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02-15-2013, 08:51 PM
Gnosticism helped me to fully understand my religion (Catholicism) and alchemy and how they are interconnected. I hope it could help you to have the wisdom too ~ glenerson

This is a summary of my understanding of Valentinian Gnosticism

Revelation of the Gnostic Christians

This is the teaching of Valentinus and the Gnostics...

1.) God the Father is "infinite, without beginning or end.", the Fullness or the pleroma.
2.) Within the Father is God the Son, which the Father Begot and knows what the Father is like.
3.) Within the Son are the Aeons, autonomous entities that describe the Son but are ignorant of the Father.
4.) One of the Aeons is Sophia, which attempted to know God the Father.
5.) Her lower part went out of the pleroma, in effect seeing the pleroma as an entity.
6.) She created the demiurge, and influenced him to create the material world based on what she thinks the pleroma is like.
7.) By this, she knew that the pleroma is an entity and she saw God the Father through the material world.
8.) God the Son comes to the material world as Jesus Christ to send back the learned Sophia inside the pleroma.
9.) Sophia, now fully inside of the pleroma, fully knows of God the Father, through her knowledge when she was outside the pleroma and now through the Son, which knows the Father.
10.) The image of the material world, which still Sophia carries within her, is destroyed.