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10-01-2012, 08:43 PM
Hello everyone:

In relation to the issue herein, be grateful to any member of this forum if anybody could report about this via suggestions on it, and, in particular:
If anybody made any part of this way, and its result.
Likewise, in the following link, I indicate another metal mercury extraction process, and likewise, salt and sulfur:

First stone of fire preparation.
Take in the name of God, a part of the mine of antimony just after the departure of the Sun, and much of very well purified nitro. After having grinded and mixed together, put them over a slow fire which you will heat and activate with caution as required by art.
Because it is where lies the first of all the work. You will then have a subject pulling the chestnut, which should be glass, which you pulverizaréis as you need, and which then extraeréis a very red dye with strong distilled vinegar made from own ore of antimony. Extract this vinegar for bath, and you will be left a powder at the bottom that need to be removed again as the spirit of wine rectified until the last perfection. Feces remain in the background and you will have a sweet, very red and very subtle extraction for medicine. It is the pure separate antimony sulphur very purely.
If you have two pounds of this extraction add four ounces of antimony salt as I taught it; shuffle them well and circulad them in a beaker closed an entire month and they will be joined together. If you find feces, separate them, Destilate the spirit of wine by the bathroom first, then augmented the fire and it will be a very sweet, red oil light, taking many other admirable colors
Rectify this bath oil, Rectify this oil for the bath, until it left in the bowl, more than a quarter, and then it is good and ready.

Second preparation of the fire stone.
Then take living mercury of antimony that previously I said and above pour red oil made of virtriolo of Mars rectified until the last point. Destilate on sand fire the phlegm of mercury and will have a precipitate very beautiful and very useful in open sores and wounds, chronic diseases. Because it dries out the accidental moods of which diseases take their birth, i.e., martial diseases to which the spirit of oil of vitriol that stays with the mercury is very useful, joining and gathering intimately to him.
Third and last preparation of the fire stone
Take equal parts of this precipitate and oil of antimony here above, and after there are mixed together, put them in a tightly closed glass jar. Digesting slow heat and continue until the precipitate is reduced in oil and coagulated: all the phlegm will be consumed by fire, and finally everything will become as fixed, red, dry, powder fuse that not smoking more.
My beloved disciple, will now speak as philosophers who predict the future: If you have carried out the study of philosophy here, have finished your work and the antimony that you have prescribed. You have a medicine for men and for metals.

Thank you.

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Praise BV, and get your own stone by ur own work... dont expect other suggestions...