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09-06-2012, 02:39 PM
There are numerous and varied approaches to relating products in Alchemy to their specific planetary energy, some advocate passive charging simply letting the energy of the day in its first hour enshroud the product with little interference from the practicioner while most promote a more tactile approach ranging from the simple to extremely complicated. The planetary workings of magicians to those such as Jean dubois approach.

Discussing this on another forum and Frans Bardons evocational theory was mentioned alongside others, personally would tend toward using a G.Dawn approach a simple 24 hour day divided into hours of sunlight and darkness but am interested (hopefully not distracted) in entertaining other approaches, especially if, for example taking an evocational view regarding spirits can be used.

Thought to post this here and ask Practical Alchemists (in place of alchemists in general, hence the forum) what approach if any they use for the timing and charging of products.