View Full Version : plasma ball

solomon levi
12-26-2012, 11:16 PM
There was a thread where I mentioned all the many energy devices Nibiru
and I have in our apartment and how the energies can be really chaotic.
Well, he got a 8" plasma ball for Xmas and plugged it in. I could feel the effects
a little, especially the noise it makes seemed somehow hypnotic.
The next morning, which was this morning, he placed another device
next to the plasma ball and it was really intense. I'm usually quite fluid and
mutable, but this was kind of irritating. I was hyper-aware of everything being
a kind of hypnosis and molding of the mind.
I wasn't sure the plasma ball was the source of it at first because I've been feeling
strange things more intensely the last couple days anyways, like I was on some
drug (no - I wasn't). I don't mean anything bad by it. Yesterday was a beautiful
amazing day. Everyday is amazing because I am amazing. But this was pretty intense.
So we turned it off and i could feel relief. I also drank a cup of coffee which grounded
me really well.
Anyway, just wanted to share.
Anyone else been feeling the energy differently lately?
Lots of people around here going through weird stuff.