View Full Version : Alchemy: Modern Times

02-16-2013, 06:47 PM
There are people who maintain that one must be initiated in practical alchemy for him to be a true alchemist.

This is so true in the past, for the transmission of knowledge is only by handwriting.

And this chemical reactions are expressed in metaphors and allegories such that it paints the impression that it is veiled.

When in reality it is how the Spirit of the alchemist has been transformed from what his senses told him.

In the modern age, alchemy can still be performed. Chemistry is still here. Practical alchemy is still relevant in modern times and an alchemist could perform the instructions of chemistry to see what is beyond the obvious. Dogmas of chemistry attempt to suppress the spiritual aspect of it but for sure the adepts still planted ways for alchemical discoveries to be possible.

Call me a revisionist. Or call me a pseudo-alchemist. I would certainly welcome that. I believe that a first hand experience of practical alchemy is not a requirement anymore. For we can observe chemical reactions in Youtube without first hand experiencing it. But there will be part of the senses that won't be fed like nasal for the fumes say from sulfur and the heat/cold felt by skin. I believe that these are essential factors too. But we see that chemistry made it possible for a chemical reaction to be objectively honest, for it is honestly documented.

So say a Youtube video and a detailed process of a chemical reaction being read as a transcription will suffice the lack of a practical laboratory of the "armchair alchemist". moreover, we also learn from fellow alchemists who are blessed with practical lab and document their experiments online.

The adepts of the past were so wise that this technological advances won't hamper us to make alchemy alive and well, and to make it possible to spread illumination.