View Full Version : Alchemy and its financial use

12-06-2012, 05:09 PM
Hello everyone,
I want to open this thread about alchemists and their financial life I would like to hear your ideas on how can you make money as an alchemist. Despite from the spiritual side looking into the practical side of it and its benefits.
I have seen on the internet, websites that sell alchemical tinctures which they don't look that different from the grocery store products. I actually don't know who makes those, if its a home made from an experienced alchemist or if its some kind of a fabric that tries to lure the customers into buying the product by using alchemical wisdom. I personally think that those are just lame and I would never buy something like that.
So Iv noticed one way of making money, by writing a book or organizing seminars and courses and all that which you can expect from alchemists like Bartlett, Hauck etc. Thats fine, making money from teaching and writing books is one good way if you are good enough and have the necessary provisions to do that.
I also thought that learning alchemy you will be learning to distill and ferment and allot of stuff that could lead you into some kind of an a manufacturer.
If someone asked me; can you make money from Alchemy? my answer would be, no you cant but it can inspire you and provide you with enough knowledge to lead you into other spheres if thats what you intend to do.