View Full Version : Classical and Chinese Elements: A Classification

12-06-2012, 07:44 PM
This is a dualistic world. Good versus Evil. Light versus Darkness. Sun versus the Moon.

We can classify the classical elements and even the Chinese Elements accordingly.

Classical Elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air

Chinese Elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Metal and Wood

To have a 1 is to one correspondence between the Western and Eastern System, we could say that Air = Metal and Wood.

Behold, these elements are in perpetual war amongst each other. But which is on the side of good and evil respectively?

Fire needs Air to exist.

Water needs Earth to be contained.

If you look at the alchemist symbols of the classical elements, we see that Fire and Air are represented by the upright triangle.

Water and Earth are represented by inverted triangle.

Fire represents light. And Water extinguishes light so it represents darkness.

So Air and Fire represents light/good while Water and Earth represents darkness/evil.

So how about Metal and Wood. what do they represent?

We could infer that metal and wood automatically represent good since they are equal to air. but no. the system will become imbalanced.

To balance the system, we should get the properties of metal and wood.

Metal sinks in water. Wood floats, thus keeping its affinity with air.

So to finally classify the Eastern and Western elements, we have Wood, Air and Fire to represent good (see we need wood to create fire which is sustained by air) and we have Metal, Earth and Water to represent evil (we have earth which is metal on the inside and water on the outside).