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Aunt Clair
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German Christian Kaballah

Princess Antonia depicted as a red headed angel of the sepiroth;



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The German scholars who inspired the design of the "Lehrtafel of Princess Antonia" were almost certainly Freemasons and Rosicrucians who were familiar with the philosophy of the Christian Kabbalah. As shown in the above photograph, a Kabbalistic "Tree of Life" diagram is hidden within the center panel of the triptych. The German scholar and theologian, Otto Betz (1917-2005) has performed a brilliant analysis of the Kabbalistic elements contained within the Lehrtafel in his book entitled: Licht vom unerschaffnen Lichte. Die kabbalistische Lehrtafel der Prinzessin Antonia. People who are deeply interested in the Christian Kabbalah should refer to his book; unfortunately, it has never been translated into English. My elementary discussion of some of the Kabbalistic and other esoteric aspects of the Lehrtafel is given in the following paragraphs.

The overall design of the Lehrtafel displays a contrasting yet complementary, twofold structure. This twofold structure is presented on many different levels of understanding, but only a single theme is contained within each level. That theme concerns the positioning of Moses vis--vis Christ. Let me mention just a few examples:

1) The left panel of the triptych depicts a scene from the New Testament concerning the nighttime flight to Egypt by the Holy Family; the right panel of the triptych depicts a scene from the Old Testament where Pharaoh's daughter and her entourage find the baby Moses in the bulrushes alongside the Nile in Egypt. Two different babies, one in each picture - baby Jesus and baby Moses - but the story concerning each child takes place in Egypt. The triptych is subtly pointing out that both Moses and Jesus were in Egypt as children.

2) The "heart" of the center panel of the Triptych, depicts the inner sanctum of a great temple (similar to the Temple of Solomon) in which two crucifixions are shown. This is another juxtaposition of the Moses and Christ themes. The standard crucifixion of Christ scene is set alongside a scene involving a crucified serpent, derived from the story of Moses and the Brazen Serpent (see Numbers, Chapter 21, Verses 4-9). The basic message conveyed by these two crucifixions is quite clear. Just as an Israelite who had been bitten by a viper could be purified from the effect of the venom simply by gazing upon a brazen serpent nailed to a pole, so could a sinner who was poisoned by his own sins have them purified or washed away by the blood of Christ who had been nailed to a cross.

3) The Jewish Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism; the traditional story concerning its origin is that the Kabbalah is the esoteric, oral teaching of Moses, while the Torah is his written, exoteric teaching. Conversely, most Christian mystics believe that their belief system is based upon the secret, oral teaching of Jesus, while the Gospels contain his written, exoteric teaching.

4) The simple porportion may be used to show the equivalence between Moses and Jesus and between Jews and Christians. The esoteric Kabbalah compared to exoteric Judaism is equivalent to esoteric Rosicrucianism compared to exoteric Protestant Christianity.

5) The Egyptian theme running through much of the Lehrtafel iconography is there to provide a cryptic allusion to the Rosicrucian and Masonic belief that the secret, oral teachings of the ancient Egyptian temple schools were the source not only of the teachings of Moses but that of Christ as well! There is little scriptural evidence to support this position, but I am able to make the following comments.

Re Moses: Exodus Chapter 11, verse 3 states: "And moreover, the Man Moses was exceedingly important in the land of Egypt." Also, Acts Chapter 7, verse 22 states: "And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was mighty in words and deeds."

Re Jesus: There is no scriptural comment concerning the time that Jesus and his family spent in Egypt. However, certain, mostly oral, alchemical and Gnostic traditions assert that Jesus, as a young man, studied for a time in Alexandria, which then had a large Jewish community. Indeed, historians have stated that, in that era, more Jews lived in Egypt than in Palestine! Jesus is supposed to have been initiated into the mysteries of the Serapis religion and also into certain other secret societies. There was and still is a Coptic and Gnostic tradition that Jesus had not only been in Alexandria, but that he and his family had initially settled in the city of Leontopolis, at which a Jewish colony was located; this colony flourished from about 170 B.C until it was destroyed by order of the Emperor Vespasian in 73 A.D. Leontopolis was near the city of Heliopolis which had been one of the greatest centers of learning among the native Egyptians.

Otto Betz (see above) believed that the Lehrtafel is intended to show that the pathway to human salvation, in both the Christian and Jewish understanding, is concerned with the connections between nature and history, love and suffering, kingship and service, et al. The Tree of Life, with its ten Sephiroth, helps explain this belief. It is arranged as a stylized tree or as a pattern of a human figure. The following table compares the ten Sephiroth of the Jewish Kabbalah with the corresponding Christian Sephiroth depicted in the Lehrtafel

Aunt Clair
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The Kabbalistic Lehrtafel ("teaching painting") of Princess Antonia


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Stunning painting truly! Aunt Clair, do you have a personal experience(s) with this particular Kabbalistic teachings? Open to hearing it.

Aunt Clair
11-25-2012, 05:38 AM
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Anyhoo; more on that later here is where I found the painting on a Yahoo Group
and here is part of my reply there;
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>>> Boehme agrees at the attaining of the Mercury we will attain powers and like the Abramelin have powers over spirits. What he simply makes clear is that we should not turn those powers towards our own end, but again die in a second death, to receive a yet higher regeneration.

The attainment of Mercury is imho the Opus Minus or the lighting of the moon within. The magician manifests Akasha and they are able to project the mental body in OBE and to see clairvoyantly and enter trance meditation.

The power of spirits comes much later. Initially the magician is met by the demons of others which they can exorcise with the help of the principle archangels.

Then the magician meets the guardian demon within and must transmute it enlightening it with the sacrifice of energy from the guardian angel within.

Then as Kabbalah says the Goetic Demons will appear to the magician in their season to be attended. Imho and ime they should not be evoked but should be attended with respect when they appear.

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>>> For understanding the alchemical phases I'll go into in a post or article for everyone. Its very complicated. But the Way to Christ explains it all clearly and is the whole operation. You just have to read everything else he has written to get a wider picture, because its quite clear that the Second Adam, child christ, the Virgin and Christ are really states of consciousness rather than beings.

Yes and no. In Unio Mystica the magician may unite with the Cosmic Christ or with Kether, Samadhi. Christ continues to appear and teach the magicians of this world but we must learn to seek him in meditation, dreams, mystical projection and evocation.
The Adam is the Lower Self
The Second Adam is the Higher Self
The Child Christ is formed by the union of the Sun and Moon
The Sun in the chest is the Higher Self
The Moon in the head is the Guardian Angel
Their union is an alchemical marriage which manifests
Knowledge and Communication with the Higher Self/Guardian Angel
The magician projects as the yellow lion maned HS from the heart
as male fire and merges with the concurrent projection of the blue eagle winged guardian angel from the head together they form the chartreuse green HS/GA which begins as a infant sized white angel sacrificed to the Godhead which diminishes that magician for a time but ultimately raises their vibration when it returns to them.
> After attaining the Mercury-Second Adam state one has to attain the Virgin. This is also a state of purity. It appears to also be a spiritual field or envelop for your own sphere. He says that Christ can only be born through the Virgin, so he is presenting some sort of pure-shroud-image state through which Christ can be born within.


Aunt Clair
11-25-2012, 05:48 AM
In the Pistis Sophia of Jesus Christ a Gnostic Apocryphal Text and in the Gospel of Judas recently rediscovered; Christ says he called 7 female apostles for the 7 inner golden gates. He says that they are the 7 angels and that the inner gates have 7 demons also. He calls Mary Magdalene the Highest and the Apostle of the Apostles because her 7 inner gates have been cleansed of her 7 inner demons and says that John is the most perfect of men. Like Kaballah which has a left mother side AMA and right father side ABBA Christ said he came to restore the Temple and wants John his nephew the beardless and youngest apostle and the only one to be "perfect" to carry the church after his ascension. He asks John at the Cross at Golgotha to be son to his mother and for his mother to accept John as her son. Mary mother of Christ , Mary Magdalene and John the apostle flee Jerusalem leaving the local church in the hands of Christ's brother and leave the global church in the hands of the usurper Peter.

Christ said if one can not follow his mother and grandmother in heaven then they can not follow him. He said that the Temple needed to be restored. Before Solomon the Temple was of the Mother and the Father God and the Semitic Tribes ripped the veils of the tabernacle, snuffed the candles to the Queen of Heaven and beat the wives who prayed to the Great Goddess Asherah, Astarte , Ama , Achamoth.

Christ was an Essene Jew the only set who believed in equality and who continued to pray to the Mother and Father in Heaven. Christ wanted the Lord's Prayer changed to a non gender specific word for Godhead saying that there was Mother, Father and neither gender Divine. He also speaks about his grandmother in Heaven Barbello and about projecting to the future and as a child through the streets and projecting 12 angels from his body.

This tree of Princess Antonia resonated with me in its balance!
Note the upper female court of 9 angels and the lower male court of 12 apostles arround Christ Christ named 7 female apostles but the chauvinist church burnt buried and hid these radical teachings of Jesus Christ;

From these texts a list may be culled:

Mary Magdalene
Mary, the mother of Jesus
Mary Salome
Martha, sister of Lazarus
Miriamne, sister of Phillip

But the name of the 7th female apostle can only be conjectured from the known list of female disciples. Perhaps Susanna [1] or Joanna [2] are more likely to be the 7th woman apostle as they travelled with Christ and Mary Magdalene who was called the Apostla Apostolorum

I believe that there is a multiple gender Godhead and a non gendered Divine Consciousness above all.

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Hi Aunt Clair,

I posted a reply but the server kicked me and asked for a password again and the reply was lost in cyberspace SIGH

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Thanks Aunt Clair! This is really unique information.