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solomon levi
12-15-2012, 10:06 PM
That's the title of a curious book by C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD.

There are things described in this book that sound very much like alchemy.
One part I wanted to quote is similar to some methods described by the Essene:

"The three engineers behind the project put together a piece of equipment about
four feet wide and ten inches high. On the bottom, water ran down a chute and
across a flat surface of lead. The top was stainless steel plates. By feeding a DC
current with an AC carrier they were able to extract metals from water. The plates
could be moved up and down depending on the size of the flow and the amount of
current desired. They set up a plant on the American river near Sacramento. The
stainless steel plates would pick up, out of the water, "colloidal gold" and turn the
stainless steel plates yellow, but when they reversed the polarity to remove the
gold, it disappeared. They then went to a flocculation procedure and the water
would turn yellow and they could then skim it off with a cloth through the sluice
box. The cloth would be yellow but when they tried to use mercury to extract the
gold , the cloth would turn yellow but they couldn't get any gold out. Instead they
got platinum, the "wild metal". Interestingly, they also found that they had to do the
extraction under either a full or new moon. That was the only time they could get
the platinum to come out."

I think that's interesting also because I've had the thought that the transmuted gold
from the stone which is supposed to be more pure than any gold mined is actually
yellow platinum, if such a thing exists.
Needless to say, extracting valuable metals alchemically is a dangerous occupation
to be in... I only relate this story for purposes of understanding the alchemists and
their possible methods and products.
It's also interesting that the initial subject used by these engineers is water, as alchemists
have said.

I'm just getting into the book - I'll post more if I find it.

Thanks to Nibiru for sharing his library.

12-16-2012, 05:18 PM
this is very interesting. i too have seen this in the deadwood mine in south dakota back in the early 70's useing deluted cionide. of which the plates extracted from the fluids the metals. at that age of my life i lerned to never lick a pritty rock on the gound to see its color better. for cionide is in just about every thing on the ground, and i am not into tasting cionide. lol. but i love rock hunting.

i do belive sciance is now agreeing that every thing is in water. the problem that the americas were stuck with is they were useing a mass spectromitor in the high range of 2000F. where as as a result they were not seeing the higher level atomic structures that can be seen in the russian mass spectromotier of 4000f. when they tested this recently with there new spectromitor they went "urekia!" there is gold and junk in the water also.

what all that tells me is that finaly sciance is starting to catch up with what alchimist already knew.