View Full Version : Strange thing in one of my plant works

03-19-2013, 07:19 AM
I've been working with a few different plants and finished one or two. At one point something appeared and I have no idea what it is. For the first photo I was attempting to show it partially from the side while still showing the other items are still intact. The second photo is really the one worth looking at since I got some glare on the first, sorry about that but I thought I should upload anyway.



You might not be able to see but the first side was intended to show the body at the bottom still intact, the sulfur just above it, and then a mix of sulfur + mercury as it should be. Of course this strange substance I have never read about so I'm a bit lost. When it first appeared it was spread out and thin but still pretty white looking. Since then it has coiled up a bit.

I guess the thing that interests me most about it would be that it looks like something I got from one of my alchemy works recently. Of course only a little bit, the color is different especially with a light shown directly on it which has not been done for this photo. It just makes it look bright white with light on it.

Has anyone working with plants seen something like this or know what it is?

03-19-2013, 10:25 AM
Hi Lunsola- welcome to the forums. I'm curious the particulars of your process here. How was the mercury and sulphur derived? What plant is this? Have you added salts back in? My first guess would be either crystallizing salts (not so likely unless the solution was super saturated) or the beginning of a vinegar mother or a fungus but it is hard to make out from a picture. If you have a microscope you could get a better idea of the structure. Vinegar mother is the most likely- if the solution was low in alcohol the airspace in the jar might be enough to allow the beginning stages of a mother to form.

03-19-2013, 06:30 PM
I am using a 95% alcohol on what I believe was fenugreek. The body(salts) was never removed, I just let it set in the bottom and kept telling myself I was going to calcine it but then never did. In fact I should probably mention that I never actually did anything to the body in the first place. I just put the seeds in the jar, filled with plenty of my alcohol and waited.

Basically all the darkness on the bottom is the untouched body, the seeds are still sort of intact. Just barely above all that darkness is a lot of sulfur and then the sulfur + mercury mix are the rest above what with whatever the white thing is. Here's another picture with light.