View Full Version : ritual extractions

Donna Matrix
03-22-2013, 04:18 PM
Yesterday 3-21-13 i did an extraction of cinquefoil, five finger grass in the soxhlet. Cast circle and called in watchtowers called in my spiritual mother, Athena.

I experienced growing fire in my heart region to where I had to grab a lapis sphere and hold it to my heart to finish the extraction. OMG what an ordeal!! The fire quickly dissipated after taking down circle. I have never experienced this before except when i did a saturn extraction of horsetail and went thru some past life trauma of being burned probably as a witch. Otherwise my work iin the lab is usually a joyful, even exctatic thing.

I do eleborate setups inn my lab for my extractions using my crystal skulls and magic seals, symbols, etc. to connect the above and the below. also draw numbers eights everywhhere in all dimensions to connect the above and the below. Anyone got any thoughts or insight on ths?