View Full Version : Water charged with Tibetan Singing Bowl

12-08-2012, 04:23 PM
I have an authentic, hand-made singing bowl I purchased from a Tibetan refugee in Ladakh. I sometimes used it to effect my mind state or as a meditation tool, but yesterday I decided to try charging plain non-carbonated mineral water with it, and then drink it. Someone once mentioned it to be used to charge dew before use, but have anyone tried simply drinking water charged with it?

When the bowl is sound with water in it, a very interesting phenomena occurs: the resonating bowl causes waves to travel in the water, which also get reflected back from the walls of the bowl, causing teh waves to interfere with themselves multiple times. This can cause the appearance of standing waves, and if the amplitude is high enough, even a "boiling" effect where the water starts to bubble, and water particles jump right up in the air.

See video below:


My first experience with drinking was that the water was clearly infused with energies, and drinking it felt like an energetic exercise. It felt positive. I must also note though, that as far as I know the metal from the bowl can leach into the water, which can be toxic in great amounts - especially since the bowl is made of bronze/brass, which is a combination of heavy metals.

In my case, my bowl was recently polished inside so even though I cleaned it thoroughly before I used it, the water still had a very slight metallic taste.

Then, a few hours later I went to sleep... and I don't know if it is related or not, but I had an extreme amount of very crazy and emotionally moving/disturbing dreams. They all were about changes, traveling around the world, and to remote places searching for some mysteries and some mysterious people. Sometimes it felt a bit like a combination of Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones. Then I woke up very exhausted, like I didn't sleep at all (which usually occurs when I have extensive "astral traveling" or other spiritual experience during my sleep.

Now I'm drinking another dose of charged water to see what happens, but then I will have a break for a while because I don't want a heavy metal poisoning.

I wonder if anyone else have experience with this?

P.s.: Although not really an alchemical substance, since we are talking about the spiritual effects of consumption of this charged water I think it can still be considered an alchemical question.