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If someone fails?

Reincarnation, oblivion or damnation?
This question is too vague... please be more specific!

Also you are welcome to post an Introduction.

Always nice to know who one is speaking to!

...When you evoke kundalini?

and don't tame it properly...
and then it starts to attack you...

twitching, bubbling, rapping etc

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My name is Cornelius btw

Reincarnation, oblivion or damnation?
If you're asking about death, then all humans go to the same place.

...When you evoke kundalini?

and don't tame it properly...
and then it starts to attack you...

twitching, bubbling, rapping etc
When you open the door to something you can't handle, you have three choices: close the door, leave it open, or seek assistance.

...you have three choices: close the door, leave it open, or seek assistance. Or walk through it (without fear)!

I now know that kundalini is real, I've had one very strong kundalini experience but I mentally forced it to stop because it was frightening to me. Maybe there's also a gradual, slow kundalini work, but what I'm talking about is an unmistakable bodily sensation of energy rising in the body.

I was in bed when I felt it and it was like a strong peculiar heat or burn sensation.. or more like a feeling of electricity in the lower portion of the body. I felt it rising but was afraid it might actually "burn something", maybe burn my internal organs? I also got the sudden fear it might turn me totally insane (or insane-er) if it would reach my brain; I've never taken strong psychadelics, only smoked hash for a period a long time ago.. but I've heard that people have panicked about not "getting down from a trip".. maybe this fear was similar because it was definitely a very strong foreign sensation, I've only had a similar one once afterwards but it wasn't as strong. After the experience when I went to sleep I had an Out-of-Body Experience, it wasn't my first but it was the only one after my first one that's really memorable.

What I was doing before the experience wasn't really practicing anything specific. I had been totally chaste and not masturbating for an extended amount of time, I was eating light food, vegetables/fruits but also dairy, eggs, pasta. At the time I was lying at my back and also at a place I usually don't sleep at, which is closer to nature. Generally there was a lot going on mentally, i.e. I was thinking and reflecting on a lot of things but that's usual for me, maybe it was more than usual. Overall I believe it has to do with the sexual energy I'd been conserving, since that stands out the most and, although it felt more at the root of the spine, it also felt connected with the sexual center. I also believe a possible big part is the setting, i.e. I was not at my usual place (influence of the surroundings) and the state of mind related to that.

But unfortunately (or fortunately, I don't know), I can't tell you what happens at spontaneous kundalini rising since it scared me and I mentally forced it to stop.
How do you close it?
Here's a quote from the New Age book Eastern Body, Western Mind by psychologist Anodea Judith.

1. Attend to the body. Purify the body as much as possible by abstaining from substances such as recreational drugs, tobacco, alcohol and caffeine. This may include prescription drugs as well. Watch your diet and avoid food additives, high sugars, or greasy food. Eat well, with a strong focus on protein, which is generally grounding. Get massage and vigorous exercise, if possible.

2. Reduce stress. You may be in for a major spiritual transformation. If so, you need to make some room for it. It may take time to make the necessary changes in your life. You may even be incapacitated for periods of time. You may need to devote more time to your spirituality or health. If possible, schedule a spiritual retreat for yourself-a period away from your usual life where you can allow the Kundalini energies to run their course and where you have the leisure to contemplate their meaning.

3. Find support. Find others who have knowledge of this experience, and friend with whom you feel spiritually aligned.

4. Educate yourself. Read about Kundalini. Find out about the spiritual system of yoga. Learn about the chakras.

5. Treat underlying psychological issues. As Kundalini brings up unresolved issues (which it surely will) this is an excellent time to deal with them. It will make the ride a lot smoother. Find a therapist you can work with or a support group.

6. Examine your spiritual practices. You may need to stop meditating for a while if it increases unpleasant Kundalini symptoms. Let the process you have already awakened catch up with your body and psyche. If you have not been practicing meditation, yoga, or some spiritual practice, it may be time to begin. The proof is in the pudding-see what increases or decreases the unpleasant effects.

7. Practice grounding. Kundalini is most difficult when the energy is moving upward without enough energy moving downward to balance... Investigate the possibility of first chakra issues that need to be resolved in order to give a firmer base.

8. [i]Practice yoga. Hatha yoga helps to strengthen the body, purify the nadis (subtle channels), and awaken the chakras. The spontaneous movements (kriyas) triggered by Kundalini awakening often resemble or result in classic asanas (yoga poses), so you can help clear the way for Kundalini's smooth passage by taking on a regular yoga practice. Yoga is so popular now that there are classes in most areas, and you can sample various kinds of yoga until you find a style and a teacher that suit you.

If Kundalini symptoms are uncomfortable, I do not recommend Kundalini yoga classes, as they are designed to heighten, not diminish, this energy. However a qualified Kundalini yoga instructor may have good advice for you if you are experiencing unpleasant symptoms.


Shiva can be a tempering force for the violent ravages of Kundalini-Shakti. To bring consciousness down from the top is to bring calm and order to her chaotic energies. When we deal with Kundalini, we are dealing with difficult, unrefined, and unconscious energies. As Kundalini rises, she "cooks" the grosser levels into the refinement of the higher chakras. Shiva, however is that refinement. He brings order and peace to her restless wildness. Perhaps Kundalini is most unruly when she is longing for her partner.

To invoke the energy of Shiva is to call upon the transcended bliss of the crown chakra and bring it down through the body. This invokes the manifesting current, which brings form, simplicity, and grounding. The union of these two forces synthesizes the cosmic principles of male and female, upper and lower, form and chaos, transcendence and immanence, into a single dynamic essence.

From the Out-Of-Body Experience book Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce

Through experience, I have found that no matter how bad the mistake, or how severe its effects, it can be overcome. Taking a complete break from all energetic work, including meditation, and concentrating on real-life physical matters is the very best way to alleviate problems and undo mistakes of this nature.

For example, in the late eighties when I first raised my kundalini it almost killed me, quite literally. My body experienced severe physical shocks. Once I had recovered from that, the resulting onslaught of energies and impressions at work within and around me began unbalancing me in many subtle ways. I was fully aware of what was happening and why, but also intuitively knew the cure. I shut down everything for just over one year, apart from gentle meditation and prayer, and concentrated solely on my physical life, family, work, health, and intellectual pursuits.

I kept my feet firmly planted on the ground at all times, until my energy body and perceptions were completely stable again. Once I was totally satisfied that everything inside was functioning normally again, I returned to my energetic and mystical practices. I found, after my energetic holiday, that everything inside worked beautifully once more-much better than before, in fact. There was no recurrence of my problems, nor has there been for the last decade.

Here's a small quote about Kundalini by sceptic James Randi, from his book An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural

Kundalini yoga

A form of yoga that preaches breath control and various physical exercises-"ansanas"-to sublimate sexual energy. The theory says that the process, through contraction of the anus, causes the semen to rise through the body into the seventh chakra (at the top of the head), at which point the ultimate union between matter and energy takes place. At his point, it says, the individual soul merges with the universal soul, obtains the powers of a god and becomes immortal.

As of this date, it is not known whether anyone has achieved the required physical situation, let alone the immortality. The former condition is obviously beyond the reach of females.

Notice that even the sceptic Randi mentions sexual energy in relation to Kundalini, something not noted by the authors above. I must comment on this and highly recommend you not to practice any kind of masturbation, keeping any seductive mental-impressions at bay with other preoccupations. This is very important because Kundalini is definitely associated with the sexual energy; if the sexual energy is disturbed, your Kundalini is likely to get disturbed as well.

I must also comment on what Randi says in that quote about immortality.. I am personally not aware of any "immortal" but I know that Kundalini practice can promote longevity because I know of an old woman that does the practice and has a distinctively younger body for her age, she appears decades younger and has none of that artificial look of old people that use plastic surgeons; she has natural, healthy looks. This also negates what he says about females' ability to practice Kundalini.

Finally, I must mention sleep - as it was excluded from the quotes above. The single most fundamental antidote to mania is sleep. It's the basic grounding-tool. Remember, if you feel overstimulated to the extent that you feel like you're going insane, the single most effective cure is sleep and a balanced sleep-cycle. If you can't sleep naturally you definitely should seek some help but if you need drugs, you should under no circumstances use them for an extended period of time, usually you'll only need them for a few days to readjust the sleep pattern.