View Full Version : Universe as an "Astral Plane"

04-04-2013, 11:21 PM
I've been thinking that the universe is a single instance of infinite instances of the (multi)-verses.

It could be true for we have universal constants like speed of light, coulomb's and planck's constants, PI etc. and these constants suffice the definition of this single instance of the universe, our universe. I was thinking that there should exist another universe(s) where the speed of light is 100, 999, 999 (insert values here) meters per second and that universe(s) would be surely different. or we could posit different combination of values like 50,000 m/s as speed of light and 3.33333(80)10−8 m3kg−1s−2 as Gravitational constant. You get the point.

Say like the frequency in the radio. if the speed of light is changed infinitely, then there should be existing infinite numbers of "radio stations", or universes.

That's a way to look at it.

Similar to an astral plane, the universe could be an astral plane where the "ethereal" "creatures" are born to mingle and experience this plane of existence and then go back to their world. or they just want to have fun by doing polyverse-hopping according to their liking.