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01-06-2009, 01:10 PM
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I'm preparing to do the series of experiments as set down in the book by Jean Dubuis called 'The Experience of Eternity'. This book can be copied freely if you don't charge money for it, but I'll refrain from posting a download link here unless it is requested, 'cause I'm not sure if it's allowed.

The objective of the experiments is to have a contact with one of the higher levels of a human's being. There are ten levels in total in creation in the cosmology used by Dubuis.

The experiments consist of charging a series of symbolic objects with energies. These are then discharged and absorbed by the operator during the week between june 21-26.

Four objects are charged with the energies of Saturn in it's Fire, Air, Water and Earth aspects. Four with the energies of the Sun in it's Fire, Air, Water and Earth aspects. And four with the energies of the Moon.

As a carrier for the Fire energy, rain water is used. For Air, sea salt. For Water, a maceration of a plant belonging to the planet in 40 wine alcohol or brandy. And for Earth a mineral crystal belonging to the planet in question.

The objects are charged by exposing them during the first hour after sunrise during the day ruled by the planet in question.

The prefered time for charging the symbolic objects of the Sun which carry the Earth and Water energies is around the winter solstice. So if you are interested now is the time to start.

I'll update this post in july with the results I obtain.
When is the actual beginning of the winter solstice? According to my own sources I'd say on the 22nd of december!

When do you feel it begins?

For this year, the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere occurs on December 21st at 7:04 EST, or 12:04 UT (Universal Time).

In the Southern Hemisphere it took place on June 20th, 23:59 UT.

Download link:

Thanks for the download, kerkring. I have great resperct for the work of Dubois and have not previously seen this work.