches to "whip" their own body with them, which increases blood circulation and thus helps the refreshing of the body. Traditionally they sit in the sauna naked, and produce hot steam by puring water on stones that are heated from below. Then, after a while they come out, and instantly wash themselves with snow or cold water, or even submerge in the icy water (preferably a lake) which once again strongly increases circulation.
Saunas are also known and appreciated by orientals, most notably Japanese. The beneficial effect of it widely known there.

Here in Hungary, Saunas are visited by many, and are one of the fundamental services in any wellness hotel or similar place. When I was practicing Japanese martial arts, at one dojo there was an in-house sauna we often used after training sessions. I can strongly recommend it!

A side note to be added: In many oriental cultures, ritually pouring cold water on yourself is a form of spiritual purification. I actually combine these in a form that first I take a bath in - very - hot water, then when I come out of the tub, I shower with ice cold water for a few seconds, in a partly ritualized way, while visualizing the water washing off all bad things, negative energies, negative thoughts and so on. I can strongly recommend this practice, it refreshes and re-energizes the body, mind and soul alike. Moreover, it is a perfect method for cleansing the body of illness, usually can clean out a cold, flu or similar, and is especially perfect against fewer. Fewer tries to kill whatever infected you with the heat, with the hut bath you help this while also sweating in the water which detoxificates, and finally the cold shower cleanses and decreases body temperature. In case of fewer this is best done in the evening before going to sleep - change the bedclothes to fresh ones beforehand, and if possible, sleep naked.

The only WARNING is, that sudden cold water on a heated body can cause automatic muscle reflexes and involuntary sudden breathing, so be very careful not to slip and fall - if you never did this, first time start from your feet up your legs and carefully over your chest, back, shoulders and finally head. If you are sure you will be alright, then the proper ways is to start from the head and wash downwards for the cleansing. Also, if you have heart problems, DO NOT try this, because the sudden cold can cause arrhythmia or worse. Or at least ask your doctor first.

Regarding what Salazius said: Indeed, any kind of tight clothing is unhealthy on the long run. Whenever you can, wear as loose clothing as possible. The best is, if you feel like you were naked. For this reason, when I am at home, I usually wear something like a pajama, or loose jogging clothes, etc. I plan to acquire something like a housecoat, robe or kaftan.

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Sweat lodges are a very good method for detoxification. In some native American tribes certain important rituals are preceded by complex cleansing, which involves the sweat lodge, and also different methods to induce vomiting.

A well-known local Elder in this neck-of-the-woods (in Canada), regularly conducts sweat lodges according to the specific lay-out, ceremony, materials used, etc. of his tribe, for lack of a better term. I can say, that the texture of my skin did feel different after the next day of a daylong sweat.

I think the point Salazius makes about cellular toxicity does raise concerns. This could very well have been also written under that Thread dealing with longevity.

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In general, the closer your lifestyle is to natural, the better. Look at those so called "primitive" tribes in the Amazon jungle, who walk around naked and barefoot, having only a few items and tools, and eating what they find in the jungle. According to a researcher (can't reference sorry) I came across once, cancer is nonexistent among them (Researchers wanted to compare cancer probability of the natives with that of "civilizied" people, but they found nothing to compare.). I think there are quite a few similar researches about other people living close to nature. But I really find it disturbing that most people don't realize this without researches.