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01-06-2009, 06:13 PM
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I thought this article was interesting.

Below is info from 1926 that has two graphs showing the % of precipitation for ca and mag in sea water with a rising pH from using sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate.

http://sabella.mba.ac.uk/727/01/The_precipitation_of_calcium_and_magnesium_from_se a_water.pdf
thanks for the link. that was interesting.
Yeah, so it seems like it's possible that precipitation could likely occur in an area if there's an associated rise in alkalinity. This would also cause a slight precipitation of gold m-state. This gold m-state could possible encounter sulfur from underground fissures and change to elemental gold. This could be the reason why ocean water contains some elemental gold - I think in the form of gold chloride. Not sure though, just a hypothesis.

Another interesting thing to note is the use of sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate. Using NaOH will precipitate more magnesium, but using NaCO3 will precipitate more calcium.
That's good to know. I've been wanting to do something with calcium.
Actually I've been trying to find how people make oil of calcium.

Do you know how to do this Beautiful Evil?
Can it be done with vinegar and sea shells since vinegar dissolves calcium carbonate?
Is that a good start?
Sorry to tangent. You can post an answer in a new thread if you like.

Particularly, I've seen how coral calcium is absorbed better by the body, so I thought
alchemical calcium will be even better. I advocate alkalising the body for health.
I was just going to make some m-11 from sea salt. I'll use KCO3 instead of lye.
Yes indeed, we should fork this off to another thread. It's a decent topic worthy of its own thread!

I'll go ahead and make it.