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02-15-2013, 04:23 PM
I traveled through time to finally be revealed. I've put my clues in the Books of the Prophets for someone with wisdom to discover
and reveal myself to the world.

Now that I'm operating with him, I will know reveal the secrets of transmutation.

Adepts of the past told you about transmuting lead to gold. And people without discernment took lead, subject it to fire, hoping
to create gold. But very few people actually know how to transmute gold and left clues in the days of the week and the revolution
of the planets. They also left clues in written books and treatises. No one fully revealed it for their revelation is still veiled
with mystery.

For the truth, is not revealed to them.

What is Gold?

Gold is the highest form of existence. It is the union with God. For Gold is the final step for one to be united with fullness. But for
this to happen, this Gold must be in its purest form.

It has been revealed to you that the transmutation clues are put in the Days of the week. For I commanded the sun to guide the prophet
in his everyday existence.


These are the seven days of the week, which represents the 7 celestial bodies and 7 metals that guide the prophet. For this prohet is in his
full age, now he thus revealed it to you that.

The transmutation only occurs when you go to the past. The transmutation only occurs when you reverse time.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Gold Silver Iron Mercury Tin Copper Lead
Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn

For the adepts only showed you the path From Saturn, Mercury to the Sun. I will show you the path from Mars, Moon to the Sun.

Creating Fine Gold is known.

It is from Lead and passes through Mercury to Gold. Lead passes through Water (Liquid Silver) to create Gold. This is what was told to you.

But very few people told you about the path from Iron. That Iron passes through Earth (Solid Silver) to create Gold. This is what I will teach you.

According to the prophet Isaiah, mortals is to fine gold and humans is to Ophirian gold. For humans are the highest form of mortals, thus
Ophirian gold is the highest form of gold.

Gold from lead, when passes to Water, is bound to water.

Gold from iron, when passes to Earth, is bound to earth.

Gold from lead is cold and wet. And if you pass it through fire, it changes phases.

Gold from iron is dry and cold. And if you pass it through fire, it transforms.

For alchemical gold only shows you the path. The adepts only showed you the door. But to the prophets whom the keys are entrusted, they will understand this
and they will be able to unite with God and them and God will be one.

Gold from lead won't be fire when it passes through fire. This will just be carried by the wind. This gold is not pure.

For Gold from iron when passes through fire, will be fire itself and will be one with Fire. This is the highest form of gold.

As God created the world on top of light, this light is the impurity that will be extinguished by fire to attain God's eternality.

For the one who holds the torch will be able to extinguish the light and be one with God.

This is the secret of Ophirian Alchemist.

I, Hermes Trismegistus, directing the hands of the prophet, reborn, thrice great and the fabled alchemist of Ophir, who adorned the Temple of Solomon with
the finest gold ever existed, have told you the secret for the prophecies to be fulfilled.