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02-25-2013, 02:00 PM
This is an adapted extract of my last blog article :

The role of physical exercice is :

- FEELING your body !! Yes aches are important ! Don't supress them with meds, that's silly.
- Lymph epuration (glues), by movement you make a massage of ganglias
- Skin epuration (crystals) with sweat
- Calcification of bones by contracting your muscles
- Equilibrium
- Reflexes
- Power, strenght
- Massages of internal organs
- Massages of the fascias
- Avoiding the decreasing of natural hormons
- Empowering the chakras
- Psychologic developpement, as pushing your limits, tasting the power of Mars and Fire, and Earth, practicing exercices that you detest : what you hate in sport (like squats, or benching, whatever) say something of your body/mind relationship, and working what you detest will push you to a higher level of developement.
- Creating a brain/muscle relationship, feeling the contraction in your body when you are not relaxed (see differential relaxation of Edmund Jacobson : in "You must relax" - it's a book).
- Feeling good ! By the release of dopamine !
- Being in a better health
- Alkalazing your blood stream (all illnesses are created by an acidic ground)
- Changing your relationship to food (tabacco, coffee, alcohol, icecreams and junk fast "food", sodas), sleep, and your body, health ... etc.
- Stretching for fascias, muscles, etc makes room for the blood and nutriments rishing in the muscle after the effort.
- Giving you more energy and regulating sleep. No, sport do not tire you unless you go to an extreme limit, it unblocks some energy in you and makes you feel stronger after the effort. You also develop a "good fatigue", regulating sleep hours and the sleep by itself.

You have NO EXCUSES to not practice a holistic physical activity !!

Holistic means this : Cardio, Muscular, and Stretching.

Dietetic, nutrition, and cooking lessons should also be part of the Magus system. It's a whole system of life that must be practiced, because everything interfers and act on everything. Let me stress this once again, because I believe in the virtues of repetition and BOLT things :

Everything interfers and act on everything.

We are spiritual begin having a physical experience. We are not totally energetical beings like Undines or Salamanders, Sylphes, even Gnomes, that are nonetheless close to the physical realm. We have a body.

Take care of it. Clean it. Eat well. Avoid smoking, processed food, sodas, coffee, tobacco, drugs, chaotic sleep hours, inaction ... Fast sometime.

Bel Matina
02-25-2013, 06:28 PM
I've been doing body work for a long time, and lately I've been multiplying the stone there.

The most important thing is to recognize that the body is water. If you've entered the art through spagyrics, consider that in as much as your body is solid it is through a constantly shifting pattern of hydrogen bonds. Hydrostatic pressure and the action of retinacula formed of sheets of interlocked collagen spicules hold you up more than your bones do (their function is more to maintain the shape of your body than to hold you up per se) and pneumatic pressure is more responsible for your movement than the collapse of proteins in your muscles is.

Apply what you've learned of congelation and solution, of recognizing the outer as inner and the hidden as visible.

02-25-2013, 07:27 PM
I practice a great deal of Qi-Gong, every morning. Love the benefits.

02-26-2013, 05:00 AM
Thanks Salazius, great tips and information.

For some excellent yoga training techniques and physical exercises as well I recommend Dr Glen Morris course (kundalini awakening process KAP) taught by one of his students Tao Semko or Tao’s own courses (25 free lessons @ this link) http://progressivesadhana.com/2010/01/11/bliss-ecstasy-tantric-hatha-yoga/

As you probably would already know, outside of spontaneous K awakenings, traditionally it has been taught that permanent kundalini awakening can take up to 20 odd years of training. But after Doc Morris had a kundalini awakening in 45 days training he and some of his students distilled down the core techniques to awaken kundalini quickly and safely and any technique that wasn’t working was done away with.

The system was then having success in a lot of cases universally on others that tried it; so such a rapid kundalini awakening wasn’t unique in Dr Morris’s case, it was simply the correct and core yoga techniques that got the job done.

So they have had success within months to a few years with these courses. But they are all based on decades of research and refinement of extracting the best techniques from many different yoga traditions, plus a solid base in esoteric and physical anatomy so it’s well grounded. The more you get into it, the more you find these boys really know what they are on about. (Not that I’m promoting their shit, just that I have done the course and highly recommend it).

02-26-2013, 06:02 PM
But after Doc Morris had a kundalini awakening in 45 days training he and some of his students distilled down the core techniques to awaken kundalini quickly and safely and any technique that wasn’t working was done away with. . . . just that I have done the course and highly recommend it).

That does sound encouraging. Thank you for the link.

My hesitation has always been that on the general public, "awakening", accelerating anything per say brings about, usually, what one calls 'negatives'. Oftentimes, the person doesn't have the right mental-state to handle these changes. It becomes to some degree, unnatural. Something that's meant to be, or will be, happening in its own right timing anyways; or perhaps, with some, it shouldn't be. Without giving out a name, one of my former client was, basically, the 'left hand' of the late Maharishi Yogi, and this client - of what he said - made me revalue spiritual practices in general. He told me in no ambiguous terms that his psychological state couldn't handle what he was experiencing, leading to eventual downfall into cocaine dependence.

That's why today I define health, happiness, and all of the other experiences in this life category as a state of balance, what Salazius wrote as equilibrium.

Just saying. Just reflecting.

02-27-2013, 03:03 AM
Hey Krisztian, you bring up a valid point and obviously these courses are for those on the Spiritual Path and looking for techniques to include into their Magus system if that is what Salazius was implying.

‘Kundalini Syndrome’ is certainly well covered in these courses and something they are well aware of. Actually they have a whole ‘kundalini support network’ for such conditions they developed years back from people contacting them that had spontaneous K awakenings out of the blue but still had blockages in their system and didn’t know what to do to smoothen out the ride.

But one certainly needs to be prepared to awaken the mother load on the Spiritual path, however with the right expertise there is no reason why it should be unpleasant with the correct training protocols, support networks, guidance etc which is another reason why these courses are great for those on the Path.

02-27-2013, 04:05 PM
Hi guys,

Thanks for your informations.

I was exclusively mentionning :

- cardio training (whatever the form)

- weightlifting (you can use your body only, and your body is your weight, or bodybuilding with barbells and dumbells, kettlebells, halterophily, some pilates, or fitness, martial arts, etc, whatever works !)

I didn't mentionned here any form of related energetical form of exercice, just physical, heat/muscles.

It's important to not make an amalgamation with something else.

A majority of people dont like sport or effort. It's something to be worked on. The physical part of yourself must be understood. Most of us here work on external, sometime very etheral things. And the effects are mostly psychic (unless you ingest something you produced).

It's IMO, good to consider as prima materia your own body.

No one here is liftgh weights ? Cardio ? Martial arts ?
How much do you train ? Benefits ? Effects ? How do you feel ? What do you eat pre and post workouts ? Do you use supplements ? Did you lose fat or gained muscles ?

Bel Matina
02-27-2013, 04:15 PM
I've studied the body and done bodywork in a more or less intuitive way for most of my life, and I was never able to establish an exercise regimen until I started applying the principles of the art to my corporeal extension. Different people find their bodies in different conditions and states of clarity, though. For some people, clarifying the "body stone" makes an ideal starting place for the work (Hatha Yoga is more or less founded on this approach) while in my case, I needed to work for years refining gold and silver before the stone would "take" in my bodily manifestation. Every artist has their own path through the metals.

02-27-2013, 04:20 PM
Bel, you have a very cryptic manner to expose your principles, but I grasp them anyway. (No offense here, just an neutral observation).

Yes, it's an ideal place to get in touch with "feeling the matter".

Everytime one makes exercizes, and break muscular fibers, this is a solve, and the coagula is the reconstruction of them. And everytime your muscle gets more powerful and big.
You inject, in your structure, a chaos, an alkahest, a fire through exercize.

And the body declines only if one do not make use of it, exaclty like the brain ...

Donna Matrix
05-07-2013, 02:00 AM
Great topic! Sweat is a very magical substance and is a major purifier. I have done Natuve American sweats that have led me on my path, but nothing evolves ones concsiousness like exercise. In our sedentary world, it is an nact of will to get off our ass and exert effort. The human body was never designed too sit,, i myself still cant sit for more than a half an hour,, even when distilling in my lab.

I have kunndilini issues every now and then. When I was studying esoterics it was extremely discouraged to do anything to encourage kundilini. Mine started in 2003 wiith a dream. I still do nothing too determine its action. But man, when I haven't slept, I get really bad pains like an anal cramp.Sometimes its not even there, but like in the membrane between my anus annd vagina. The only thing that relieves it is a piece of brown tourmaline I stick in my underwear. I also have alot of other stuff too, but nothing that is impossible to handle. As long as I get sleep its OK.

If I do too much alchemy or magic, I can get really ungrounded so exercise is a must for me.. I will back down on the alchemy or magic for a while so I can get back in my body. Sweat is my medicine.

05-07-2013, 09:21 AM
Have you unlocked your Brahma Granthi ?