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03-28-2013, 04:45 PM
I'm putting this out there to anyone who might be interested in research I did in my bookish years. I am not the most descriptive writer and probably won't do the subject justice but I thought it might at least be useful to start the thread and let you all fill it out as you see fit. (If unsustainable it will fall by the wayside.)

The notion is that the universe is alive with spirits, i.e. identities, with personas, not mere archetypes or chemicals flitting about. In fact the spirits (which could include persons we've known who have passed on) are behind those other things, manifesting them as part of the expanding Divine plan with their own creative, natural design/art, just as we humans are behind the things we create. However the devas, angels and Cosmic Beings, are operating in a higher frequency dimension and therefore invisible to us, but quite real; in fact they are more real than humans because they concentrate more of the Divine's essence, virtues & principles than the human race. (Call them lesser gods.) Obviously this is an alternate reality that challenges current scientific and mechanistic form of physics. It also violates the conscience of some adherents of monotheism, who fail to understand that the Creator delegates His power through His creative agents, who are living spirits. To recognize them is no different than recognizing your neighbor across the street. It in no way diminishes or detracts from the importance of the Creator for the created.

Most every primitive culture has what are known as "fairy tales" that include personalities of various physical size and characteristics, wielding natural powers beyond human comprehension. They blink in and out of our physical reality and are generally only visible to children who have yet to be culturally programmed to see only what the rest of the adult world sees. But some cultures still practice ancestor worship and individuals are visited by those spirits because they have not purposely learned to consciously exclude them. In western civilization this might be called a deranged imagination.

These natural forces, as conscious, living spirits, play certain roles in creation; one important job in the case of human beings is their participation in agriculture, i.e. growing our food. Farmers recognize that seeds will grow within a certain limited range of conditions. Heat, cold, physical damage or caustic environments can prevent a seed from germinating. A seed contains a DNA blueprint that unfolds much like oriagami, borrowing from surrounding materials, to complete its design structure. But what's missing from human understanding is recognition of the construction crew who are actually stringing those DNA strands together and weaving the plant-form into a coherent and distinct structure, in accordance with the blueprint.

There are different classes of devas-- plant, mineral, water, aetheric, who are able to control their respective matter via energy fields which they wield at a vital level. They are most sensitive to human thoughts & feelings which impact into their world directly. Love & harmony create favorable "weather" for devas, but anger, discord, hate, enmity, spite, etc. are "bad energy" that create storms-- vortexes (mini-tornadoes / cyclones) that physically prevent the devas from doing their job. And of course if the devas can't do their work making earth a habitable place, life on earth, with humanity, must perish.

For the earth's nature devas, spiritual ignorance on the part of humans is their biggest problem. Humans simply don't see or recognize how their energy effects life around them. Their negative emotions create such a thick, viscous and unworkable environment that they cry out energetically, a natural form of spontaneous prayer, and the Great I AM (Universal Entity/Persona) hears them, recognizes the cause of the problem, and wipes humanity out, via cataclysms, be it comets, super-volcanoes or other natural disasters, man gets bombed back to the stone-age. It has to happen this way, nature needs to proceed unhampered, and does for a while, until human numbers recover, civilization rebuilds and people begin griping, sinning, perverting and corrupting the elements again. This process occurs in cycles. In Ecclesiastes it says "Man has no memory between epochs." The fact is when man is struggling he generally exhibits better character, but when life gets too easy, he has "too much time on his hands," cultivates evil imaginings which he works to manifest, triggering the events mentioned. All this could be prevented if man would simply look honestly at himself and his station in the universe, recognize his reprobate nature and seek recovery and restoration back into the Cosmic Heirarchy from where he came. (In Heaven, thankfulness and gratitude is the currency of the realm.) Of course this isn't so easy when living in a culture that has taught us our whole lives via brazen advertising to flaunt, promenade and assert a specialness marked by abject spiritual blindness.

It is only by the recognition of Divine powers and principalities beyond himself, that will allow man to work miracles, by asking for help when something is beyond his ability, from those entities able and willing to render the required assistance. "A man has got to know his limitations!" (from a Clint Eastwood movie); and this is literally true; self-deception is simply impotent to effect anything. Thinking you can, and with full confidence, is not the same as knowing how, with full capacity, any more than someone could expect a newborn infant to perform brain surgery. A period of learning is required. Alchemy likes to use the word "initiation" but this word is seldom explained. Unless a cosmic denizen is showing you how something works on an inner level, you just don't know. If ingesting alchemical substances will put you in contact with devas who show you how a process works, then you have a first-hand knowledge. It's been said that Alchemy is angel science and that is literally true; God through His Angels, gave & gives it to man. People have seen and worked with angels and other "spirit guides." Few alchemists actually discussed their relationships, only stating the possibility. Many were extremely pious and prayerful, their respect for divinity, and the revelations received, flows through their writings as metaphor. The relationship that a person has with divinity is simply everything, more priceless even than the stone that keeps his body & soul together. Lacking a relationship with spirits, a person simply has no conscious reference place to go, and is likely to opt for another birth experience when s/he enters the bardo. The opportunity for immortality and an indestructible consciousness that transcends time, is missed, for lack of fixation.

In trying to make the case for this paradigm which has all but been rejected by our modern world, making us ever more vulnerable to real catastrophe, I'd like to cite some facts I acquired, which sort of mesh with my background. First, I was raised Catholic, went through 8 years of parochial school, the motions of daily morning mass, and even dutifully served as an alter-boy (because refusal was certain death in our house-hold.) We learned the western Christian paradigm but the majority of it was meaningless rote. However, a lot of people built their lives around the yearning of eating that small wafer of bread as if being touched by the Divine directly. Lives-of-the-Saints, prayer books containing litanies, rosaries and crucifixes, filled my parents' house. Churches, convents & schools were close by, a captured subculture of working class families who centered their lives around what priests said. Despite immersion to all the above I was always a free- thinker and questioned the Church's edicts. The things Jesus said seemed well-meaning, I presumed He existed as a historical figure and was in Heaven "somewhere." There was a continuity in the Bible I thought worth exploring but most of the books were too ponderous. Due to some childhood challenges I went through a period of questioning God's existence, I was "all about science." At the same time I seem to've been wide open psychically and was getting all sorts of intuitions, smatterings of subjects without formally studying them, it was like a movie theater of most of what I wanted to know if I just thought hard about it, the information would come. Then the cares of school, work, siblings, health challenges, & parents weighed me down and all that childhood brilliance went away.

But later in life, I made time, to study history and comparative religions, books through interlibrary loan (before the internet.) I read all the books by Manly P. Hall, "Life & Teachings of the Masters of the Far East" and many others. But one particular old book on Tibettan Buddhism, the name I can't remember, contained an account of a festival or celebration that seized my full attention. The festival is older than recorded history, no one knows when it started. For this celebration a human effigy is made, of bread dough. All the organs, blood vessels and nerve channels are baked in as well, of vegetable origin. The body is then eaten by celebrants. The body represents a man, who gave up his life as a sacrifice, to free the devachanic plane! Of course the similarity between this festival and the Catholic "sacrifice of the mass," which is symbology for the life & death of Christ, is striking.

We are told that Christ was a miracle worker, that he could cast out spirits and command the elements, yet we lack the knowledge base to understand what this really means or how this is possible. "He was God so just accept it." Nyahh, I'm sorry, that's not good enough, I want to know more! The point is that Jesus said we could do equal and even greater things, but there the method ends, as if being led to the edge of a cliff.

So I discovered a local chapter of a religious group home-based in Chicago, I won't name directly. This group recognized the existence of certain Ascended Masters, apart from Jesus, who lived through History, some from previous golden ages on this planet. They talk about etherial cities on earth and interplanetary civilizations, buried technologies and physical mines, They talk about God's ultimate plan for this earth, the near future events closing in. They talked about man's responsibility to the world he creates, the need to pray for our leaders, and for the protection of earth from geologic catastrophes. The prayer books are an education in themselves.

Anyway it was almost by accident that I found out that the rosary is actually a Buddhist invention, +500 years B.C. Then I read some years back that the Pope of Rome gave his crozier (staff of authority) to the Dali Llama (which had some Catholics outraged.) While I was unable to confirm this today, is still a fact that the Catholic church shares most of the same vestments, sacraments, rituals, types of artifacts, recognition of lesser deities, style of prayers, etc. as the Buddhists, and the Buddhists had them first, which leads me to the strong suspicion that Catholicism is a bootleg religion. The only difference is that Catholicism inserted Jesus as the centerpiece. But if Jesus' Mother Mary actually appeared to the children of Fatima and gave them a rosary to pray with then it also proves that heaven is very ecuemenical! Now this goes to the heart of all religions and not just some new-age religion to which all earthlings may someday be forced to swear allegiance under punishment of death, we are talking something much older, and no mere forced set of beliefs to govern the sheeple, but simply timeless truths upon which real religion (that recognizes deity) seem to have some base, absent the accoutrements.

There's no harm admitting the churches' positive historical influences for creating and maintaining civilization for a period of time against barbarian influences, not withstanding later abuses.

Again, I submit that the alchemists were pious men & women who knew theirs' was a divine science and gift from the Creator through living spiritual entities. If health and holiness (wholeness) are synonymous and can be achieved by help of alchemical elixers (which doesn't obviate other necessary forms of training), then maybe the time for humans to be buffaloed by religious trappings is coming to an end, and some of us at least will be able to perceive the primal truth directly, without human agents or middle-men. "Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God." I believe that Alchemy offers that prospect, once we get past the arcane symbology, our own internal obstructions to the fundamental processes of nature, and Deity.

03-28-2013, 06:41 PM
Very well written man. I sympathize with the mood of this post and I for one finds affinity to Buddhism and I'm a Roman Catholic. And i found out that i've been professing the Tawhid of the Muslims on my previous posts about God - That God is Singular, the Zero, Absolute, Eternal, Unique, Distinct from His Infinite Creations and the Trinity is just veiled wordings to describe his Three Attributes which is personified by the Trimurti of Hindus - Eternal (Vishnu/HolySpirit), Agent of Creation(Brahma/Father[Creator]), And Agent of Destruction(Shiva/Son[the Judge of the World]) AKA ONE Thing described in 3 ways.

It is true that living is interacting with the infinite of creations - the spirits, the angels, the saints, and even the demons. But that doesn't mean that these creations have direct link to God (there could be for some believer). God, being distinct from Creation, is independent from Creation. I came to realize that we could not achieve Deification or being like/or God while inside Creation. Sure we can only "see God" if we look outside of creation. We could see the true God if our hearts are pure or if it is not living in this world materially. But we're living in this world so we could not be the True God while in this world. What we could do is to live spiritually or do what you believe is the divine will is. The only tinge of God while were in the Creation is his Will, our purpose. And this purpose, we could just postulate. It could be that this Will is relative, but i fervently believe that his Will is Singular and Absolute, just like God Himself.

Again, just before our creation also created the will of God, our preplanned, predetermined role. Look at it as a divine script. Our decisions, choices of what goes on to our lives, what fumes we take in or what color of the shirt that we wear and its consequences are illusionary. They are not independent of ourselves. They appear to be random but they are not. And i think that some our fellow men are ignorant of this. I think that one of our purposes is to "free" or "educate" or "save" our fellow men. Be it in methods such as giving alms to give joy to the lonely poor, or telling them positive stories to inspire the low in spirits or debating the stubborn for him to realize that you only desire the good of him or tell the Good News. Creation is ruled by the one made like God, the demiurge, the product of Sophia wanting to know and see God and the Gnostics have postulated and i concur that Spirits are trapped under the evil matter. Eschatology proposes salvation. it may be grand like Jesus coming out from heavens, or just giving 10 dollars to a starving person who is about to die of a peptic ulcer coz he's not eaten for 4 days so he would realize that there is a good person that is concerned for his well being.

I respect alchemists trying to illuminate themselves using chemistry, or reading alchemical recipes trying to confirm what they see. I was about that years ago. But I came to realize my God, that he is incorporeal and independent of Creation. And alchemy just tells you what God could be, not what God has planned for you. Also I could not make sense of God if i use things from Creation (Chemicals) to explain God. I could think that Creation and God is One, but I won't be able to see him, or see myself if I equals Creation equals God. Yes it could give me a feeling that I and God are One but this is illusionary and incomplete for you won't be able to predict the events or what will come out of the lottery 20 times in a row. So God and You becoming One is impossible while in Creation. Separation is the Final Step to see God, for you to see God in Third Person, outside of Creation, then everything will just fall to place. Death will return you to God, and Imagining what you were like before you were born will just lead you to the destination. Thus completing the linear Cycle, that you will just return to the beginning when you are in the end, linear that is just doing the cycle once.