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02-10-2013, 01:59 AM
So I was wondering what the ancients meant by Lead to Gold.

And you were wondering too right.

The alchemists of the past were telling you that you have to transmute lead to gold physically.

But i don't concur. Because what the alchemists meant was transmuting lead to gold in essence

And I did it.

And it is even consistent with the modern periodic table.

Ever wondered why there is the geocentric model of the solar system? Why the days of the week are arranged as such?


They were placed there for the adept.

Here is the days of the week


if we use the geocentric model as a reference, the week would be

Sun - Moon - Mars - Mercury - Jupiter - Venus - Saturn

From Sunday = Sun
Lunes = Luna = moon
Martes = Mars
Miyerkules = Mercury
Huwebes = Jupiter
Viernes = Venus
Saturday = Saturn

using the Geocentric model the days would be arranged like this

(2)Moon (4)Mercury (6)Venus (1)Sun (3)Mars (5)Jupiter (7)Saturn

And the classical elements are

Gold dominated by Sol ☉ ☼
Silver dominated by Luna ☽
Copper dominated by Venus ♀
Iron dominated by Mars ♂
Tin dominated by Jupiter ♃
Mercury (quicksilver) dominated by Mercury ☿
Lead dominated by Saturn ♄

To go from Gold to lead, we go from sunday to saturday. but we want to go from lead to gold. we could not jump from saturday to sunday because there won't be a transformation

So we have to reverse the days of the week



This is the correct way to transmute Lead to Gold

Lead-> Copper -> Tin -> Mercury -> Iron -> Silver -> Gold

How do we confirm it? Using the modern periodic table.


Lead to Mercury is 2 steps -> 82-> 80
Mercury to Gold is 1 step -> 80-> 79

Copper to Tin has 21 steps
Incidentally Iron to Silver has 21 steps too.

So there is a pattern

Lead to copper is -53, Tin to Mercury is 30

So from Lead to Mercury is -23

Mercury to Iron is -54, Silver to Gold is 32

So from Mercury to Gold is -22

We add both numbers to 21

-23+21 = -2 (Lead to Mercury)
-22+21 = -1 (Mercury to Gold)

So it is consistent that from Lead to Mercury has -2 steps and from Mercury to Gold has -1 steps

82-2 = 80
80-1= 79

So the aged long mystery of transmutation has been solved, performed and proven.



02-11-2013, 09:04 PM

Better picture of transmutation Part 2.

02-11-2013, 09:19 PM
What transmutation? All i see is some sorta proton/atomic number... "formula"... (?)


02-11-2013, 09:41 PM
Transmutation: Changing from one form to another.

I've said that the correct way of transmuting gold from lead is from Lead->Copper->Tin->Mercury->Iron->Silver->Gold.

the transmutation of lead to gold undergoing all paths of the classical elements is consistent with the prediction of the modern periodic table.

the arrangement of the 7 classical metallic elements according to the geocentric model has a harmonious pattern, which led me to this "sorta proton atomic number"

That lead is two steps to mercury and mercury is one step to gold.

And the correct transformation between lead to mercury is from copper to tin and from mercury to gold is from iron to silver.

copper to tin and iron to silver is balanced.

the trinity of the seven is lead, mercury and gold, which is again consistent with the modern periodic table.

if what i'm thinking is true, the adepts of the past already know of nuclear transmutation even before the first particle accelerator was first invented. or reversely, we would know how the adepts crypted their secrets by looking at clues such as the periodic table, alchemy, the days of the week and the geocentric/aristotelian model of the world.

02-11-2013, 09:44 PM

Better picture of transmutation Part 2.

02-12-2013, 11:00 AM
From Bacstrom's 'Aphorisms and Process':

[...] The metallic medicines tinge each metal in proportion as they abound in Mercury,
therefore Mercury itself in the greatest quantity, with very little loss, lead the next with a little more loss;
then silver and tin; tin with more loss than lead; and lastly copper and iron with a great deal of loss [...]