View Full Version : Sense Observation in Samadhi

01-06-2009, 12:38 PM
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Today I was meditating pretty deeply after scrying the p'an ku mirror, and I noticed the familiar descent of crown energy once again, so I pryed my consciousness out of maya by visualizing everything as an empty illusion.

I was very successful and managed to entice the energy to descend further and settle in my mind, where the process took over by itself. I noticed a few phenomenon.

Distractions from the five senses become telltale of where the holes in consciousness are - I reached a state of stillness and heard a woman or girl laugh in the room, where it was coming from I don't now - my assumptions lead me to believe I was either hearing some devi or perhaps even one of the people I am close to. Another sound I heard was a tapping noise as I tried to reach further into the depths of mind. And as i was falling asleep I smelled the distinct smell of umboshi plums, and the sound of Japanese drumming. These are not imagined so much as heard distinctly and clearly - either arising from memory itself or from something else.

These are all symbols of events or portents of the future, but to interpret them is beond my ability right now.

So far this year I've smelled fresh baked cookies (also scented by another person) and rose and jasmine.

These distractions are limitations to supreme consciousness and must not be allowed to hover over the senses but allowed to pass through, until one reaches above the ocean of senses and you can achieve the state of meditation in great bliss. One reigns in the senses and makes them your bitch.