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solomon levi
10-08-2012, 03:37 PM
I recall several alchemists mentioning proportions being
very important to the work. I'm writing this in the spiritual
section, but it applies all around in alchemy.
The thing I want to communicate is that mercuries are solvents.
They kill the body and extract its soul.
So if you find a good mercury, spiritually speaking, it will kill you, your body.
Is that what you want? Can you see this aspect of the dangers of alchemy?
This is what mercury does as prime mover, cause of change/death.
Having the right proportions is one way to remedy this.
Also having a "hermetically sealed flask" so that nothing can escape while the body dies.
Do you understand how to apply this "spiritually"?
At some point it is important to contemplate this.

If you are All/whole/nondual, then your flask is hermetically sealed...
there's nothing 'outside' of your world/flask...
"one matter, one fire, one flask";
"one world", "one love"... consciousness manifesting as the diversity of consciousness.

Recently I've been seeing and doing alchemy in the flask of the All, as if
the world, the reality that I perceive, exists in a balloon/flask. This is different
than the spiritual alchemy of body as athanoor. Well, same because 'as above, so below';
but different because one is 'above' and one is 'below'. But the microcosm has
the same ingredients as the macrocosm, so it's really just seeing two or more sizes/times at once.
But all the ingredients you need are already in your reality. Maybe you can see the planets/metals
in the people you meet; or omens...
how many times are we reminded to look at qualities instead of substances...

This alchemy is as real as the one in your lab.
It is subtle at first, but then the undeniable unexplainable becomes more inexcuseable...
and you are unable to tell what is normal and what is new, or usual and unusual...
the unusual becomes usual and you can't remember when this happened or if it
has always been and you just didn't notice.

Sorry for the breadth of this post - I don't have much time to write lately so what
you get is a composite of what could be several different posts. There's so much I
want to write about... I am sacrificing sleep to write this now.

Back to mercuries... notice how little mercury is needed for most plants to survive.
There are relatively few plants that we can get a lot of mercury from relative to
their size. It appears most abundantly in fruiting. Is not Sophia/Wisdom the fruit of labor?
I'm just using plants as an example of proportions. ... more later

10-08-2012, 09:59 PM
Principle wise.
If you have a vessel.
Alchemy can be done.
I shall make my apartment the vessel.

But! Proportion is everything!

solomon levi
10-19-2012, 07:12 AM
:) Yes. Principle wise.

Here is an interesting key to alchemy:

As a 2-dimensional glyph, this represents the four elements.
As a 3-dimensional object, it is this:

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRvRN5zrRUIrPdVAP5D2lGWzUN7WOIq5 yHoDCwWSE69VIEPMhfW

To me, this is very significant that the four elements are the three principles in another dimension,
and vice-versa.