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01-06-2009, 06:17 PM
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Okay, I promised you all some pics, but then I never delivered. I guess it's about time. However, I'm just in the process of upgrading since this set-up doesn't work so well. Especially because of the faulty hot plate. I'm really excited about getting this new kit!!

[link broken]

Here's a pic of my distillation set-up. I'll post some other pics tomorrow.


Lookin' forward to more of these.

Please document what you are using them for etc...

I hate those spendy lab hotplates. They are often extremely over-priced and the temperature is hard to control. Maybe the've improved since last time I was shopping for one though. I recently bought a circular electric skillet for $20 and it works great. I can keep things warm at 100 F or bring it to a full boil and the temperature is pretty steady. It's replaced my $220 "lab grade" hot-plate.
Single cooking burners available in most department stores are great, but only if your process is short and doesn't require much time on the burner. I've read of some processes which involve heat for months on end, and I'm afraid a normal cooking burner will not make it that long. So really, the main issue is reliability.

Let's not forget about accuracy, especially if you're doing a fractional distillation or digestion (reflux), and you need the temperature to stay at a steady number. The temperature of cheap hotplates tend to fluctuate too much, and could possibly cause problems.

I use a cheap burner for a few things, but I would never get rid of my lab grade hotplate!