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02-15-2013, 08:58 PM
Sakyamuni told me these secrets, as he is reborn to complete the dharma...



0.) Immortal Realm - Souls who are to be born come from the immortal realm and souls who don't go to nirvana go back to the immortal realm
1.) Material Realm - Souls are trapped inside matter, which holds the key to escape samsara.
2.) Enlightened Realm - Nirvana. Here will be the souls who escaped samsara.

0.) Only humans are in samsara.
1.) Women are bearers of the dukkha since they naturally experience it through child bearing.
2.) Women who abandon child bearing, when they die, will be reborn as men.
3.) Women who bears a child will be reborn as women, until they abandon child bearing.
4.) Only men are entitled to go to nirvana.
5.) But there are two kinds of men, those are reborn and those who go to nirvana.
6.) Men who are reborn will always be men and are entitled again to go to nirvana.
7.) Men who achieved enlightenment will go to nirvana and won't be reborn.

Path to Enlightenment

0.) The opposite of suffering is happiness. Those who pursue happiness are justifying the existence of suffering.
1.) As Sakyamuni told us before, to be enlightened is to destroy suffering.
2.) Once you cease the pursuit of happiness, you give no more meaning to suffering, thus it is destroyed.