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03-18-2013, 08:56 PM
So one night I was up playing around on the net as I usually do and I was very tired but wanted to get in some more gaming. At some point I started to pass out in my chair when suddenly it became an episode of sleep paralysis. I've had sleep paralysis often since I was around twelve years old and it's never really bothered me before as I got used to attacks. This time was well a little different.

It's hard to recall exactly everything that happened perfectly as it was since I'm really not myself in that state. The first thing I noticed was that I felt a heavy body but a somewhat clear mind. Then I noticed what appeared to be a bubble that was distorting my vision. I also thought I saw some skin warp out of the illusion for a moment. Then this guy began speaking to me. I honestly couldn't tell you whether he was speaking or sending his thoughts to me. He then moved around my room while talking and instructing me what to do in regards to alchemy. He didn't just know things about alchemy though, he knew things about me personally. Things that he could not have known without violating my privacy severely. I guess I can't complain since he told me some very valuable things.

At one point I got distracted by my own inner thinking and he got irritated. Another point I'm not so proud of was when I asked him if "I was allowed to date". He actually answered it with "sure, just be considerate of other people's feelings." On a side note I've actually been celibate for quite a while first for spiritual reasons then for alchemy reasons as I read a few works that made me feel as though it couldn't hurt.

At some point during our short little conversation(5 minutes I'm guessing) he vanished and the bubble faded as I woke up. I have no idea who or what this being was. I have suspected it was a spiritual being, maybe a fellow alchemist. Although I couldn't shake the feeling that he was human like me.

So many questions ran into me. Who is he? How in the world does he know about me? Why is he helping me? I've told 3 people not too close at all to me casually that I have an interest in alchemy. I can't see any of them being alchemists at all although I guess I could be wrong or they could have told someone else. The main point though is that I don't exactly advertise myself.

I guess besides the knowledge he imparted to me I did get sort of out of my paranoia stage. It's kind of the reason I signed up for this forum. If that guy can find me I assume other advanced people can as well so I guess there isn't any point in trying to hide. This being/person just completely caught me off guard, I'm not really proud of my questions or thoughts during the experience but it's hard to control myself when I'm only half awake. I did manage to get in a few alchemy questions which helped greatly but I guess I wish i had been more prepared. On the plus side I'll be ready if it happens again and if not perhaps any of you who experience this will be more ready for it.

So if you guys have any thoughts, comments, or ideas to any of this I would be happy to read them.

solomon levi
03-18-2013, 10:06 PM
i'm sure i sound like a broken record to some, but i can't speak of anything without acknowledging the subjective-objective nature of the universal fabric. depending on which lens you choose to emphasize, you either wait for the objective experience to happen again, or you set it up, invite it, subjectively... or maybe a mixture. :)
i tend more towards the subjective because of my experiences with unity, 'connectedness'... seeing everything as one, thus one 'self'/hub manifesting myriad 'spokes' only to meet the 'self' again as the circumference (this circumference being the hub of another wheel in the infinite exponential fractal we call the youniverse)...
anyway... i've had a similar exp only in walking meditation/trance... i was focussing on the stone and as my conscious "thinking about" turned into a lucid dream i found myself conversing with a bearded alchemist as he demonstrated the stone before my eyes. i, like you, wasn't quite paying attention and remember (consciously) nothing of the... continued v

solomon levi
03-18-2013, 10:16 PM
method or ingredients. but it seemed completely real and objective... not from my thoughts or memory or imagination. i never seen him again, yet. but this guy was wearing garments from another century... some animal hide that was hardened into a shielding apron over a crimson robe... i don't remember the conversation at all now, but accept that i have it on some level, and it has guided my intuition.
so since i was consciously focussing on the red lion, i didn't wonder at all who this was or why he appeared to me.
if i were you, just consider it magnetism... when the student is ready, the teacher/ing appears.

03-18-2013, 10:56 PM
As SL pointed out, it could be a sort of magnetism - you attracted a teacher of sorts.

Another possibility, due to how much he knew of you, could be your higher/inner self, coming in contact with you and teaching you. Such has been my experience and its quite amazing to keep the connection active, even if not as "extreme" - information and intuition always flooding in with amazing accuracy and wisdom.
Perhaps meditate on the memory of the person and see if you can re-ignite a conversation. :)