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What were you trying to say about this film?

The review on IMDB wasn’t very good.

User Reviews (http://uk.imdb.com/title/tt1664894/)

“Wondrous content made utterly boring”

This documentary managed to take a subject that is wondrous and thought-provoking
seem completely and utterly boring. The film spends entirely too much time explaining
how limited the access to the very delicate caves are, and provides almost no content for
ones mind to grab hold of and explore.

I must admit the trailer did leave me wanting to know more about these caves.

After the video finished it listed some other films to watch and one that grabbed my
attention was, “The Tree of Life”, with Brad Pitt and Sean Pen.


The impressionistic story of a Texas family in the 1950s. The film follows the life journey
of the eldest son, Jack, through the innocence of childhood to his disillusioned adult
years as he tries to reconcile a complicated relationship with his father (Brad Pitt). Jack
(played as an adult by Sean Penn) finds himself a lost soul in the modern world, seeking
answers to the origins and meaning of life while questioning the existence of faith.



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I didn't like Tree of Life. But the Cave movie is about an important subject. The birth of Art and Consciousness.

Fuck IMDB. They've rated The Avengers 8.5 so IMO they lack taste. Maybe the film is bad, but I am only interested in the paintings.


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Hi Gentlemen,

What a remarkable journey the filming of this movie Cave of Forgotten Dreams must have been? The statement made by one of the crew-members reminds me of the story of the Wingmakers, or said it differently, written by James. Being in the cave influences and interacts with consciousness. The Buddhist also tell of their journey that when they relocated, they left behind many of their artifacts, except for the 'meditation stones' they sat on throughout the centuries. In their depiction, rocks and stones are the historians of consciousness.

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Thanks Dev

On that note I wont bother watching "The Tree of Life"

Have you seen the whole film "Cave of Forgotten Dreams"?

What is your opinion? and why is this not common knowledge...I have never heard of it before now.

It doesn't seem like something to keep secret.

IMDB is what I use for quick reference...I'm not a film buff :(...could you recommend a better site?


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1. IMO, 'The Tree Of Life' is quite boring and even somewhat 'preachy' in its subtext, when watched by someone who is looking for deep philosophical content.
However, it's a great pleasure to watch if one is into enjoying a grandiose display of skilled film/photo editing. Depends what hat you're wearing when watching it, I suppose...
This being said, 'The Fountain' is also a beautiful display of artistically rendered imagery, yet also rich in philosophical content at the same time (IMO).

2. Only yesterday I saw (on YouTube) a video listing the (claimed) top sites on the planet which people are not allowed to enter.
I can't find the video again right now, but I think one of the sites was an ancient cave, not very unlike the one in the 'Cave' movie.
Maybe certain factions are attempting to hide certain things from us regarding our origins...

3. IMDB is a great place to find movies and ignore the ratings. I use it all the time.

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What is your opinion? and why is this not common knowledge...I have never heard of it before now.

It doesn't seem like something to keep secret.

IMDB is what I use for quick reference...I'm not a film buff :(...could you recommend a better site?

I have not seen it yet, I posted this at the moment I discovered the films existence. I have read about these cave though. It's not really secret... more closed to the public so they won't get ruined. I planned to go see them myself and that is how I found out they were closed. A while back they were open I think.

Like Andro says IMDB is good for the facts... but ignore the grade... it never agrees with me much. The masses have such bad taste, LOL!

I also agree with Andro on Tree of Life... depends on what hat you are wearing. My review would be: A very shallow film that tries to be deep.


solomon levi
11-11-2012, 07:50 AM
Ha! I was so looking forward to "tree of life" and it turned out to be just weird...
I turned it off after the first twenty minutes or something. It's like being inside
someone else's average memories of their life while someone whispers biblical
sounding crap in your ears.

The cave was interesting, as Dev said, because of the first/early art and what these
beings must have been like. I don't recall it being as boring as IMBD said.

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Petroglyphs at Capitol Reef NP, Utah

I'm moving this thread to The Ancient World area of the forums... fits better there... the theory of Cave Art / Rock Art and what it means is an important aspect when discussion the birth of consciousness. Whatever alchemy took place all those thousands of years ago the result is always Art, both in traditional alchemy as well as rock paintings/carvings.


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I liked the film. But I am also deeply interested in this stuff so I guess I would always be biased in this matter.


Painted about 35 000 years ago. Can we even imagine such a time-frame. Picasso can only dream of such immortality. And consider the artistry of the painting above (to use one example)... is this done by a pre-historic savage or a real artist... a fully conscious being? In my opinion of course it is!

Around 77 000 years ago art was born as proved with the discovery of drilled shell beads and some geometric patterns found on a small block of red ochre in Blombos Cave, South Africa. New discoveries might push this date back even further.

All we find of these ancient times are simple tools and art work (sculptures or rock art) and even musical instruments such as ivory and bone flutes.

http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h18/deviadah/hohlefelsvenuslge.jpg (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venus_of_Hohle_Fels)
Dated to between 35,000 and 40,000 years ago.

The discovery of the Venus of Hohle Fels pushes back the date of the oldest prehistoric sculpture, and arguably the oldest known figurative art altogether, by several millennia, establishing that works of art were being produced throughout the Aurignacian Period. - source (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venus_of_Hohle_Fels)


Only word that comes to mind for me.

We come from Art... and we should proceed through Art... to my mind no other path is necessary because through art and creative endeavors we achieve beauty, love, passion, ideas, language, music and community/communication!

Through Art we are civilized.

Listen to this guy using ancient flute to play Star Spangled Banner. Amazing.

Whatever we have done since the Pyramids is a drop in the sea compared to the vast and immense time-span that preceded it, a time when we have roamed the Earth with Art and Love as our main occupation and ally!

At one point in the film a researches says:

"Traditional people, and I think people of the paleolithic, have very probably two concepts which change our vision of the world. There are the concepts of fluidity and the concept of permeability. Fluidity means that the categories we have - man, woman, horse... I don't know... tree etc. can shift. A tree may speak. A man can get transformed into an animal. And the other way around. Given certain circumstances. The concept of permeability is that there are no barriers between the world where we are and the world of the spirit. A wall can talk to us. A wall can accept us or refuse us. A shaman can send us his or her spirit to the world of the supernatural or can receive the visit inside him or her of supernatural spirits. If you put those two concepts together you realize how different life must have been for those people from the way we live now."

Still scholars argue that entheogens was not involved in these peoples lives. What bullshit, imo. What better place to have a psychedelic ritual than a cave? Having transformed into a wolf myself at one time, and the next day drawing this the moment I woke up in my notebook is, to me, a logical sequence of events. Such a miracle must be placed into art, just like those ancient people did when they drew shapeshifting or human/animal hybrid images after having themselves witnessed such things in their own psychedelic experiences. Surely it must be so...

Homo Sapiens = Homo Spiritualis

Where there is art, there is alchemy;)


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The Full Movie (http://www.movie2k.to/Cave-of-Forgotten-Dreams-watch-movie-914557.html)

The only concern I have about this is that the caves, as stated in the film, are still producing Stalagmites and
Stalactites; how then is it that the 30k year old cave drawings are so pristine?


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10 000 or 35 000 years ago... these is the timespan they argue on... but even if it is the shortest it is still 10 000 years old... that is pretty old considering modern society is only about 1000 years old.


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The age wasn't my major concern Dev, it was how the drawings have remained undamaged by time when the caves are still dripping with water?

I guess I am questioning their authenticity.


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If these drawings were faked could you mislead those that are dating it by using certain materials?

This practice was common in the past with many fake fossils being produced.

Surely there would be some partial drawings covered with limescale after such a period of time, but
maybe they only showed the clear drawings in the film.

In the article you posted above they talked of dating the debris from the slide which closed off the entrance,
but how long was it from when they discovered the caves and the new entrace to the discovery being

I would like to believe the drawings are genuine. Just keeping an open mind about it.