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03-23-2013, 09:45 PM
The dictionary definition of Pleroma and Kenoma is this

Pleroma = Fullness
Kenoma = Nothingness

This could be translated in Taoism as Yin and Yang. Fullness and Nothingness respectively.

But Taoism didn't say which came first - Yin or Yang.

There are 2 ways to attack this. I will present you the usual/orthodox way. Gnosticism and Kabbalah are compatible with this.

First is the Pleroma, which is area of infinite light. Then to be able to create the world, this infinite light had to contract ("tzimtzum") to accomodate the nothingness/kenoma. And in this kenoma, matter was created and the material world was created. The Gnostics say that the Sophia, which is from the Pleroma, created the demiurge in the kenoma and the demiurge created the material world. Kabbalists say that it is from the lower self of nothingness that the world was created.

In this case, Fullness is the beginning and nothingness is the created entity which now define fullness.

But after my own meditation, i formulated my own thought, which is perfectly compatible with Genesis that light is an created entity.

First there was the Kenoma - Nothingness - Zero. Then this Nothingness created light and everything was created as manifestations of light.

So from Kenoma -> light -> everything. That the Kenoma is the Zero and light is the One and everything is the illusionary representation of infinity through light.

Where do salvation and eschatology fit with this?

That the holder of the maya/the host of reality is meant to destroy light to return to the prior to the beginning - the kenoma/nothingness/zero and everything will be Singular.

solomon levi
03-24-2013, 03:47 AM
in quantum physics i've heard it said that matter is gravitationally trapped light. :)