View Full Version : Deux Materia: Easy Way To Put it in Your Mind

03-23-2013, 09:32 PM
Deux Materia - The Material that makes up God itself.

I postulated that God is the Zero - the eternal entity that has no beginning and end but has the ability to define beginning and end. God of the Monotheists. The Monad. The Only God.

I said that only in death that we will be united with this God.

But how can we know and make sense of this God while we're alive?

If this is the God that the alchemists are trying to know, this God could be manifested in matter and explained in veiled chemical wordings.

But i digress, for my God is not of matter. No alchemical processes can describe this God.

For this God can be defined even without doing any chemistry or alchemy.

The only way to feel and think of him is to think of your own state before you were born.

Congratulations, if you do this and successfully did this, your mind have made sense of Deux Materia.