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02-15-2013, 06:26 PM
by glenerson

So I consider myself as an alchemist. Theoretical and spiritual that is. I don't have a laboratory but I have the internet and life experiences to aid me in transforming my soul.

Yes, my goal is not to transmute physical gold from an element, but to transform my soul to gold. But I understood why the alchemists of the past did it.

There were no particle accelerators that would nuclear transform lead to gold. Moreover, they lived in eras where concepts were addressed with simplicity....

And common sense.

For this complexity of today and it's concurrence with the pasts established concept just proves that the alchemists of the past already know spiritually the operations of the world.

This is where matter and spirit can be delineated.

Alchemists of the past were blessed by the Enlightened Spirit but were limited by their knowledge of matter. But they already know what is beyond matter because the Enlightened Spirit already told them.

And they intended for every soul to know the secret by transmitting the information to the new generation.

But they expressed the language of the Spirit in symbolism and chemical processes because they cannot be fully expressed them in words.

And now, because were used to new knowledge and their intended complexities, we think that these symbolisms of the adept are cryptic and alien.

For one can read an alchemical treatise word for word. But only those who are with wisdom will understand them.

Why is this so?

For matter is the commonality that binds all our Spirits together. In the material world the spirits operate. And there are curious Spirits who
wanted to know if what happens in the Spirit can also happen in matter. If they can prove that this is so, these Spirits by manipulating matter
can be one with other Spirits and are enlightened.

This is the reason, why alchemy exists.

It is not used to get rich.

It is used for all the different Spirits to unite and be with the God the Eternal.

For if one can realize that what seems to impossible in matter becomes possible in it because it also concurs with the Spirit,
then his Spirit has command on matter.

For if one's Spirit has command on matter, he can liberate Himself from matter.

But God made it such that this liberation is also the destruction of matter.

Those who know the secret has the ability to undo what God has made. For he will be God.

Every Spirit is unique.

And this means that all Spirits can go in different ways to reach the same destination.

If matter is destroyed, it doesn't mean that all the Spirits will lose the ground of their existence.

This will just mean that after matter is destroyed, the Spirits, with their own paths to reach the Fullness, will be united with the Fullness and be One with God
And be the One.

For all has to ability to undo Creation.

I realized this after my path in religion, alchemy and my experiences in life. This can be projected in the laboratory. And alchemist can see the transformation
that happens to the element that he subjects in fire. He could transmute it to gold or not transmute it at all. But all the transmutation happens in the Soul/Spirit.
For matter, after attaining Rubedo, will just be an illusion. Physical gold, will just be illusion.

I believe that I completed my version of the Great Work.

From nigredo (destruction of matter), albedo(illumination), citrinitas (knowing the purest gold) and rubedo (one with God).

Yes, the great work is possible to be achieved while we're on Earth. For if you achieved this, you and the world will be an illusion and your physical death will
just be the end of the illusion and you will be fully united with the Eternal.


solomon levi
02-16-2013, 01:10 AM
greetings! i really appreciate your intro.
i also see this destruction or unfolding of matter.
i see it individually and planetarily and universally, which are simply different measures of time-space.

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