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08-29-2012, 08:59 PM

Some months ago I was requesting submissions here and in other places for an exhibition of photography and alchemy (or photos that in some way or other could be related to alchemy).

A lot of different persons sent submissions, even a lot of people who participates in this forum (it wasn't surprising at all that those submissions were among the ones I liked the best).

But one of the persons who participated became specially interesting for me... because she sent her photos when she was 15 and then wrote some texts for her photos after her birthday, when she was 16. That was extremely unusual.

So I decided to create a virtual gallery with her works... since the expression "child's play" has an absolutely different meaning when you look at her photos and read her texts. At least I feel that in some areas, she has a clearer intuitive understanding of what alchemy is about than some scholars who have been involved with alchemy in some way or other for several decades.

07-11-2014, 09:42 PM
Indeed very impressive and unusual... could only make out portions of the text, fluent in French but not Spanish...

The photos are very powerful especially the macro / matter which can be drawn to various stages of the Alchemical process.

I had a strange feeling recently, that I was 'drawn' to alchemy and mysticism due to an invisible influence that was beyond me and had been around for much much longer than I had. I had the strange hunch that it reflected ulterior lives, in particular that of a Berber alchemist. The ins and outs of reincarnation are very elusive and generally karma implies that you reincarnate in different and consequent scenarios in order to give you a more complete (therefore diverse) 'experience'. However, it's often suggested that alchemists, high priests, occultists and so on have been able to understand and transgress laws governing reincarnation (Crowley for example claimed to be the reincarnation of John Dee). The idea of 'eternal life' is often associated with the alchemist's elixir of life -the definition of which is also mostly elusive. Perhaps my insinuations would apply to many of you here, but in the particular case of this 16 year old girl it seems very apt...

There was a book, a 70's best seller that was oddly enough considered a 'history' book due to it's amazingly detailed accounts of every day life and culture in Ancient Egypt. The author -who's name I forget- later claimed that she had gotten all that insight through past life regression and that he had been a Priest or Priestess who had been imparted with the secrets of life and afterlife. She went on to write many books based on her past life regressions... does this ring any bells to anyone?