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solomon levi
12-21-2012, 12:28 AM
In alchemy, the seven metals are said to be one thing at different stages in evolution.
This is a very significant concept which can use some emphasis IMO.
I imagine the number of people who scoffed at this idea in the old days, and
even today it sort of understood without actually being processed or absorbed.
Nowadays, we know that all metals are composed of atoms, yet we still don't
generally consider the evolution of one into another unless we are scientists who
study that field. If transmutations can occur with high speed collisions of sub-atomic
particles, did the alchemist figure out how to do that "more naturally", without
building huge particle accelerators?
When we read here about the creation of the universe, are we not reminded of
the alchemists who described seeing the creation in their flask just as God created?

So all metals are made of atoms, not just the seven archetypal ones. And atoms are
made of neutrons, protons and electrons (for the sake of discussion). Well, I guess
where I'm going with this is that everything is one prima materia - call it consciousness,
call it light, call it mercury... I imagine there's some way that electrons and protons and
neutrons change into one another in order to become the various elements of the periodic
table and thus metals - all things from the One through adaptation.

The other thing I wanted to point out is the analogy between consciousness existing on
7 levels (or whatever number) simultaneously, just as you can see the 7 metals exist on earth
in their states/levels even though they are one thing.

Bel Matina
12-22-2012, 05:23 PM
When considering the philosophical metals it's important to remember that, while our language strives to be as plain as possible and some surprisingly literal manifestations can often be found, we should not take this literality for granted. Symbols lose meaning out of their original context, and so I find it helpful to look at how the terms emerged.

The first surviving mention of metals in an esoteric context occurs during the Alexandrian period, specifically in the writings of Zosimos. Alexandria was a city not only of learning, but also a major trade hub and manufacturing center. Traditional Egyptian industries, especially luxury goods like cosmetics and jewelry, had their height here. I tend to think that in combination with the city's role as a cultural crossroads and a center of world learning this does a lot to explain later Alchemy's character of looking for the One as much in everyday things as in higher spiritual realms. We can particularly see the influence of the Egyptian cosmetics industry on early Arab alchemists. Egyptian cosmetics was a lot more like pharmacy in many ways, concerned not only with enhancing a customer's appearance (maybe not even primarily - it seems that beauty was seen as a sign of health, and kohl, their eyeliner, was as much about seeing more clearly and keeping insects away as about emphasizing the eyes) but with anything concerning the preparation and mixing of vegetable and mineral substances for topical (maybe even internal) application.

There's no direct attestation I'm aware of that sheds light on an esoteric dimension to Egyptian metallurgy other than Alchemy itself, but it is worth noting that the native metallurgical tradition in Sub-Saharan Africa, which can hardly have come from anywhere else, has similar cosmological attributions to the metals. I really need to look more deeply into this myself, but from what I've heard the specific associations seem to have been altered, with copper taking a position of prominence and gold and silver fading into the background.

To access that symbolism, it's necessary to some extent to put yourself in the heads of these metallurgists - what were they doing, what was all this for, what significance did these metals have to them? You need to do what they were doing, and find out what they were doing it for (do you think it's an accident that Paracelsus spent years in the alps learning metallurgy?) and then all this metaphor will really open up for you.

As for the number seven, it has had high prominence in near eastern hieratic traditions, particularly Mesopotamian, for many millenia. Most likely the number originates with the visible planets - consider the original menorah in the temple of Jerusalem, with its seven eternal flames, the elevated one in the center being called 'the sun'.

01-11-2013, 12:04 PM

The ancient art of alchemy offers viable, powerful methods of changing oneself and living
life fully. This use of alchemical priniciples focuses on the application of simple
alchemical techniques and operations on the personal levels of body and mind to perfect
one’s character and personality. The alchemists called this working with the inner metals
or changing one's temperament.
Source: Alchemy Guild ( http://www.alchemyguild.memberlodge.org/Default.aspx?pageId=311901)

I was browsing the net for alchemical symbols for the metals and came across the above source
which intrigued me; I would recommend reading the introduction on the above source link as it
would make for good discussion.

There is already a thread that deals with the seven metals posted 12-31-2010 by Alfred Raeburne called

The Seven Metals of-Alchemy and Cultivation of the Self ( http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?1941- by-Alfred-Raeburne)

Perhaps the two threads could be combined?

Scientific VS Spiritual VS Self, so to speak; or all three combined.


01-11-2013, 12:42 PM
The One Matter could be mind.

If the whole cosmos is our perception then this is somewhat true. Thoughts create realities. Considering the distance between atoms we, and everything in the world, is 99% empty space.

Magic is possible only with the mind.

All is mind/thought/consciousness/awareness.

Again this goes with the holographic model. I do think this is the answer to the Theory of Everything.


01-11-2013, 03:15 PM
I believe this is where one can insert that matter is in consciousness, so in a very real way the substance of all things is built on a 'no thing physically'. First Matter is the primal substance of consciousness, the first thought birth, "the child" as the ancient labelled it. These metals you mention may then be represented as different states of consciousness on the continuum of matter all the way up to the King, to metal gold.

Seven metals, seven states. I think this point was already commented on earlier.

solomon levi
01-11-2013, 10:59 PM
I was thinking of this the other day as the unification of the seven chakras into
a new dimensional unified chakra, or assemblage point as Castaneda calls it.

Seeker of Truth
01-12-2013, 02:51 AM

This thread reminded me of this;


I have one of these myself, truly a wonderful piece.