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solomon levi
12-20-2012, 11:16 PM
"On a scale much larger than the inter atomic distance a solid can be viewed as an aggregate of a negatively charged plasma of the free electron gas and a positively charged background of atomic cores. The background is the rather stiff and massive background of atomic nuclei and core electrons which we will consider to be infinitely massive and fixed in space. The negatively charged plasma is formed by the valence electrons of the free electron model that are uniformly distributed over the interior of the solid. If an oscillating electric field is applied to the solid, the negatively charged plasma tends to move a distance x apart from the positively charged background. As a result the sample is polarized and there will be an excess charge at the opposite surfaces of the sample."


This sounds pretty alchemical to me - the light coming out of the darkness.
It's amazing to contemplate force and charge - the reality behind matter/solids.

01-10-2013, 04:52 AM
I have always loved this concept of the reality if the states of matter; the only TRUE solid state of matter is a state not often spoken about, Super Solids, they only exist at the temperature of absolute Zero, 0K. At this temperature all matter looses practically ALL energy and stops vibrating altogether. However Absolute Zero is impossible to achieve therefore Super Solids do not exist. This does display the arcane nature of the universe as nothing more than a "Vapor" reality. liquid, plasma, gas; these are the only true states of matter. The Universe is a free flowing collection of energy in a physically manifested form; OH the BEAUTY!!!

GOD Bless, LGO